Winner Announcement: Guess That Scene Game

Yesterday we posted one of our games where visitors could guess which scenes the photos that were posted were from and their respective movies. We had a lot of great guesses and responses and pretty much every answer was correct. The one twist on this guessing game was that for the first time we offered a prize for one luck visitor who guessed correctly. Now, we are not only going to announce the winner, but the prize as well.

Visitor ‘thevengefulmachete’ was randomly chosen as the winner and their prize is the opportunity to be a guest blogger for a day. They can create a unique story pertaining to Friday the 13th and it will be posted by an Admin of the website while giving credit of the story to ‘thevengefulmachete’. Congratulations go out to him for the opportunity and we look forward to what he has to add to the website.

We may offer this opportunity more in the future, so make sure to keep and eye out for more chances and thank you to everyone who visits the website!

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6 Responses to “ Winner Announcement: Guess That Scene Game ”

  1. hooray!

  2. So what do I do?

  3. I sent you an email with the steps to take next. ;)

  4. Cool. I haven’t got the email yet but ill be watching my inbox.

  5. Congrats, man. I can’t wait to read it!

  6. thanx

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