Part 2 Of Koen Wooten Interview Posted

Posted 20 Oct 2024 in Interviews

Mario has posted the second part of his interview with Prop Master Koen Wooten. If you recall, you the fan had an opportunity to submit your own questions for Koen to answer. Well, a few did manage to get into the interview. The second part of the interview touches upon the number of axes that were used during production, how Trent’s death was created using various props and a pretty funny story involving Chewy’s death and how Koen had to scramble to get the necessary number of prop screwdrivers in time for the shot of the death scene.

Check out the full interview over at the Props Museum and I wanted to thank Mario again for letting us submit questions for his interview.

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Posted by jasonsfury

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  1. jasonsfury (21 Oct 2024, 13:32)

    If you guys have not read this interiew yet, please check it out as it offers some great insight into the making of the new movie!

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