Friday Conversation: The Vehicles of Friday the 13th

Posted 19 Nov 2024 in The Saga

The Friday the 13th film series is well known for nudity, elaborate deaths and gore. The iconic symbol of the series is the hockey mask and the anti-hero/monster is Jason Voorhees. These are all common knowledge among the fans and genre enthusiasts, however, has anyone really stopped to think about the vehicles that have defined the franchise? For all of the crazy characters that are littered amongst the films, there must be cars, trucks or vans to get them to their isolated locations for Jason to have his run of carnage.

In the Paramount films, especially the original four or five films, pick-up trucks and VW Beetles were the vehicles of choice. You could also throw in conversion vans as another popular way to travel, but the most unique mode of transportation was the mobile home that Cort wanted to use to take out things that go bump in the night! These vehicles are truly as much of the personality of the franchise as any character or death created for the screen.

What are your favorite vehicles in the franchise and which do you think served as a better part of the narration to the film it was in?

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Michael (19 Nov 2024, 17:39)

    Well the most obvious statment is Amy Steels car in F13 part 2, not only does jason stab through it in an attempt to kill her but also she used some good ol child phycology against John Fury, I just love that movie!!!

  2. francisco (19 Nov 2024, 18:45)

    I liked Mrs. Voorhees’s car from the original F13 film. I believe we first see her when she picks up Annie, and then eventually kills her. I also like Chris Higgins’s van from pt. 3

  3. JB Demented (19 Nov 2024, 20:53)

    Mrs Voorhees blue jeep was from part 1 was awesome. Kind of throws You off because Steve Christie has the exact same car. And in part 2, when Ginny, Paul, Ted, and the others go to the bar. If You notice in the parking lot theres a blue jeep parked. You only see it for not even a minute, so You have to have a quick eye. Im thinking maybe it belonged to Steve Miner or Sean Cunningham. Thats a guess, so dont quote Me on that.

    My personal favorite is Billys car from part 5. I like how He rolls in to the diner parking lot to get Lana. Im not sure what kind of car it is, but it looks so badass.

    Meagans Camaro from Jason Lives is pretty sweet too. She dusted the cops at least for a few minutes. Id run from the law with Her anyday, especially when She says “stay down”.

  4. JB Demented (19 Nov 2024, 20:57)

    I forgot to mention that Ginnys Bug being “sick” as She put it. My sister has the same exact car, and it always broke down. Everytime She would say the P.O.S broke down again, I would joke and say “at least Youre not at Crystal lake”.

  5. jasonsfury (19 Nov 2024, 22:05)

    Mrs. Voorhees jeep is indeed a character in the 1980 film. It is used as a way to cause confusion as to who the real killer is. The van in Part 3 plays a part in the film when CHris tries to escape and the engine stops running on the bridge.

  6. ACE (19 Nov 2024, 23:14)

    Where is the Camaro from Jason Lives in this??? I only see 8 different vehicles pictured above….but the Camaro ain’t there…

  7. chris e (19 Nov 2024, 23:21)

    Officer Dorf’s motorcycle deserves a special mention too :)

  8. Scott (19 Nov 2024, 23:29)

    I find the van from part 3 and the model comes back in freddy vs jason for some reason is the definite Friday the 13th vehicle

  9. Michigan Brian (19 Nov 2024, 23:52)

    Yes I agree with ACE…. the camaro from Jason Lives hands down, that is the most bad ass car in the series.

  10. Mik(c)a(h) (20 Nov 2024, 0:27)

    Aside from Cort’s mobile home, I think Darren and Lizbeth’s car from Jason Lives took the most damage from Jason himself. I could be wrong though. I never really paid too much attention to the vehicles in the series, but that’s what I love about this blog: all of the great topics that really take an in depth look into the series and make me think about and appreciate the little details. My favorite vehicle would have to be the old man’s truck from the remake with the rail spike that Trent is impaled on. The writers and Travis Van Winkle did a pretty good job of establishing Trent’s douchebaggery throughout the movie, and that was a great way to put an end to it.

  11. jasonfan13 (20 Nov 2024, 1:21)

    the 68 Charger from part 5, hands down.

  12. Corey (20 Nov 2024, 2:36)

    Mrs. Voorhees’ jeep of doom! The VW that Jason speared his cemetary fence post through as well in Part 6!

  13. barnhanger (20 Nov 2024, 5:18)

    Some small differences in the P1 Jeeps would have been nice. It always bugged me that they were the SAME Jeep, as if we couldn’t tell. I like the aray of emergency vehicles in TFC opening quite abit, as well as the Outlaw II from P2. That truck was badass. I think there is a police car in every film in the series. The Paramount 8 + remake for sure. Also the classic Fire Truck from P7 was cool.

  14. Cat (20 Nov 2024, 16:52)

    I dont think off the vehicels much, they dont really interest me really

  15. Erik (20 Nov 2024, 16:55)

    The station wagon from Part 4!!! It delivered fresh meat to Jason – lots of comedy happening in the back with Ted and Jimbo!

  16. Chris (20 Nov 2024, 16:55)

    Demon’s van!

  17. Tyler (20 Nov 2024, 17:57)

    Since I was a kid I’ve always loved Jeff’s truck from part 2

  18. MadWorldDesigns (21 Nov 2024, 5:31)

    @Chris E

    Well if you are going to give props to Dorf’s motorcycle you have to give props to Ollie’s considering it did take a beating.

    BUT if you want to talk about two-wheel transportation in general, you can’t forget the coolest vehicle in the series….

    “Ralph’s Bike”

  19. barnhanger (21 Nov 2024, 17:13)

    Yes MWD! I never thought about Ralphs old bike…what a prop to own..wonder where it went? I think every small town has a Crazy Ralph riding around on one of those things. Probably one of the most authentic and well played characters in all the series.

  20. Chris ( (21 Nov 2024, 18:35)

    Megan’s Camaro from part 6.

  21. therock610 (22 Nov 2024, 1:16)

    mrs. voorhees jeep for was the only identity of the killer until the end.and the van in part 3

  22. PosterMojo (22 Nov 2024, 14:22)

    I would have to say Chris’s van from part 3. Part 3 is one of my favorites of the series and for some reason it always creeps me out when Jason attacks her while she’s trying to leave in it.

  23. Rangerdave (23 Nov 2024, 14:18)

    I like the 1970′s looking cop’s motorcycle in the original. A clasic vehicle, complete with goggles and

  24. crystallakehiker09 (27 Nov 2024, 4:58)

    I thought that the Escalade in the remake was a nice redux on the truck from part two…driving up a road that looked very similar

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