Let The Sky Movies Marathon Begin August 13th

For those that are gearing up for some good wholesome Friday the 13th fun in two weeks, well, who are we kidding, there is no such thing as wholesome fun when it comes to Friday the 13th! How about planning some viewing parties to accompany your favorite day of superstition instead? Look no further than Sky Movies HD this coming Friday August 13th. Check out the press release below to find out all you need to know about seeing Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in glorious HD!

Friday the 13th – it’s your lucky day film fans! 

For film fans sucked-in by a good slasher movie look no further than Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror/HD on Friday 13th August. 

In honour of the age-old superstition the channel is dedicating the night of Friday 13th to a pentuple billing of the films of the same date.  From 9pm, you can enjoy five movies from the Friday The 13th franchise – all in glorious HD.  Start with the creepy capers at Camp Crystal Lake in the original movie from 1980, then move on to the 2024 version straight after before seeing if you’re brave enough to make it through further instalments including Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter which stars Corey Feldman. 

Full listings follow: 

9pm                 Friday The 13th (Original)

10.40pm           Friday The 13th (2009)

12.30am           Friday The 13th part II

2.05am             Friday The 13th Part III

3.50am             Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter


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9 Responses to “ Let The Sky Movies Marathon Begin August 13th ”

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  2. The original four films are the best to watch and maybe an encore with A New Beginning. Those in my opinion are the best of the series.

  3. What the hell is Sky movies? is that like skynet from the uk? i dont have cable or satellite so im screwed either way.

  4. I’ll have to look into this and see what happens. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Nah, Im going to have a marathon of My own. I do it every FT13th, where I watch a bunch of them back to back.

  6. @jasontyo:

    There is a “Skynet” in the UK? We need to send John Conner and the rest of the resistance to the UK immediately!

    Judgment Day is Coming!


  7. I think you have to be in England to have these services.

  8. @MadWorldDesigns

    There’s a Cyberdyne Systems in Japan that specializes in making robots too! D:

  9. Anybody know if the versions Sky showed were uncut?

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