’s Excised A New Beginning Commentary Track

f135paramountThe guys at Deadpit were called in to record a commentary track for the Special Edition of A New Beginning prior to it’s release, but sadly Paramount balked at adding it to the disc. Now, they’re striking back and have added the commentary track to their website for everyone to listen to. These guys know their stuff when it comes to the Friday series, and in particular, A New Beginning. Download the commentary track and pop in A New Beginning to enjoy this growing fan favorite in an all new way.

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18 Responses to “’s Excised A New Beginning Commentary Track ”

  1. Well, Hopefully Paramount will think and put this track on the Blu-release.

  2. Yeah and then maybe paramount will release a Friday the 13th that resembles the previous ones. Hell maybe they will actually THINK about the fans of the series… or they will just see money like they always do and fuck everything up in the process. I’m not sure which one they will do, but I’m leaning more towards one of those options…

  3. In the future, this commentary track would have become as sought after as the uncut version of A New Begining. Thank goodness Deadpit released this…one less thing for fans to complain about for years to come. We all know that fans want commentary tracks more than most things.

    And since when is A New Begining a “growing fan favorite”? It is no way anywhere close to Jason Lives, The Final Chapter, Jason Takes Mahattan, or Part 2 (the best one in the series) in terms of quality and sheer awesomeness.

    Alright…my fifteen minute break is over…time to get back to work (at Walmart).

  4. Wow, do you ever make a post without mentioning Walmart. I hate people who Spam!!!

  5. Hey, I said some pretty legit things in that post. It is not spam. I can’t help it that Walmart was the only place that would give me a job.

  6. I like these guys. The commentary cracked me up; I don’t even need the movie on, since I’ve memorized it. Also, I’m at work right now, like you Walmart Man.

    Maybe Paramount didn’t like that the Deadpit guys were name- dropping a bunch of other movies like Savage Streets. Who knows. Great track though. I like it better than the one on the actual disk.

    I like part 5 because it’s different. I can’t say I like part 2 much. It seems like about as much of a rehash as you can get, which as we all know is saying a lot. It’s also pretty gore-less.

    One thing about part 5, in all its beatness, is that there are parts that are pretty darn disturbing. The enchilada death being one of them. Between part 3 and this movie (with the same writer) there are 3 people taking dumps and not wiping. That is disturbing.

  7. Funny to see someone connect the outhouse scenes. Martin Kitrosser sure likes to write those into the movies. He must have some weird childhood thing that makes you want to cringe while watching the movies.

  8. Are these guys kidding with this commentary? They sound like backwoods southern redneck hicks. How am I supposed to take them seriously when it seems like they recorded this in Mayberry. No wonder Paramount didn\’t use this commentary. They actually charge for some of their commentary\\\’s on their site lol

  9. In the future, this commentary track would have become as sought after as the uncut version of A New Begining

    It’s spelled “Beginning” Walmart man. Maybe if you applied yourself you could further your education and perhaps work for someone other than WALMART? I’m just saying, you seem really intelligent and I wouldn’t want you to sell yourself short for the rest of your life.

  10. Don’t give Walmart Man a hard time, this is the only thing that gives his life purpose, making lame repetitive jokes about Walmart and Warrington Gillette. See it probably makes idiotic fanboys giggle, but to most of us…it’s stupid.

  11. Schreck, I don’t think you should cut people down just for talking in a southern dialect. Not all southerners are like the people on the tv shows you refer to. I suppose you think all people with British accents are refined, rich, and snotty?

  12. I listened to some of the commentary track yesterday. Those guys are pretty insightful and hilarious which is funny because I have never associated southern accents with intelligence. I actually think that this commentary track was written by British people and then given to the guys from Deadpit to read out loud.

    If I had a British accent and could spell words like ‘beginning’ correctly maybe I would do better in my life instead of always selling myself short…but instead I just work at Walmart.

  13. Ahhhh fucking Wallmart!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The Deadpit commentary is cool. I haven’t seen A New Beginning in some time but I listened to it on my computer while I was doing work. I laughed out loud in some places and, yeah, those Deadpit guys do know what they are talking about.

  15. paramount made the right choice,commentaries from actors and film makers is more important then these two guys.they aren\’t even old enough to have seen this movie in theatres when it was new?? you really had to be there.i was there in the theatre since part2.maybe i should do the commentary? lol

  16. I totally enjoyed this commentary,it was a blast and it matched up perfectly with the movie,thanks to this site for letting us know about it and thanks to dead pit for releasing this for free :D

  17. I still wonder why these were made (ie paid for/recorded) but left off Pt 5 and 6. You might think it was disk space, but Part 4 had both commentaries (which are not that large in file size) and had more extras on the disk than the other films (certainly Part 5), and the running length is the same thereabouts for the films. I didn’t think the Part 4 commentary was particularly noteworthy compared to this one. They could have added it as an easter egg if they were worried about complaints regarding quality – that’s for things that are not worth advertising, and most interested fans would have found it.

  18. I love Deadpit but I don’t understand why the Deadpit commentary should be on the DVD. They had NOTHING to do with the movie, so it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think any “fan” commentary should be on any DVD. I want to learn about the making of the movie, not what some critic or fan thinks.

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