Terrordrome: Jason Voorhees in Video Game Action


Terrordrome is nothing new to a number of our visitors, but I have been receiving a number of emails asking if there are any type of video games out there for Friday the 13th. Since our website has never added anything in the blog section about this game, I figured, why not. Check out the demo video below of Part 3 Jason inflicting pain on Michael Myers on the dock of Camp Crystal Lake. If he chooses, Jason could use axe, pitchfork, or even harpoon gun!

To download the game, visit http://www.terrordrome-thegame.com/

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25 Responses to “ Terrordrome: Jason Voorhees in Video Game Action ”

  1. I hope they get to put in zombie jason soon, I already beat the game with jason already, but I can’t remember which buttons I pressed to switch his weapon to the pitchfork.

  2. Wow. These two could have gone to the same child psychologist. Interesting looking game. Wanna see how Chucky looks.

  3. this is the type of thing ive been dreaming of for years. id like to see someone redo the NES F13 game with graphics similar to this

  4. Thats awesome. They should make a game like that for PS3 and XB360.

  5. I don’t understand why in the hell we horror fans couldn’t get a game like this on Playstation or xbox. Out of all the systems that have been, or will be….I don’t think horror fans would get a great horror game with the frachise players.

  6. AWESOME GAME! I wish this would come out on Xbox.

  7. Hey you finally added this. I was wondering if you even got my email about it. This game is awesome but doesn’t work on my desktop, only my Laptop which kind of sucks, but oh well. I can’t figure out how to switch his weapon from the axe to the pitchfork though.

  8. cool stuff! :)

  9. I really think it’s stupid that there hasn’t been any new video games based on Jason/Freddy/etc.. since the old nintendo ones. There is a demand there, and if game makers would get off their rears and do something, they can hit a big jackpot! (the game still has to be decent)

  10. I still think a game series based on the Friday film in the style of Resident Evil with whole worlds to explore like in the GTA games would rock. Could you imagine choosing a councillor (or even having a predetermined one) and walking around Camp Crystal Lake trying to figure out where all of your friends have gone? God! That would do so well. Anyone from Capcom reading this?

  11. That looks f**king amazing! I am a HUGE fan of Mortal Kombat, so to have a fighting game very similar to MK with all of my favorite horror icons would be amazing! The only thing that needs to be added are fatalities to really put the cherry on the sundae!

  12. Its kinda off topic but not.. I always wanted a Horror Movie – Scene It.. That, and a mortal kombat-horror game.. no shit

  13. @Demon Jason:
    @Bryan Gray:


    I had that same problem but I figured it out. Press Foward, Down, Back (Like a half circle spin on the stick) and press the “punch” button. It will switch you from pitchfork to axe.

    The Harpoon gun is Down,Foward + Side Swing (light hit) with Ax and if you do Back, Down, Foward + side swing (light hit) with Ax it does a power swing. (Which also works if you have the pitchfork out, it will auto switch to Ax and go right back to pitchfork. All other basic moves are listed on their site though those are a few of the ones they don’t have listed.

    The harpoon sometimes doesn’t work for me and sometimes works flawless. So just play around with it. Since its created with Fighter Maker 2 most of the special moves mimick the moves of Street Fighter so its not hard to find most.

    I’ll post more once I figure them out. Let me know if you have luck with those.

    Hope that helps.


  14. “Its kinda off topic but not.. I always wanted a Horror Movie – Scene It..

    That game would be awesome to own. At some point one of the the companies with a license for the franchise will hopefully put some type of game like that together.

  15. thanks bro

  16. that was epic. and knowing that something like this exsists will let me sleep at night. now only if they release it on 360 THEN i will be able to die happy :)

  17. Love the game!!! But i hope jason wins more oftern!!!

  18. I really wish they would make a horror fighting name like this, but there is so many licenses needed in order to make it.

  19. hey how do you get this game is it on a website or is it a pc game this is my first time hearing about it.

  20. I wish they made new F13 game for XBOX 360. I could picture it a bit like Grand Theft Auto except that instead of being in a city you get to play jason in the Crystal lake vacinity

  21. this is the whole roster

    freddy krueger ( a nightmare on elm street
    jason voorhees classic ( friday the 13th 3 – 4
    jason voorhees undead ( friday the 13th 6 – freddy vs jason )
    michael myers ( halloween )
    leatherface ( texas chainsaw massacre )
    ghostface ( scream )
    chucky ( child’s play )
    candyman ( candyman )
    ash williams ( evil dead )
    maniac cop ( maniac cop )
    herbert west ( re-animator )
    the tallman ( phantasm )
    pinhead ( hellraiser )

    when the game is done he might make an expansion pack with more characters and thier stages possible characters are

    fisherman ( i know what you did last summer )
    harry warden ( my bloody valentine )
    leprechaun ( leprechaun )
    jigsaw ( saw )

    here are some stages for the characters

    freddy = his lair ( the basement sort of )
    jason classic and undead = crystal lake docks
    michael myers = out side of the myers house
    leatherface = outside of the remake house
    ghostface = woodsbro high school corridor
    chucky = toy isle in s-mart ( ashes store )
    candyman = empty shac with his image painted all over
    maniac cop = still to be defined ( probably the police station )
    ash williams = his cabin in the woods
    herbert west = the lab where the first movie ends
    the tallman = the morgue
    pinhead = still to be difined

  22. Im sorry but u people suck why didn\’t they make it for xbox and ps3 it not fair i waited to long for a game like this oh please make a kiiler game like michael myers by himself killing people hidden and more now each game just make a horror killing game it will be a mega sell ok thanks

  23. And give more buttons for michael his controls suck

  24. So do I download it somewere for free are do” I buy it on a official website?

  25. In case you haven’t heard the sad news this game has been canceled due to corporate greed. Yeah they saw what a cool project and basically because they didn’t think of it first sent their lawyers after the game designers to cease and desist.

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