Walt Disney film references Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th part 2


I seen the tv spot for this movie tonight and caught a clip where the John Travolta character says “but they haven’t seen Friday the 13th part 1 or part 2.

Being a Walt Disney movie, this is a huge surprise to have one of our franchises titles being referenced by a well-established actor such as John Travolta.

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11 Responses to “ Walt Disney film references Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th part 2 ”

  1. And part 3. In the movie they watching friday the 13th part 3 in 3D and the kids sleeping i know this because am from Technicolor traduction movies in french… But i tell this to me to lolll Jason in a kids movies héhéhé… Friday the 13th still have a big part in Cinéma Classic…

  2. On last night’s ‘Parks & Recreation’, the majority of episode, a hunting trip the characters go on takes place at and in the area around the Jarvis house from ‘The Final Chapter’. The house is really recognizable and there are some (non-storyline for the show) changes to it. But you really get a good idea from the episode, and the sharp-eye of an F13 fan, that a lot of the woods scenes were shot very close to the house itself.

    The jogging scene, Sarah’s walking alone, and maybe some others seemed to be shot within shouting distance of the actual house. Also in the episode you can see the small field where it seems the party house (which we all know was temporary) would have stood, based on it’s relation to the Jarvis house. Everyone should check it out! I can’t say the same aboot ‘Old Dogs’.

  3. Very good, glad they have mentiond it!!!

  4. Yea i saw this like a week or so ago as well. It’s a nice little reference and it wasn’t even putting down the franchise. So does this mean after almost 30 years, F13 has finally “made” it?! LoL

  5. Yeah I saw the commercial…its cool to hear that coming from Travolta.

  6. Yeah I caught that last night,I’m curious to know the context in which they use it,…but not enough to watch the film :)

  7. You treat Friday the 13th like it’s some kind of underground film. Do you people realize that Jason is the Frankenstein of our time? He’s iconic. I’m willing to assume even wierdo Christian Scientist Travolta was well aware of Jason’s existence before he was given the script.

  8. Paul, while it’s true Friday movies and Jason are mainstream, they almost never get a reference from a non genre film and when they do, like this instance, it’s a welcome bit of “acceptence” from the more mainstream films, especially a studio like Disney. I think that’s why everyone is treating this “like it’s some kind of underground film.”

  9. Couldn’t of put it any better Colin !

  10. Well said, Colin. That was cool to hear Travolta mention F13th, especially in a Disney’s film. They don’t usually make reference to F13th or any mainstream horror icons.

  11. I actually want to see that film…lol

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