Meet Marta Kober At MonsterMania

Marta Kober played the feisty and exploratory character Sandra in Friday the 13th Part 2. Up until this point, not much has been heard from Marta since her run of film and television shows ended in the mid 90’s. Now she has been located and will be appearing alongside Bill Randolph (boyfriend Jeff, Part 2) at the MonsterMania convention in Cherry Hills, NJ the weekend of August 20-22, 2024.

This is a pretty big deal for fans of Marta and her character as this is her first convention. Bill Randolph can also be met at the Camp Blood: 30th Anniversary Convention the weekend before MonsterMania, August 12-15th. For all other information on where you can meet Friday the 13th alumn, check out our Convention List!

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19 Responses to “ Meet Marta Kober At MonsterMania ”

  1. Very cool. Too bad I can’t make it to this convention. :( Surprised she will not be at Camp Blood? Any chance of this happening?

  2. Sounds great that Marta’s been found and will be meeting fans soon!

  3. does anyone have any pics of what bill and marta look like today?

  4. Sounds very cool! Hopefully, someone can take some pics and possibly fresh video of her and Bill, as like many the first five of the series are pretty much my ersonal favorite, and I’ve always wondered what happened to her since she not only wasn’t interviewed in the Crystal Lake Memories book. But if anyone like me checked the Internet Movie Database boards for her, you would she that she is oddly enough NOT liked by many. And many have had a shady past of dodging bills and running away form her own fmaily. I don’t know who to believe though, and there is always a chance those on the IMDB boards chould be jealous or liars or whatnot (although for such an obscure, b-movie actress?).

    Hopefully she still looks stunning and is very overly friendly. She was smokin’ hot in Steve Miner’s Part 2 (1981). ;) I would have loved to have seen her on the His Name Was Jason documentary.

  5. Opps, I meant to ay up there: “And MAY have had a shady past” a mooment again. My bad! *lol*

  6. Probably should have just sent this link LOL

  7. Actually, in character, Rob (part 4) was actually looking into what happened to his sister Sandra (Marta) from part 2, but I am sure most of you know that. I def loved her in part 2 and her sexy bf too! Is there any current pictures of the actors?

  8. LOL I gave the above link Kiah

  9. I would love to meet her, but cannot make it to the Monstermania show. Still hoping that she can be signed for the Camp Blood show.

  10. I do remember reading on IMDb(I know, very unreliable) about how someone who owned a duplex or apartment complex found her hiding out there after she had stolen some checks or something. Glad to know she has resurfaced! I have a book “Making Friday The 13th” (I believe it is from England because it keeps saying whilst instead of while throughout the book) and she was indeed interviewed for it. It came out in 2024. Not much was said from her in it, but she mentioned how they set up her death scene. It’s the only interview-related thing I’ve ever seen on her regarding her career. Here’s hoping she gets back into acting again!

  11. Yeah SkaryMovies, same here as I mentioned above two days ago. And suosedly Peter Bracke (didn’t he?) also mentioned to this site some time ago that she was supposedly a run-away from her home county for many years and lived several states away, and her family very much worried about her where-abouts. Like you, once you read somethin’ on the Internet Movie Databse boards, you of course can only take it with an extra helping of salt and then an additional grain of salt, but for real: I too do of course remember several (supposed) landlord’s being VERY pissed-off at her for suosedly skipping out over night and ditching payments of things.

    Hopefully her life is in order now, and she can make a decent enough living doing conventions of whatever. I always loved Part 2; that and Steve Miner’s next sequel, Part 3-D and then The Final Chapter and most of A New Begining, as it’s the last old school Exploitation-style Slasher entry in the bunch, are my favorite of the old school Paramount-era (flaws and all). And I’ve always wondered what happened to her, as her glorious ass (as well as Terri’s in that installment ;)) had me looking and then re-looking at the TV sets at my house as a young’en many a times many moons ago. :)

    And even though I’m not even as big of a fan, I also used to wonder what hapened to Part VII’s “Melissa”, played aptly by Jennifer Susan Sullivan, since no general infor is either available on the “Where are They Now?” section of this site, or from the IMDB pages or the Crystal Lake Memories books I and many others bought, but a few months ago someone on here said she’s spent years recovering from a bout with (breast?) Cancer, and she prefers to remain in Obscurity. Guess we should all respect her wishes.

  12. Thanks for sharing, Todd! She looks pretty good!

  13. Just looked over her more recent photo Todd posted. Indeed not a bad looker at all. ;) She in fact merely looks like a slightly older version of herself from the late 1980 Kent, CT shooting of Part 2, so she must be doin’ something right! *lol*

    Big thanks again for the photo, Todd. Amazing how you can find pretty much nearly anything online these days.

  14. Thats good to hear that Shes been found, last I read She dropped off the face of the earth since FT13th part 2. I thought maybe She went into hiding because She might have had a stalker.

  15. Same here, JB Demented. I also last read on the movie database that she had many personal problems and more of less was going for county to county living in several different states.

    Good news to hear that maybe her life is finally back on track.

  16. Marta is super excited to do her first convention!! I hope you can all come out and meet her!
    She seems to be doing very well and I myself can’t wait to meet her!!

  17. JBDemented,no that was not the reason. It was reported on another Friday the 13th message board that she had been living as a squatter in an abandoned building in Los Angeles. Then she totally dropped off the radar. Obviously her life had gone to hell which really is a shame but how many times have we seen this happen to other young actresses.

    Btw I live in CT not far from New Preston and other than the gas station sign is gone that little town looks exactly the same as it was during the filming of the movie. I’ve also been to the lake in Kent.

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