F13Films.com And YOU!

The latest news on the future of the website, including the new message board debuting this month, the fate of the wiki, and an open slot for new writers…


After three and a half years without one, FridayThe13thFilms will have a  forum/message board again within two weeks. It will definitely go live this month by December 31st, but I can’t supply the specific date for a few reasons. As it will be a beta version, I’m keeping it low key – all I can suggest for now is to keep checking back at the frontpage.


Fridaypedia is currently on halt due to some extreme technical bugs disallowing user logins. The software it was built on turned out to be garbage. So it’s trashbin time – but fear not, all your contributions will survive and be ported over to a brand new Fridaypedia system in early 2024. It likely won’t be user editable, but the trade off will be a far better database.


Once a year I open the door to new writers to join the team and write articles for FridayThe13thFilms.com. Prospective writers, hit me up on f13admin@gmail.com and please include 3 essential things: specific links to previous blogging experience (or forum threads with a good examples of your writing), your general availability and regularity you would like to contribute (be honest), and some topics or ideas you’re interested in writing about.

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11 Responses to “ F13Films.com And YOU! ”

  1. Cool news all around Dusk! Looking forward to the new updates, especially the forum! Wa-Hooo!

  2. Definitely looking forward to the forum addition. Um…Ka-blam!

  3. The forum will be awesome everyone. I am looking forward to being able to get some forum topics going on our favorite films! :)

  4. Sweet I’ll have to join in on some forum activity

  5. I can’t be a writer. I’m physically unable to type.

  6. Sound news!!! Which i could write like the other fans!!

  7. boohoo about the Wiki, I really enjoyed updating that and would love to continue to do so,…as for the writing job, wish I could do that also, but my writing skills may not be for everyones taste. Rock on!!

  8. Can’t wait for a forum. It has been a long time coming. As for writing for the blog, I am no good at putting together complete thougths! :) . Anyways, you guys do a great job already. Jasonsfury keeps us up to date on a lot of coop stuff. Oh yea, when is our next contest!

  9. Very good news. Im glad to hear it. I thought something was wrong with the Fridaypedia because it was giving Me trouble. But anyway I look forward to the future of FT13thfilms.com.

  10. I’m completely stoked about the forum. I have faith in Dusk that the fridaypedia will be all sorted out. As a former writer, I had fun being a blog author on the website and I’ve also had a year to think about the things I didn’t do that I should have done when writing blogs. Jasonsfury has been a real big inspiration to me and I have put in to be a blog author on the website again. I have good writing skills and even though I have big shoes to fill regarding jasonsfury, I do have alot of time on my hands these days and would love nothing more than to serve all of the great fans on fridaythe13thfilms.com.

    It is like one big family here and I love every minute of it!

  11. I might do some writing. I just don’t know if what I write will be something special, or something I’d just want to post in a forum.

    On a different note about writing… I have been debating on taking up a nice little challenge. I have a BA, and am nearly finished with my MA. In college, I have had to write many professional papers. I was debating of playing the role of a student, who is having to write a paper on the “real” Jason Voorhees. This is supposed to be based on the idea that he really existed.

    But anyway, I’ll send in some stuff if I decide to go for it. Thanks for giving us fans the oppertunity!

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