Nathan Milliner Illustrates Jason Voorhees And Other Characters

There is just something special about seeing Jason Voorhees illustrated in an imposing and threatening manner. Some of our favorite images of Jason have been drawn or digitally created for comics and promotional materials. One artist that has captured Jason in an exciting vision is artist Nathan Thomas Milliner. Nathan actually has very few drawings that showcase Jason Voorhees compared to the numerous other creations he has completed. That being said, quality definitely makes up for lack of quantity.

Nathan is very well known for his original artwork, comic books, and his work for Horrorhound magazine. His illustrations for Horrorhound are nothing short of spectacular. We would love to see him create a new Friday the 13th comic book series as he has a great eye for the essence of Jason Voorhees. Check out Nathan’s Jason Voorhees illustrations below and see his interpretation from The Final Chapter based on the likeness created by Wickedbeard.

To see Nathan’s work and read more about his talents, visit his website

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15 Responses to “ Nathan Milliner Illustrates Jason Voorhees And Other Characters ”

  1. jasonsfury…como estas espero puedas traducir esto, te escribo desde Chile para contarte que yo soy un fanatico de Friday the 13th y aca en Chile es dificil encontrar gente que siga esta franquicia pero aun asi trato de compartir mi coleccion con gente interesada, como puedo hacer para enviarte unas fotos de mi coleccion y mi artwork y unas custom figures que hace un familiar mio…enviame algun mensaje donde yo pueda enviarte fotos.
    saludos y buena suerte.
    Arturo Voorhees.

  2. I definettelly like Part 4 illustrtion. This is what I personally would wanted to see since long ago. Great work!
    Fvsj images are also very very cool!

  3. These are all really good. The part 4 is of course the best, but he did capture the FvJ pics in an interesting light!

  4. Very nice work! I’m impressed!

  5. I’d be interested to se some of Nathan’s original takes on the Jason Voorhees character.

  6. Those are badass!!! Very good artwork.

  7. As much as I HATE the way he looks in FvsJ, the top pic is awesome. Same with the part 4. The other pic is just too much FvsJ.

  8. Those are incredible! My fav has to be the part 4 pic. His expression reads right through the mask and let you know that now that axe is out of his head, you’re fucked! Great pics!

  9. These are all very impressive, especially considering the level of detail, like the close-up in the first picture. Of course, the Part 4 image with the axe is my favorite too. I always thought Jason’s look in FvsJ was way too bulky, and one reason I really enjoyed the remake was how lean they made him. Still, these are all incredibly cool pictures.

  10. part 4 jason with the axe is tattoo-worthy. i want it

  11. His work is fantastic!! I love FvJ, it was a great film.

  12. So I get a message on my facebook page that I’m on some Friday the 13th website and find out that folks are digging my Jason work and suggesting me for a Friday comic book series…lol. It’s funny how these things happen. I just finished that Part 4 drawing 2 days ago and it has sort of started a fire. I’m with you guys on the FVJ drawings. I’m not a big fan of the FVJ Jason–the top drawing was done for Fright Night Film Fest where Ken appeared–I did the drawing for him. The other FVJ drawing was done for HorrorHound Magazine #14 and FVJ’s Jason was used because the article it appeared in was comparing that particular Jason to Frankenstein’s Monster. My favorite Jason is Part 7’s actually and I told Wickedbeard I’d probably be doing a Part 7 Jason sometime in the near future, for fun. This Part 4 Jason was done for some upcoming HorrorHound ads and magazines. Thanks for the kind words folks. Nate

  13. Thanks for stoppping by Nathan. I am sure it was a bit of a surprise to find your work on a Friday the 13th website, but that’s what happens when you do such a great job capturing Jason Voorhees in illustration. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

  14. Mr. Milliner….

    “i’m STILL not worthy…”

  15. lol…Dr. JohnMan. Mr. Milliner holds out his leather gloved hand while telling you all about the Algonquian indians of Milwaukee which as we all know is pronounced Mill-e-wah-que which is Algonquian for “the good land.”

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