Inflatable Jason Voorhees Halloween Decoration

fridayblowupI found this on eBay and I thought everyone would get a kick out of it. I think every fan should have one on there lawn for Halloween! :)

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7 Responses to “ Inflatable Jason Voorhees Halloween Decoration ”

  1. Fuck Halloween mine would be up all year

  2. This is the same mask that is used on the new deluxe edition dvds.

  3. i think the deluxe editions have the arrows pointing south (ala part 5, but red stripes), while these are going north. Looks like the part 3 mask to me. I love that he has three fingers!

  4. The details arent that great but it would be alot of fun to own come October.

  5. Stupid rednecks would slash that around here. People’s Christmas inflatables get hacked all the time around here. A bunch of Savages in this town.

  6. Yep that would look pretty sweet in my front garden,but alas over the pond here in Scotland we have our own fair share of “rednecks”.Except over here we call em “neds”.They are all ignorant fuckers all the same.

  7. I recently saw this at That would suck if someone destroyed it! I can’t see why anyone would, that would just be messed up.

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