Friday The 13th: Bloodbath review

Friday The 13th: Bloodbath review

It’s yet again another trip to ‘Camp Blood’ for some unlucky teenagers in Friday The 13th Bloodbath! This three issue series was written by Brian Pulido  and Mike Wolfer. It was published in 2024 and is worth hitting ebay for if you are a Friday fan.
The story seems simple at first.  After a hysterical prologue several teens [...]

Killer Cut: Waste of money

Killer Cut: Waste of money

I can’t speak for the rest of the team on the site but this fan is pissd. Thanks to the guys on the imdb boards we have the details on the killer cut additions. This is what you can expect.

-the bear trap/burning sleeping bag scene is longer
-you see Jason sharpening his machete after finding [...]

Sequel Facts...

Sequel Facts…

Hi everyone. Not a huge update. As you all know the Dunes gang are all about the Elm Street remake at the moment. (The less said about Nancy=angry goth social outcast the better am I right?). But you know this is a small but vital bit of news I think we missed. Im sorry if [...]

Warning for UK fans

Hello guys and gals!!
Just a little heads up concerning the new Paramount Friday DVD’s.
Sadly in the UK parts 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 have allready been released with brand new (if very bare) cover art, however DO NOT EXPECT ANY SPECIAL FEATURES. They are all pretty much bare bones discs. So don’t be picking them [...]

My take on the new Friday

First of all I have to state that I am very protective of the series and of big Jase and thankfully it’s a relief to say that I enjoyed the new film. Marcus Nispel does a good job of firstly setting Friday apart from his TCM remake and secondly of injecting a genuine scary atmosphere [...]

What do you want to see in a possible sequel?

It’s a given that by this time next year progress will have started on a sequel to the new Friday. What we want to know is what direction would you, the fans, like to see it take?
The obvious would be a straight follow up to the new film with returning cast (if any live that [...]

Two cuts of the new Friday?

Hello guys! I came across this item today courtesy of the guys over The producers of the new movie have said that when it hits dvd it will be quite a lot different to the cut we see this weekend.
“It’ll be 10 to 15 minutes longer than the [theatrical cut], I believe,” Form told Fango. [...]

King on new Friday/Sequel Talk

Yo. So I was browsing and came across this quote from Adriane King with regards to the new movie.
“To be honest, I was at first miffed,I heard they were doing it and Betsy and I were approached, or our manager was anyway. I thought it would be great to come back in a remake [...]

MORE, YES MORE TV SPOTS!!!!!! (Updated)

Wow so I think this is like spot 5, 6 and 7. Some new footage here and there and it all looks bloody great! One has Whitney about to square up to Jason while another shows Clay sticking up posters of his missing sis! Get em watched!!!!
Added below – embedded TV Spot #6!

What could have been! Alternate plots for the new movie!

As you are about to see there were quite a few early story ideas for the new film. Some of them sound very, very interesting while others IMO may not have worked out so great.
Have a gander below and see what you think and then sound off in the comment section below.
Also a big huge [...]

Fangoria review: His Name Was Jason!

Hi everyone. So what better way to wet everyone’s appetites until the new Friday is released than a trip down memory lane?
Fangoria has reviewed His Name Was Jason and the review goes quite in depth about what is included and which gold nuggets to keep an eye out for. Sadly it does confirm that Steve [...]