Monsterpalooza Lifesize Part 3 Jason Statue For Sale

This statue was created by KMD Artistry exclusively for Monsterpalooza, a convention for monster enthusiasts which was held on April 9-11, 2024 in Burbank, CA. Jason Voorhees was displayed on the monster museum floor for everyone to look at. I have to say that I am in awe of this statue. It is really, really good! This is the kind of display that I would love to have in my Friday the 13th room. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the nearly $3,000 price tag. Read more about the statue below and if you want to own this truly one of a kind piece of Friday the 13th, visit the auction.

This JASON VOORHEES statue includes his iconic hockey mask with a fine tuned aged paint scheme and sits over a highly detailed rubber flesh hood similar to one the stuntman wore for the film. The mask is permanently secure to the flesh hood. The shirt worn is deep olive green in color and its made of suede with dark grey twill pants are vintage. The hands are casted resin and completed with a highly detailed paint job, even down to the dirty nicks and scratches on the hand. The axe and machete are hard rubber props and include blood stain effects on them. This 6′8 statue stands firmly on a sturdy high detailed wood base mimicking a boat dock setting.

The body of this statue is made of sculpted fiberglass. The prop consists of 3 parts for shipping purposes. Statue comes apart at the waist and knees. Legs are permanently attached to the wooded base. The head can rotate slightly to the left or right and the hands are removable. Weapons are permanently secure and cannot be removed from the hands.

A pure piece of art at its finest. You will be getting a top of the line quality piece unlike any other. This is a handmade piece by us, KMD Artistry, in Hollywood California and NOT mass-produced. Offered here for the first time and very limited. Only a few will be produced. He will be the talk of your collection, and people won’t believe their own eyes. This life sized figure is perfectly film accurate down to every detail.






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11 Responses to “ Monsterpalooza Lifesize Part 3 Jason Statue For Sale ”

  1. Very Cool!!!!!!! If I was able to get a hold of this baby I think I would have it facing out of one of my windows. This thing just looks AWESOME!!!!!!! The pics you had posted earlier of the one for part 2 looked pretty good as well.

  2. Looks really good, I just wish he had either the machete, or the axe…not both, but it still kicks major ass.

  3. “This life sized figure is perfectly film accurate down to every detail.”

    Sorry, I beg to differ. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome life size piece and I would happily buy one if I had 3 grand… I don’t want to be overly critical here, but 6′8? Isn’t Brooker 6′3? 6′5 at best in the film with the boots unless he wore lifts…Pretty cool anyway, the arms should dangle down longer I think, left shoulder should hunch in some more and have the padding, little more hunchback, and his collar is more open. Slightly smaller waist, legs a bit thick…nose on the hock is kinda pointy, and maybe just go one weapon, different pose. And a suede workshirt? Also the shirt’s cuffs are unbuttoned. It looks kinda like a life size version of the part 3 statue that Sideshow ended up not making, except on this the pants have a sharp crease which should fade above the knee and the Sideshow prototype had a shorter shirt tail and the pleats were visible.

  4. I’d love to own this, it looks like the one i seen for sale a few years ago, it was stated that it was 6′1 and stood on a board and the price was around $3900… It was also from part 3

    There was also a Freddy Kruger one aswell, so basically if you got the jason and freddy one’s you’d only need leatherface, micheal and pinhead and you’d have your own horror movie wax museum.

  5. Very good, lovely job, but waaaaaaay to expensive for me!!

  6. Almost 3 grand for this and the hock doesn’t even come off and reveal a detailed Brooker sculpt? A very nice piece but $3000
    is WAY outta line.

  7. Yeah it is not 100% accurate but still is a great piece, I woulld say more of a customized piece. It is a little too steep. I got a part 3 life-sized coming that even with the mannequin cost only about $400 or so, and is more flexible and I can remove all the clothes and masks. Nonetheless, I like his work and his Myers and Freddy look cool too, although also not 100% accurate. I think his H1 is wearing gray fisher striped which were worn on H4 and H5, and should be charcoal Big Macs I think. But still looks sick. I just doubt they will sell beause most don’t have that kind of money to spend on those things, just rich collectors.

  8. This is still my favourite Jason and F13 entry. Nice job.

    Back in the day there was a cool horror movie starring Amy Steele called April Fool’s Day. I can’t seem to find out where it was filmed. I thought that someone here might be able to help me. I know that it was filmed in British Columbia but I can’t seem to get any more specific than that. Help?? I know that you guys can do this!!

  9. That statue is more realistic and scarier than the last six Jasons ever presented on screen, really cool, nothing scarier than Classic Jason! They should do the makeup for the next Friday Movie!!!

  10. What’s the price?

  11. I sooooooo want one, where on earth can I purchase one from pleaseeeeee……..

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