Win Dinner With Kane Hodder, See Hatchet 2

Hatchet 2 is a movie that I am really looking forward to as the first was a blast to watch. The sequel looks to be an even bigger step forward and with it being Unrated and in theaters, fans could be in for a real treat. So, how about an even bigger treat than being able to see the film in theaters, how about seeing it on opening night and with Kane Hodder?!

To celebrate Hatchet II’s theatrical release on October 1st, Dark Sky Distribution and Bloody Disgusting are giving 2 lucky Orlando fans the chance to eat dinner with Kane Hodder and also attend a screening of the film with him opening night! Below are the contest rules to enter at Bloody Disgusting. Good luck to those that enter!


To Enter: All you have to create a piece of art displaying your love for the franchise. It can be anything from a hand-drawn poster to a claymation short on Youtube; it just has to be YOUR OWN WORK.

Once your done, all you have to do is attach your entry to an email with your name and “VICTOR CROWLEY LIVES” in the subject line, and send it to

The deadline for the contest is Wednesday, September 29th at 12:00 PM (EST). The winners will be notified via email by Thursday morning. Both the screening and dinner will take place in Orlando, Florida on October 1st. Good luck!



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6 Responses to “ Win Dinner With Kane Hodder, See Hatchet 2 ”

  1. Awesome! Kane is my favorite Jason. I’m a little ways away, but I think I am going to enter. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hatchet is decent. I would love to have dinner with THE “Jason”.

  3. I seen the preview for Hatchet 2 and I think it looks much better compare to the first one. The first one seems to be more of a dark comedy more than anything else with a little blood. Hatchet 2 looks to be a true horror movie with more blood, guts, and violence. I am definitely hoping there is a theater close to where I live.

  4. @mnewberry09 Hatchet is one of the bloodiest movies to come out in years. I mean the blood flowed like a geyser. Body parts flying everywhere. It was so gory that it was rated NC-17. Please do yourself a favor a watch the uncut Hatchet. It’s got blood for days.

  5. I’d like to go to dinner with Kane Hodder, but not if I have to lie and say I liked Hatchet.

  6. I envy anyone whos gets too meet Kane!!

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