View Part of The Final Chapter Alternate Ending!

part4cutsceneThe hits keep coming as Shock Till You Drop has posted a snippet of the alternate ending of The Final Chapter. For those of you that cannot wait until next Tuesday to view the ending, check it out and see what you think. Remember there is no sound, so subtitles are used. Enjoy!


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18 Responses to “ View Part of The Final Chapter Alternate Ending! ”

  1. i am very glad they included the subtitles since the sound is lost i hope they did this for the deleted scenes and also for part 6 as well if tere is no audio

  2. i personally, think that jason looks bad ass! i cant wait till tuesday.

  3. opps, thought was on different page. my bad…

  4. I am glad they removed this scene, it didn’t seem to tie up the film too well.

  5. I am so excited to see the entire scene. Pt. 4 is my favorite in the series. My only wish is that I want to see what Jason looked like after Corey Feldman pwned him at the end of the movie.

  6. Looks more like a cut scene rather than an alternate ending.

  7. I think this is just the first part of the alternate ending. I think after this Trish is supposed to wander into a bathroom and find her mother’s body and it rises up or something as part of a dream sequence/hallucination.

  8. Damnit! I thought it was a video of the alternate ending. I guess this is better than nothing though. Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

  9. Everyone,
    This IS part of or the beginning of the alternate ending. This is not the whole alternate ending. Paramount felt we need to pay money to buy the DVDs to watch the whole thing.

  10. any idea when 4, 5 & 6 will be released on blu-ray? i’d like to avoid another buying another dvd copy when i’ll just buy the blu-ray anyway…

  11. i’ve been asking the same thing, but it’s all part of paramount’s tactics. they’ll hold off announcing it just long enough so the blu-ray fans lose hope that they’ll do a BD anytime soon…so you’ll buy the dvds then the next day they’ll announce it, and you’ll end up double-dipping.

    but i’m in no hurry since they don’t have uncut death scenes. part 6 does, but i assume they’re the ones we’ve seen already. the slashed scenes on part 4 are just dailies and setups, not actual footage cut from the final print. i’ll patiently await the BD’s.

  12. I like this as an ending. Probably because it’s new and different but I like it. I can’t wait to see how well the bath tube scene worked then I can tell if I would have preferred this to the original ending. Cool concept that seems to tie in with all the other “dream” endings and chair jumpers. Come ooooon Tuesday!

  13. Where is Jason in the scene? He is not on the floor, that is Rob. And if you look closely you can see Jason’s hockey mask next to the upturned table.

  14. He comes up behind Trish in the bathroom. Maybe he was hiding up there during this part.

  15. So, will this ending be released on the remake dvd? Or, is part 4 being released on the same day?

    Sorry, new to the board.

  16. not really much. was hoping jason might do something! but that wont stop me cing it!!!

  17. I can see why this ending would be nixed from the final version. It is a pale reflection of the final sequence of Part 2 where an unmasked Jason crashed through the window and grabs the unsuspecting Ginny. It really is one of the best scenes IN THE ENTIRE SERIES. This “lost ending” is slow and just seems water’down compared to the finale that took place in Part 2. One day I want to crash through the store window at Walmart and do the same thing to my boss. That is why I’m going to buy the remake mask that is advertised on the other thread. I want to look cool! I might even set up a camera in the store to film it because I am just so cool like that! Then I will blackmail him to give me a promotion or I will post the video on Youtube so that everyone will know how terrified he was at that moment. HA!


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