Winner Announced: “Killer Mommy” Contest

At the beginning of November, we announced a contest to win a unique Mrs. Voorhees bust, provided by Dead End Hollow masks. The contest ran for three weeks and concluded this past Sunday, November 28. We received numerous entries and we thank everyone for particpating! The entries were entered into a random drawing and a winner was selected.

Congratulations go to Christopher Kahler who is the lucky winner of the “Killer Mommy” bust. We have sent an email to the winner and they will receive the bust within the next couple of weeks. Again, thank you to all of our visitors who participated in this great contest. Very special thanks goes to Josh Stephenson and Dead End Hollow masks for sponsoring this contest!

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11 Responses to “ Winner Announced: “Killer Mommy” Contest ”

  1. Congrats Christopher! I would love to know all of the answers to the questions just to make sure i even had a chance of winning.

  2. Congrats! I wish I could have won this, but I think it’s cool that the fans get these great opportunities to own a piece representing the series. Thanks guys!

  3. woo hoo ! I want to give a shout out to my buddy Bill Schmitz who is the walking encyclopedia of all things F13 and the biggest fan I know of the series. JERK ! LOL

    1. What are the years Mrs. Voorhees lived from and died as listed on the gravestone by the side of the road in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter? 1930 – 1979

    2. Who are the actresses that played Mrs. Voorhees on-screen throughout the Friday the 13th series and what movies do they act in? Betsy Palmer (1, 2, 3(flashback), 4(flashback)), Paula Shaw (FvJ), Nana Visitor (F13 20249), Marilyn Poucher (3 as Mrs Voorhees corpse)

    3. What was Pamela Voorhees’ occupation at Camp Crystal Lake before Jason drowned? The cook

    4. Which Mrs. Voorhees actress played the character in more than one film? Betsy Palmer

    5. How does Mrs. Voorhees lure Brenda out of her cabin into the rain in Friday the 13th 1980? She imitates a child calling for help

    6. What trophies does Pamela take from her victims in Friday the 13th 2024? Counselor whistles

    7. What other character mask is Dead End Hollow currently selling from the Friday the 13th series? It was Jason from 3, but the new Swamp Thing mask on the site is looking good now

  4. Congrats Christopher. Thats a pretty awesome prize.

  5. Congrats Christopher. Don’t forget to buy a ton of candles so you can turn it into your own shrine! Or don’t do that and probably continue being perceived as a normal person. That would probably be best.

  6. Was it ever shipped ? Nobody answered my email.

  7. Hey Chris,
    I sent you an email and we will get you taken care of! :)

  8. Still no word and I sent out emails again this morning. Should I just stop checking for the mail a zillion times a day looking for it ? If it was never sent, it was never sent. It’s still cool as hell though (which is why I’ve been checking for the mail a zillion times a day).

  9. Hellloooo ? Anybody ? Bueller ? Bueller ? No word, no “Killer Mommy For Christmas”, no reply.

  10. Yet another week has gone by and still no bust. What happened with the one pictured ?

  11. All worked out.

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