Friday The 13th: Lost Tales From Camp Blood

This mostly flew under the radar for the longest time, but the most unplugged feature of the new DVDs are a series of short Friday The 13th tribute films called Lost Tales From Camp Blood. Akin to fanfilms, these are much more elevated due to them being officially sanctioned and exclusively featured for these DVD releases. Hence, it is essentially DTV Friday The 13th spinoff series!

All are directed by Andrew Ceperley and seems reminiscent of the spirit of the original Friday The 13th in that the killer isn’t Jason, but many of the elements that made the original special seem present.

Part 1-3 can be found on the corresponding Deluxe Edition DVDs with more on the way for the later rounds of DVD releases. An article with a grand gallery of shots both in-film and behind-the-scenes appeared on Fangoria today:

Ceperley, the creative director of King Media, got involved when the company was initially approached to work on the FRIDAY THE 13th project last summer after having handled other Paramount DVD features including material for the STAR TREK series. “One of the concepts we pitched was a series of short ‘kill scenes,’ which went over quite well.” he tells Fango. “After a few meetings, they evolved into their own little short films. Being the horror fan that I am, I was lucky enough to be put in charge of writing, directing, and shooting the 3 shorts in just three days (being young and stupid, you tend to agree to things like that). The idea went from just being a few simple death scenes to trying to create little stories very much in the spirt (both in tone and visual presentation) of FRIDAY THE 13th.”

Our own Tony recently reviewed the first Lost Tales From Camp Blood in his review of the Friday The 13th Part 1 DVD & Blu-Ray but I’ll present it again below:

Lost Tales from Camp Blood part 1 (DVD and Blu Ray) – Written and Directed by Andrew Ceperly, Lost Tales from Camp Blood is a pretty interesting addition to the set. Though it’s not directly part of the Friday the 13th saga, it is a short film, shot in Friday the 13th style with a Jason-esqe killer (probably due to rights issues). When a noise startles awake, she sends her boyfriend Mark to investigate. As you can imagine, things don’t turn out so well. It’s rather well done and manages to capture the feel of the early Friday the 13th movies. The killer, while Jason in form, has a different look, bald, but wearing a hooded sweatshirt. He’s even listed as “Killer” in the closing credits of the short. Helping to make this feel like a mini Friday film is the score. Lifted directly from previous Friday films, it really adds to this special feature. Running at 7 1/2 minutes, you can tell that Ceperly is a genuine fan of the series and that he had done his homework when it comes to the Friday the 13th series.

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6 Responses to “ Friday The 13th: Lost Tales From Camp Blood ”

  1. That’s the problem with these new editions. They are sooo focus on putiing new shit on there that nobody really cares about except the uncut footage.

  2. so part 3 will have bonus features i know the region 2 release will the lost tales of camp blood part 3 is on the friday the 13th part 3d dvd can anyone confirm this thanks

  3. Actually, I care quite a lot about new features. That’s the first thing I want to know about when I hear of a DVD release. Uncut footage, mostly pretty quick shots, usually doesn’t add up to much. It never really excites me. I know the movie. I’ve seen the movie 150 times. I have it on an old tape and DVD. If a new “special” DVD comes out, it better have a lot of new, fun, cool stuff to go along with it.

  4. anywhere one can watch lost tales from camp blood part 3 since it isn’t on the dvd

  5. i watched these and i think they suck ass. the acting is pitiful. there’s no plot. apparently they think we just want to watch people walk around and call people’s names and then die gruesome deaths…at the hands of…some dude. …with harry manfredini’s score playing in the background.

    sorry guys, there’s a bit more to the friday series than that. it’s like they think they’ve figured out the minimum amount of elements we need to be happy…assuming we’re a bunch of cretans that just want to jack off to gory death scenes with music. please stop cluttering up these releases with garbage…if it doesn’t pertain to the movie, it doesn’t supplement the movie.

  6. any one see any of the new cover art for parts 4,5 & 6 that are said to be out in June?

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