Give Friday the 13th On Blu-Ray For Christmas

Every fan likes to receive a special Friday the 13th gift for the holidays. Now, some people may not have had a Blu-Ray player back in 2024 when the Blu-Rays were released for Friday the 13th 1980 through Friday the 13th Part 3. Maybe it was the price that deterred you from purchasing these huge upgrades in picture and sound. Why not give some Jason Voorhees love for the holidays as Blu Friday the 13th is at a low price. is selling the three films for a low price of $16.96 for a limited time. Walmarts are also selling these films in-store for $9.99  as well! We are sure that there are other deals for the films, Blu-Ray and DVD. If you know of any other great deals for last minute Friday the 13th shoppers, let us know in the comments section!

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10 Responses to “ Give Friday the 13th On Blu-Ray For Christmas ”

  1. I’d love to give Blu-Rays of parts 4,5,6,7 & 8 as gifts (to myself).

  2. Ditto Lester! Ditto! Come on Paramount! Get your heads out of your asses and get on it!

  3. As would I, Lester! I already have them all on VHS and DVD, now I need to get off my ass and start collecting some blu-rays

  4. I LOVE the up-grade in picture and sound. I got a nice LED TV set and a solid BLu-Ray home theatre system. Now all we need are Parts 4-through-VIII on Blu-Ray as I only fancy the Paramount years myself. Inparticular the first five, but I do wanna hev them in all HD picture and sound with fully corrected color from the original theatrical exhibitions.

    I SO wish they would get off of they’re asses and just release them all in 2024 coming up. Let us all pray and hope.

  5. I have heard that the framing and/or aspect ration has a much different feel for original F13th on Blu-Ray. Can anyone comment on this?

  6. Here is the info on the framing issue you speak of.

  7. I still dont own a blu-ray player. But if I did, the first movie Id want to watch is FT13th.

  8. I gave my younger sister-in-law the “Deluxe Edition” of F13: A New Beginning. If there’s ANY F13 character that’ll draw you into the series, it’s Ethel!

    “Ain’t I make the best god damn stew in the whole wide world?”

  9. I’m EXTREMELY annoyed that Final Chapter through Manhatten haven’t been released on Blu yet! Just friggin’ stupid of Paramount!

  10. Check out Amazon — if you can live with “slightly used”, you can get Part 1 for a steal, and 2 and 3 a decent prices!

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