First Winner of Friday the 13th Props Museum Contest

fridaycontest1Mario announced the first winner of his contest, which involves touring the different filming locations of the Friday the 13th movies. See our original story for all of the details. To win the contest, participants must send in proof they visited the various locations. The first winner sent in his proof which includes the advertisement placemat from the famous diner that Steve Christie eats lunch at in the original Friday the 13th. To read more about the winner visit the Friday the 13th Props Museum



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3 Responses to “ First Winner of Friday the 13th Props Museum Contest ”

  1. I was there just this weekend! I thought I had the contest in the bag!

  2. Are the photos going to be listed on this site?

  3. If you go to the Props Museum website linked above you will be able to see more pictures and also a video that was submitted.

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