Video Review Saturday: Japanese Movie Programs

A few of these programs have been showcased on the website before. I have to apologize to start off as I sound extremely monotone throughout and had to rush at the end of the video to fit in the 15 minute allowed time on Youtube. I hope everyone enjoys the programs, although some may be quicker than others.

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  1. Sorry for going off-topic here, but I didn’t knew were else to ask this: Jasonfury, do you know what’s up with the f13community? I can’t get the forum to appear.

  2. We are not affiliated with them, so I wouldn’t be able to explain why the site is down. I tried myself right now and it still isn’t working. I would imagine that the forum owners are having server problems and will get it resolved soon.

  3. I dig the Japanese posters and merch of American horror movies. I have a House of 1000 corpses hoodie with Japanese characters. There stuff is just so…colorful.

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  5. Ah man those are cool bro. I especially love the covers for part 7 and 8. I know Ive said this like 100 times, but You could open up an awesome FT13th museum. Cool Vid thanks for sharing.

  6. Sweet stuff…when do u plan on doing the crystal lake memories book?

  7. Soon, hopefully. Never lend your book out without taking something of value from the lendee first. ;)

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