HHN ‘Kill Jason Kill’ Maze Footage

I have been trying to get some official press images from this attraction for weeks now, but with no success. Universal, what’s the problem? Anyways, some new video was posted up from each of the mazes at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and below is a short video of some patrons going through the Friday the 13th maze.

It is pretty dark, so things are hard to see, but you’ll get the idea. The maze starts off with the Camp Crytal Lake sign from the 2009 film. Check out the video and see what is in store for Jason’s victims. Also, a bit of trivia, some of the trees used for the maze were pulled from the old E.T. ride that was utilized at Universal Studios years ago. Don’t say you never learned nothin’ from this site!

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8 Responses to “ HHN ‘Kill Jason Kill’ Maze Footage ”

  1. I want to go so bad, thats awesome.

  2. Out of all F13 movies, they chose the remake for the HHN maze? Lame. They didn’t even use the original score either.

  3. lol that looks pretty lame imo.

  4. as much as I love these things, yea I agree, it looked pretty crappy.

  5. Yeah, In my opinion it didn’t look much different than any other haunted house I have been to except it has more Jason actors.

    When I first saw this I was expecting it to be a little less noisy, more in the woods with cabins you would get in and some scene recreations.

    In my teens I worked for a haunted house that was one of the best I had been to. You were taken to different rooms that you would stop in for a minute and get a small presentation on the events of the room. Then the scare, then on to the next scene.

    It’s rare you find that anymore. Most of them I have seen lately were more trails and houses that rush you through like an assembly line. But either way I would go probably, and I’m sure if the vid was in color the effects and props may make up the difference.


  6. The E.T bike ride? I thought that was still in use.

  7. Wonder how bad the NOES maze is too.

  8. E.T. the bike ride is still active at universal studios florida but universal studios hollywood no longer has it.

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