For All Of The Fans of Hip Hop/Rap

hiphopI debated even putting this up today, but I figured we add so many other things on a daily basis, why not this. I found this yesterday and just had to laugh. Lil’ Wayne in a hockey mask, all 4 feet of him, is a sight that must be seen. This “album” is being promoted as a mixed tape for up and coming artists. So, to each their own. It’s some pretty cool artwork and I guess even hip hop needs Jason to sell their art.

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33 Responses to “ For All Of The Fans of Hip Hop/Rap ”

  1. WTF? I guess I can dig it. It is kinda funny!

  2. That looks…right.

  3. Its not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Its prety cool.

  4. You “debated” putting this up? You had a “laugh”? “To each their own”? this “album”? I’m not the biggest hip hop fan but is the year 2024 or 1982??? Hey, hip hop wasn’t a fad, its still here, and it actually outsells Rock….Laugh at that…

    I love all music and art, but the old Friday Forum didn’t bash, or “laugh” at what other people like in such a manner. I’m a tad dissapointed by this…. oh well……..

  5. tonyloomis,
    There is no bashing here. I’m sorry that you interpreted it as such. Fact is, I did laugh seeing Lil’Wayne shirtless with a hockey mask. My sense of humor, I suppose. And I have to ask you, what other Friday the 13th website would have even mentioned this “album”. Probably none.

    Seems to me you are indeed a hip hop fan and there is nothing wrong with that. I just thought it interesting that this Hip Hop/Rap “album” was showcasing Jason and even Freddy on their cover art.

  6. dont worry about it jasonsfury,i thought it was funny and cool as hell at the same time,i have a new blood costume that is pretty bad ass,in my town of new port richey,ppl know me because of in the malls halloween store scareing ppl,i take pictures with tons of ppl,and i do haunted trails and houses.all 5′8 of me i thought the all 4 feet of him was good!

  7. HA! HA! HA!……

  8. THis is hilarious.

  9. Although I didn’t appreciate hearing rap music in the reboot I did download “I Like It, I Love It” by Lyrics Born (2nd rap song used in movie). Great funky 70’s vibe on that track…it’s great.

    And the rapper doesn’t swear at ya either :)

    Now, where are the blu-rays for parts 4-7, dammit.

  10. What a disgrace to Jason…

    Rappers always have to screw with our favorite horror icons, like when Busta Rhymes was karate-kicking Myers in Halloween: Resurrection

  11. Why can’t Jason just kill them to? It’s not like he stops or anything.

  12. blimy wat a…ahhh……yeah it looks good but him in that mask and glove PLLLLLLEASE!!!!

  13. Hip hop/rap isn\’t even cool anymore. The way I feel about this is \

  14. What the heck happened to my post? lol

    What I had posted was… Hip hop/rap isn’t even cool anymore. The way I feel about is that i wouldn’t give any attention other then on here.

  15. “Although I didn’t appreciate hearing rap music in the reboot I did download “I Like It, I Love It” by Lyrics Born (2nd rap song used in movie). Great funky 70’s vibe on that track…it’s great.

    And the rapper doesn’t swear at ya either

    Now, where are the blu-rays for parts 4-7, dammit”

    +1 to all of above

  16. jasonsfury

    I understand where your coming from…it is indeed funny, and no, i don’t like little wayne. LOL…. Cool you responded.

  17. and Madgoalie

    I totally agree! where are the part 4-8 blurays!!!!!!!!!! I loved part 1-3 on bluray…i mean, until the bluray i didn’t even know that in the beginning of part 3 when we see jason briefly behind the clothes on the clotheline that Jason is still wearing his garb from Part 2! I LOVE BLURAY!

  18. Busta Rhyme was pretty wack in Halloween: Resurrection,as was LL cool J… but that rock and roller basically killed the franchise…. Musicians should STAY AWAY form these movies!! LOL

  19. Haha, for how I feel about music, check out stand-up comic Doug Stanhope talk about it on a recent trip to a Finnish radio station in Europe:

    Gotta say I agree with him. So sorry, but I was just never into any type of music, oddly. I just don’t “get” it.

    Having said that, this is at least mildly interesting, even though I don’t think these guys have any palpable sense of talent. But we have to give it up to Jasonsfury, as he tries to run this site & Blog form as bets he can and to keep things interesting with fresh/recent up-dates, even though like all of us, he has to have an off-line life outside of the web world. So much props to him, as the Hip-Hoppers would say.

    Put I recently found some interesting stuff on eBay and I’ll try to shoot him on over an e-mail pretty soon.

  20. Ha, people are funny… I can care less about someone’s musical preference. It’s all about respect. I don’t care too much about Country music, but I wouldn’t dump on anyone if they like it. You would think I’m a hip hopper as you say but I’m actually into all types of music (I’m from Jersey so we are a melting pot so to speak!). And I do agree that Little Wayne has not an ounce of talent, but peeps like KRS ONE do.

    but man, that Rob Zombie did kill that Halloween Franchise… ;)


  21. Are you kidding? I like hip-hop but really you need losers like lil wayne wearing a jason mask could have got some better artists to do that but it is kind of cool that some hip-hop artist would show their respects to the horror icons.. But LiL Wayne come on the guy could not even rap his way out of a paper bag with scissors in his hands!!

  22. Okay that is funny! LiL Wayne what a dushbag!!

  23. Tonyloomis–nice call. I just popped it in and you are right. Perhaps because I only watched the 3D version on blu-ray I never noticed. BTW, it was nice of Jason to remove the clothes pins when taking his new clothes off the line!! Wonder if he put them back in the wash basket. haha.

  24. Rap is crap<…..Hey, I rhymed!

  25. Have you seen the Bile “Camp Blood” Album? They are a cool goregrind band from Austrailia on No Escape Records. They did a while friday the 13th inspired album called Camp Blood.

  26. I think thats Lil Wayne and Drake. funny

  27. I appreciate that they’re F13 fans, that’s cool, but the album/concept is cheesy.

  28. I don’t get it! You will post this crap but I have sent think link ( ) for the past couple of weeks and you won’t post it. F13th and snowboarding…it doesn’t get much better than that.

  29. Glad you guys have enjoyed this. It was something different and I try to cover anything and everything I can find that relates to the franchise.

    As for Vinnie D.,
    I did just see your email. As you can imagine, I get a lot of emails as does Dusk, and we try to get through them as quick as possible. Also, we don’t just sit on our website here all the time and check our email constantly. You seem to have no patience, and for that I am sorry. It seems you need our website to sell your product. If that’s the case, your marketing must not be very good if you’re relying on us to make money for your company. By the way, we don’t HAVE to post anything on our website that we do not want to.

  30. lol what would be even funnier is if jason made rap one of his victims ha ha!

  31. li’l wayne is the worst rapper in the world. i wish jason would jump out of his tv screen and kill him.

  32. Lil Wayne should be sued for trying to profit off the Jason and Freddy likeness and using the Friday font.

    I’m dead serious. The guy has no talent and I wish hip hop would go back to the day where it was all original and not just samples.

  33. Hip Hop actually seems to fallow Friday and Nightmare pretty well. Remember the music videos for Elm 4 and 5? Though, not sure if that’s more hip hop or rap; was never the greatest at telling the difference.

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