King on new Friday/Sequel Talk

Yo. So I was browsing and came across this quote from Adriane King with regards to the new movie.

“To be honest, I was at first miffed,I heard they were doing it and Betsy and I were approached, or our manager was anyway. I thought it would be great to come back in a remake just as a cameo – like we’re sitting on a stool in the first scene, something like that. Or I could be pushing Betsy in a wheelchair. Just as a fan I thought it was be fun, but we got dissed and I thought, ‘Shoot, man.’” Now, she admits, she’s okay with seeing a reboot come along. “I’m embracing it. I hope it keeps the franchise alive. I hope it brings out a bunch of new fans. Look, it can’t be bad. It’s either going to sink or swim. And it won’t touch the original. Hopefully, they have a different slant on things.”

“She  (Alice) unleashed the monster in Jason when he saw her killing his mother. It would be fun if Alice and Jason had it out one way or another.”

Pretty interesting thoughts there no? Personally I’m not seeing how they could bring back Alice but hey Ripley came back so ya never know right?  Maybe they’ll introduce the character in the next movie which would be fitting with it being the 13th in the series. Which brings me to this next little nugget. Bloody-Disgusting had the chance to talk to the Dunes guy’s and they had the following to say on a potential sequel.

I think that if the movie does well, were are all interested in going back to Camp Crystal Lake and making another one,” Fuller tells Bloody-Disgusting in an exclusive interview. “We had a great time and we have Derek [Mears] (Jason Voorhees) for another movie. We would love to work with him again, but we won’t make any plans set in stone until we see if the fans respond well to the one we just did. We don’t know what it would be, because we don’t know the level to which this one will work. The most important thing is the story – it won’t be more epic because it’s the 13th one, it’s important to us to maintain the quality like we have in this one. We want to have great actors, a lot of fun and great scares, that’s what we set out to do. The same way that we didn’t go into TEXAS CHAINSAW trying to have a sequel there, I don’t think were looking to the end of this movie to set up a sequel. We want the story to stand on its own and we want the audience to leave satisfied. Again if it does well, well all come up with a great way to go back to Crystal Lake.

IMO I like the attitude the guys are taking in regards to a sequel. Get the story right, then the actors and so on. Hopefully they pull off somthing special with the Friday series and we get a new movie every few years or so. I’d love to see them introduce more new characters. As the way I see it, the new film can get away with being a sequel more than a reboot. If they go introducing Tommy Jarvis in the next film for example, it would mess it up. I dun know, what do you guys think?

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  1. Alice’s story ended when Jason killed her at the beginning of Part 2. This is a remake so it wouldn’t really make sense to bring her back if they’re trying to start a new franchise. After all, this isn’t a remake of any specific film so the character of Alice isn’t really needed

  2. Alice doesn’t exist in the remake continuity

  3. Someone did when they showed a clip of a young woman swinging a machete at a potential Pamela Voorhees in the trailer. Maybe not exactly Alice but someone.

  4. great news. this movie must make money.

  5. Damn Right, this movie is gonna be making mad green when it drops, I wouldn’t mind seeing a re-enactment of that scene where Alice meets Pamela & she starts ranting about Jason like in the original & in the remake trailer when you can hear her talking bout him, I was actually so psyched when I heard her saying the exact same shit she did in the original.

    I know this might seem like a dumb idea, but what I would really like to see if they happened to make a sequel to this remake is alot more back story on Jason. I would like to see how Jason was as a child & how he lived with both his mom & dad Elias, I heard his dad was into some voodoo shit which is probobly not true, but i’m sure that they could make a cool back story for him as well, I’d really like to see them somehow mention him in some way cuz they never did in the originals, it’s not that big of a deal though.

    I’d also like to see him before & after he drowned & how he lived off the animals in the forest after everyone including his mom thought he was really dead up to the point where he saw his mom get beheaded, & in some nostalgic way see his reaction as he completely loses his sanity (& maybe crying a bit or lot like Luke skywalker going NOOOOOOO!!!!! NO!!! well obviously not like that but you guys know what I mean) then we could see him hunting down alice & have quick glimpses of him killing all his victims or somthing like that up to the beginning of the remake

  6. btw, I always wanted to know whether or not the infamous ending in the original where Jason grabs Alice from the boat was a dream sequence or not, because im aware the one cop said they pulled her out of the lake but if Jason really pulled her under as a kid, how could he a few months later pretty much be a grown man?

  7. Kill Kill Kill

  8. Well, considering all the feedback and promotion that the remake is getting-no doubt it should “slay” evrything else in it’s first weekend! It will make enough money to justify a sequel…and it looks to have a solid enough story and characters to do a sequel. I guess we will see. As far as Alice,…it would be cool to see her or Betsy Palmer make a cameo as different characters. Old-school fans dig that shit.

  9. I see the King quote on, but can’t find it anywhere on

  10. i thought alice was the best main chacter i yelled the first time i saw the beginning to part 2!

  11. Adrienne King could do a cameo as someone’s mom in a sequel. Not an Alice reprisal but a cameo nonetheless.

    As for Demon Jason, I have to disagree with you on the backstory dude. For me, that’s the whole reason Rob Zombie’s Halloween sucked so much. Too much back story. I didn’t need to know why Myers does what he does. Not knowing is part of what makes him scary. When you give away too much, it ruins the character. Jason’s past is best left to legend as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Sorry Colin, but the reason why Rob Zombie’s version of halloween sucked so much weiners was cuz zombie is a friggin idiot who should stick to his music, he changed up everything about Michael’s true origin, do you really think Michael killed his sister then lied about it, or don’t you know how Michael really became evil? So it’s not the back story that ruins the character, it’s the screenwriters & directors who fu<k it all up, just like that moron Ronny Yu & the maggots who wrote the screenplay

  13. for FvJ, I HATE that movie so much cuz of how they made J look like a puss who had a fear of water, when I saw that shit I literally wanted to find the person who wrote that part in & bury em alive

  14. Jason only had a “fear” of water when he was stuck in dreamland, it was a subconscious fear, not a literal fear. He knew, as his mother said in the prologue, that he “could not die”, and if he did have any real fear of water, he would’ve been freaking the hell out when he was fighting Freddy on the dock, and trying to steer the battle back towards dry land. Drowning as a child was the only thing that put him down for a good, long while, and that stayed in the back of his mind. Freddy exploited that while he was unconscious because that was his only weakness, but once he woke up, Freddy lost that advantage, because in the waking world, Jason has NO fear, and just can’t die.

    That’s what the writer told me ;-)

  15. I’m not saying your lying, but that’s got to be one of the stupidest expinations i’ve ever heard

  16. YES, A SEQUEL! =D
    But of course, a sequel will happen, it has too.

  17. The people who wrote the screenplay for Freddy vs Jason are the same ones that wrote the screenplay for the new 2024 remake. Maybe the two movies having different directors will make a big difference. At least I hope so, because Freddy vs Jason sucked. I hope the remake turns out more like the first four movies, with a dark atmosphere, instead of a campy one.

  18. I’d like to see Tommy Jarvis in the sequel. His role spanned through 3 F13 movies, so why not. I like when there’s this outside character who knows what’s going on. Not just a bunch of clueless people.
    Tommy was really the one who Killed Jason. He’s also was the one who resurrects him Frankenstein style(unintentionally).
    Oh…and Jason couldn’t of drowned in the lake. A few characters even mention that they never recovered his body.

  19. I really hope this does well I hope to see the series rise up again…

  20. Why not bring back Tommy AND Trish Jarvis? That would be an amazing come back! But honestly, I would like to see all the original Friday girls who survived put an end to Jason all together, in one movie. It would be amazing. Trish was although my fav.

  21. Adrienne King is just miffed because no one hires her to act in anything anymore except for documentaries about Jason. Plus they HAD their little showdown that she was suggesting should happen; it happened in Part II and she didnt make it out past the opening credits. Not to mention one of the new Friday’s greatest assets (no pun intended) was the women. These are the hottest girls in a Friday movie by far. Who wants to see butt ass ugly old chicks from the first two films getting in the way of Amanda Righetti or her other hot (and more promiscuous) female counterparts who gratuitously show (“stupendous and juicy”) tits and ass, undulate drunkenly, and have sex for us so generously? Not I.

    And for those who thought the new Friday was a better film than Rob Zombie’s Halloween, you are most likely the slasher fans who dwell on and enjoy the “entertaining slasher films”; the ones that arent genuinely scary or creepy and the ones in which the killer is rooted for; more like an antihero, a protagonistic figure (not to be confused with a sympathetic figure), than a genuinely frightening and evil character. I thought Halloween was much much scarier than the rehash of Friday the 13th (which i also enjoyed, but for different reasons). I thought the insight and backstory into the Myers character in Halloween was awesome and added an even more psychologically hair raising element to the story. And while I DID enjoy the new Friday, I still didn’t think it was as scary or as gruesome as part IV: “The Final Chapter”, which I still rank as my favorite. All in all the F13 2024 was a pretty damn good flick. I just thought it needed a little more suspense and scariness…it started out great, it just really sort of dropped off into a WB-esque character study of the idiotic marijuana loving teens, while we waited impatiently for Jason to off them one by one in death scenes that really could have been much more vicious and imaginative. My Bloody Valentine 3D was WAAAAYYYYYY more gory by comparison, although I liked Friday better, just because Im a big Jason fan. 3 stars. Definitely a good reboot and deserves a sequel. Nice redemption by Michael Bay who totally fucked the Transformers movie up (IMO).

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