Jason Lives Prop Knife For Sale

I found this interesting piece up for sale recently. I figured that Frightstuff sells hockey masks that advertise they are pulled from an original movie mold, why not showcase this prop knife pulled from the movie mold. Now, I cannot confirm that this piece is completely legit, but take a look and see for yourself.

This is cast from the original knife prop mold used in Friday The 13th Part 6 – Jason Lives by prop maker on the film William Foertsch. The knife is resin and is signed by the actor who played Jason – CJ Graham. Included is a certificate of authenticity by CJ and William Foertsch.


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  1. The knife actually came not from the original mold, however it has it`s connection to an original production item. Here`s the story. I contacted Bill Forsche about three years ago to find out if he has anything left from F13 Part 6 where he worked on.

    He had to go tons of boxes that were stored away to see if there is anything of interest. In the end he found 4 items. A set of story boards, his movie script, a screen used stunt knife and the metal knife where they made the mold from for the stunt and FX knifes from.

    We ended up that I obtained the story boards, script and stunt knife. Bill Forsche sells script copies on Ebay from time to time. However the one I bought from him is a different draft that was not copied for replication reason.

    As additional note, the last knife (that I did not buy) was a real/metal knife, however he expressed that this knife was NOT screen used but only used as positive for the mold. He crafted it together of two different knifes. The blade with handle and the tip, where originally a compass stuck.

    This knife finally ended up with a guy who now claims it`s the hero knife. You can find it here:

  2. Oh, I lost my thread.. prior to selling the metal knife he created a mold with it where he pulled some plastic knifes for his ebay auctions. And the one pictured above is one of them. He had them sign by C.J. at one point.

  3. Awesome, Mario! Thanks so much for the information. I love learning about the history of these movies and I appreciate your willingness to share. It’s great for everyone who visits this site to gain this knowledge if they follow the franchise like I do.

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