Friday the 13th Alumni Train Pulls Into St. Louis


I have to say, there really is no excuse for fans to not go out and meet someone from the series this year. Alumni from the franchise are going to be popping up pretty much everywhere, according to our Alumni Convention List. With that being said, I was just informed of Con-Tamination, a convention that is happening in St. Louis April 30-April 2.

At this convention, the regular particpants will be in attendance such as Harry Manfredini, Tom Savini and Ari Lehman. However, writer Victor Miller is scheduled to be in attendance. The only convention he has been booked for this year, that I am aware of, is Friday the 30th. So, if you live in the area, get out there and mingle with some true Friday the 13th icons!

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3 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Alumni Train Pulls Into St. Louis ”

  1. I feel invisible. I mentioned Con-tamination in a reply to the Alumni Convention List back in January. That was before Victor Miller and Tom Savini were added as guests, though. I guess I should have e-mailed to get this convention added to the list. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it. Anyone else here going?

  2. Jay,
    Since you mentioned you posted about this I went and checked and sure enough, I did miss your comment about the convention. Sorry about that. I am sure you can imagine that I have a lot to read through every week and I usually try to read all comments. Thanks for commenting on this, and yes if you have any news about anything to do with the series, please email me so it will not be missed. Thanks. :)

  3. No problem. This worked out great with you giving the St. Louis convention its own blog entry in addition to adding it to the list with the other conventions. The more publicity the better! This is the first time St. Louis has ever had a horror convention, so I’m really hoping this one is successful enough to become an annual event.

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