Friday the 13th 2009 Merchandising Revisited

Anyone who is a fan of Friday the 13th has collected some thing or item that reperesents the franchise. Many people scramble on eBay and other websites and forums to regain an item from years past that was lost after childhood. Others just want to build their collection and cannot wait for the next Jason Voorhees items to go on sale. And in the immortal words of the everlasting know-it-all Yogurt, “Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising. Where the real money from the movie is made”. So true, more so today than ever before.

So to accomodate the ravenous fans of Friday the 13th and the release of the new movie last year, NECA and Mezco Toys released a good number figures and prop replicas to add to the collector’s obsession. I figured since we are a year removed from the excitement, we could revisit what merchandise was released for the reboot. Let us know if you own any of these items and what you would like to see in the future in terms of merchandising for the franchise.


NECA went right for the jugular with their line of merchandise. Besides releasing their awesome 18 inch Jason Voorhees figure/statue, they also made available replicas of Jason’s hockey mask and machete. The machete was quite expensive and if you bought it some time after the release of the movie , chances are you paid a C note or higher to obtain it. The replica hockey mask was surprisingly cheap. I bought mine for $20 at Toys R Us. I think that’s a great deal!



Mezco released a variety of Jason action figures to accompany the release of the new film. A preview version and a regular version of the 7 inch Jason were made available for purchase and most recently a 12 inch Jason figure and also a Jason version of Mezco’s Living Dead Doll series.




Also, for all of those Halloween trick or treaters, there was a full latex mask sold at stores as well as a plastic machete and foam hockey mask combo for the kiddies to wear and scare the parents!



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8 Responses to “ Friday the 13th 2009 Merchandising Revisited ”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mezco blew it with their Jason figures from the 2009 film!

    The 7 inch figure looks detailed and has nice weapon selection, but if you look closely enough, there is an error on the figure that wasn’t even corrected for their 12 inch Jason released later. The top left and top right sections of the hockey mask are missing the holes. I just can’t get it over that. I think it ruins the figures.

    To some people that’s not a big deal and that’s cool. Maybe I’m just getting spoiled. To me the bar has been set pretty high since the Movie Maniacs Jason we got over 10 years ago. I like that figure now because of nostalgia of it being my first Jason figure, but man is it an eyesore compared to the newer stuff.

  2. I would really like to see a new video game done. If it is done right, with a lot of thought put into it, I would want that. I’ve been dying for a game for awhile now

  3. I hear ya kevin.The movie maniacs first Jason figure was my first also.However my fave is the cult classics Part 7 (T.N.B) Jason.The movie accuracy on it is kick ass(shame it didn’t come with the weed whacker though,lol)………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  4. Yeah I came across the 12 inch cinema of fear 2009 Jason but I wasnt too impressed with the blue coat with the fur… I thought is jacket was like a greenish brownish tint… The military/hunting jacket was ok for the remake but i hope they drop the jacket for futur movies… just my two cents

    ** i agree a new video game would be awesome!**

  5. I want further blu-ray releases (parts 4 – 7 come to mind)!

    …”you brought him onboard?”…

  6. The thing that keeps me away from any of the figures is the price. I think they all look awesome and I can overlook the missed details if I had to. But damn, they are just so expensive!

    What happened to the days when toys were still affordable to the average Joe? The fact that toys became collector’s items totally screwed up the playablity them in that sense. We now live in a world of “designer” toys that people think justify a huge price even though they are essentially still pieces of plastic. wtf.

  7. same here i want part 4-8 on blu-rayand the part 4 with two editions one with the cut scenes and one theatrical

  8. I actually bought all the items pictured above!! :)

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