Fangoria review: His Name Was Jason!

Hi everyone. So what better way to wet everyone’s appetites until the new Friday is released than a trip down memory lane?

Fangoria has reviewed His Name Was Jason and the review goes quite in depth about what is included and which gold nuggets to keep an eye out for. Sadly it does confirm that Steve Miner, who directed parts 2 and 3, is absent from the disc. This is a shame as well all know the various changes that took place during part 3’s development. Hit the link below to check it out!


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  1. FYI - the phrase is “whet your appetite.”

  2. Very nice in depth review of His Name Was Jason. I’m really looking forward to getting this and sitting down, relaxing and going down memory lane with the people involved in the franchise of Friday the 13th. I’m really looking forward to hearing from the men behind the masks and learn from their experience playing the maniacal Jason Voorhees.

  3. Mmmmmm, not too sure if I’m gonna be over-excited about this special double dvd.
    You would if Miner wanted his fans to be happy, he would have participated in this special.

    People have asked if the beheading scene of Chris (F13-3D) was filmed.
    I met Larry Zerner at a horror convention.
    He told me he was on set when it was filmed.
    I met producer Frank Mancuso, Jr. while in Californina in 2024.
    I asked him if the scene was shot, he responded that the film crew did shoot the scene in the barn, and the footage was reviewed, and presented to the writers, and himself.
    So, yes, the scene where Jason chops off Chris’ head was filmed.
    Mr. Mancuso said there are pictures of this scene on the internet that came from the actual filming of that scene.

  4. Sorry…got to typing too fast..I meant: “You would think if Miner….”

  5. The more I read about this, the more excited I get. This is going to be quite something. Can’t wait!!.

  6. Balooeyezz FYI mate we spell it “wet” in England. No hard feelings though ;)

  7. Sanchez - no hard feelings meant, but the word “whet” means “to sharpen”. Here’s the origin of the phrase, on an English site, which is sometimes confused with the phrase “wet your whistle”:

    Hope that helps! ;)

  8. Oh (tail between legs) ok. Thanks. :)

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