Unique Contest at Friday the 13th Props Museum

freddyvsjasonplaqueMario has set up a very unique and adventurous contest that some fans will be very excited about. How about a scavenger hunt located at some of the Friday the 13th filming locations?! If you head over to the Friday the 13th Props Museum you can read all of the contest rules to find out how you can enter the contest.

Please remember that a lot, if not all filming locations are private property. Please do not get arrested for the sake of the franchise! Get the proper permission first. Lucky winners will receive the item pictured to the right, which is a great display featuring a swatch of Freddy’s screen worn sweater from Freddy vs Jason. There is a section of the display where you can have Robert Englund sign. The display comes with a COA.

So, check out the Props Museum website and good luck to everyone. Hey, it’s summer. Go camping.

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16 Responses to “ Unique Contest at Friday the 13th Props Museum ”

  1. Nice. Too bad i live far away from all the locations where the movies were filmed.

    Btw sorry to advertise but I have the entire F13 2009 score uploaded on my youtube account. Check it out and once again I aplogize for advertising. Just letting Friday fans know.

  2. So…the prize is a tiny piece of Freddy’s sweater and there’s not even an autograph for the space provided? What kind of prize is that?!

  3. Yeah I dunno about collectors out there but that is kind of lame.

  4. Here`s some additional info about the win.
    Actually the “tiny piece of Freddy sweater” is a aprox 1.9″ x 2.7″ piece of the screen worn sweater. This sweater piece is housed in a glased display and silver colored frame with elaborate laser cut mount board finish, featuring the movie title in 3D and a section where you can have Robert Englund sign the display. The retail price for these worldwide limited displays is $150.

  5. I would not be proud to own this at all.

  6. So let me get this straight…they want us to travel to all these locations, pick up certain objects on PRIVATE PROPERTY just to get a little piece pf fabric worn not by the guys who play JASON, but Freddy?

    No thanks, I have a clean record and plan to keep it that way.

  7. “they” – actually one person offers the contest.
    “want us to travel to all these locations” – Nope, one location is enough to win.
    “pick up certain objects on PRIVATE PROPERTY” – Nope, it`s talked about a hand full of soil or a tube filled with water. Both can be get at filming locations that are NON PRIVATE PROPERTY.
    “just to get a little piece pf fabric worn not by the guys who play JASON, but Freddy?” – Yes. From Freddy vs JASON.
    “No thanks” – Cool, this way the memorabilia worth $750 will find home in collections of enthusiasm fans that join the hobby with a positive keynote.

  8. Closest location to me is Bay Minnette (part 7), but that’s like a 3 hour drive away from me. I can live without winning.

  9. I agree not worth getting arrested for a piece of fabric. I was in Blairstown,NJ last year on vacation w/ my wife and it was awesome to see some of the sites where the original was filmed. I could see hiding stuff there w/ the exception of the camp itself. The only other location I’m not too far from is Conneticut where pt.2 was filmed. Other than that everything else is too far for me! I’m curious as to how many locations you could actually go to without being arrested for trespassing?

  10. this is a friday the 13th scavenger hunt but the prize is from a nightmare on elm street?

  11. Guys and gals,
    A contest is a contest right. If you live in or near a town where shooting took place, why not go for it and submit for the contest. I don’t get the negative thoughts on a free contest to win a piece of movie history. Expend your energy on the great outdoors this summer and get yourself part of a horror icons classic winter wear.

  12. Sounds cool to me, don’t understand the negativity. Jason was in the movie. In fact you could even look at it as if it’s a memorabilia item from one of Jason’s victims seeing as Jason won. I wish I could actually get out there and win it.

  13. WOW. Someone is offering somthing cool like that and all you guys do is bitch. If you a fan of the movies is it that big of a deal to drive to the locations for a day? I would do this even if Mario didn’t offer anything.

    The Walmart Man Jun 22nd, 2009 at 4:59 pm I would not be proud to own this at all.

    NO? But I bet your VERY proud of the fact that you work at Walmart. Most losers are.

  14. Hey guys. Let’s just agree to disagree, ok? Some people will want to win, some won’t. Let’s not blow up. Those of you who want to win, just consider the fact that the odds have increased in your favor.

  15. @Mike B
    I’ll agree I’d like to drive to visit these locations, BUT not now for a scrap. I’ll go check these places out on my own time.

  16. I sure wish I had seen this when it was going on. We would have had this in the bag 10x over! LOL! And the complaining about a prize is ridiculous.

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