Video Tour of Camp Crystal Lake

campNot many fans of the franchise are able to get onto the camp ground of Camp NoBeBoSco, and if they do, they have to be pretty quick about getting their shots before getting kicked out. For those of you that have not seen this video, this was shot as a class project for a local college in the area a few years ago. The students were able to obtain permission to shoot their documentary and it’s one of the better videos showcasing the camp made famous by Friday the 13th!



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19 Responses to “ Video Tour of Camp Crystal Lake ”

  1. Very cool

  2. Nice video

  3. That kid did a gr8 job. I wonder if the boy scouts that go there today know about the films? Hopefully a troop leader puts them to bed with a little story. LOL

  4. Ha! Sweet crazyn8’s! I could just hear him…

    “I don’t wanna scare anyone but I’m gonna give it to you straight about Jason…” Classic! I had a camp councillor tell that story way back when I was at camp for elementary school. Looking back he wasn’t a very good actor but at the time that story scared the living shit out of us. Needless to say we didn’t try sneaking out at night.

  5. Seen this before.

  6. You know you think they would want to make money off of the fans by letting take a tour, or spend the night for a price. Why the hell to they pull the private property crap?


    I don’t blame them really. Could you imagine letting just anyone roam this place? You know there would be people who would destroy things or get into trouble. Too many legal problems and potential bad shit can come from this.

  8. I agree with Chris… better keep it off limits… looked what happened to most of the cabins in part 3, some little punks lit a match and most of the cabins were burnt to the ground.

  9. Cool video. Its good to see that people love the franchise so much.. Nice.

  10. crazyn8’s–

    I visited this camp back in 94 (went to college nearby) and on one of the white dock things someone had carved “Jason” in one of them. So i’m going to say they do know about it. I actually have a videotape of my visit. Now if I could just figure out how to transfer it from VHS-C to the computer.

  11. Well, I agree with not letting just anyone waltz in and do whatever they want, but I think an organized tour would be a good idea. Just like any tour, make sure you keep track of the people, and have the groups register beforehand. Hell, they could have it only available on the off season as an extra source of income when they’re not being populated and paid by the various groups of boy scouts.

  12. I am suprised by little renovations on the camp ground, and to this day it still looks eerie, jason is in the woods watching the film maker just waiting to strike LOL.

  13. Madgoalie,

    Did you go to ESU??? I did too. Or maybe you went to sussex.

    Either way, there is something really special about Blairstown, NJ for the Friday fan. Main street is ABSOLUTELY awesome. The drive to Crystal Lake (No be bo sco) is a great country drive that puts you back in 1980. I would recommend this trip for any Friday fan.

    And the diner is GREAT to stop at. It looks the same as it did in 1980.

  14. I grew up in NJ/NYC, and love going to Blairstown and taking the ride to the camp. Going to visit family for Thanksgiving and plan on taking a trip up there to let my wife see it for the first time and takes some pics. Should be fun!

  15. road trip anyone?

  16. crystallakehiker09,

    I did go to ESU! So you’re a fellow Warrior, Eh?

    We stopped to eat at the diner too. Actually that’s where we got directions to the camp. The guy at the camp actually let us walk around on our own surprisingly. It was June and the boy scouts weren’t there yet.

  17. Really cool. Good work!

  18. Madgoalie,

    A fellow warrior! Wasn’t that a great trip? Like maybe a twenty minute drive and all the Friday you can take! I though the most fun part for some reason was walking under the arches by the old dam. Ah memories….

  19. Yeah the arches were definitely cool. Kinda the first landmark where I was like “holy crap I’m actually here.” Good memories indeed.

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