Cut Death Scene: Bus Monitor In Jason Lives?

A bit of interesting news has surfaced pertaining to Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. Director Royce Freeman is working towards finishing his newest film, ‘Rapture’. While casting extras for some additional scenes for his film, he hired actress Sheri Levine. Sheri played the bus monitor of the bus that drops the kids off at Camp Forest Green.

While both were chatting, Sheri mentioned that she had a death scene that was cut from the film. According to Royce, she did not elaborate on this subject other than saying that there were a few other moments leading up to her death. Indeed this would be an interesting bit of knowledge as Sheri’s role was so small that it doesn’t seem like her character’s death would be that significant.

That being said, look through the franchise and recognize the number of small role characters that have been offered up as victims to Jason Voorhees. So, it may not be as much of a stretch that the bus monitor would be another casualty of the death curse. Royce mentioned that he was going to ask Sheri more about this cut death scene, so we will let you know when we find out more information.

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14 Responses to “ Cut Death Scene: Bus Monitor In Jason Lives? ”

  1. Cool beans. That’s an awsome little snipet of info. Never would have thought in a million years that she had to die.
    Funny though, gotta wonder how many other little secrets there are in this franchise huh?

  2. jasonsfury, thanks so much for providing F13 fans with info like this. I never would have guessed she was supposed to die in that movie.

  3. Honestly, it seems like there are VERY few people who you see in a Friday movie that don’t come in contact with Jason. I thought the Sheriff and Mayor from New Beginning should have had a run-in with Roy-Jason.

  4. seems a little hard to believe considering the writer/director was trying to keep the kills to a minimum and was forced to add more kills after principle photography by Frank Mancuso Jr. Perhaps it was one of these tacked-on kills?

  5. ratta tatta touille,
    That was my reaction at first too. Hopefully, we can get more insight into this

  6. Thanks for the info!! Would love to off seen it!

  7. This doesn’t really make sense? But why would she lie about it all these years later. Look forward to hearing more about this!

  8. At first I thought, nah couldn’t be but then I thought of other installments and changed my mind. After all part 4 had Bonnie Hellman’s hitch hiker bite and she shared probably the same amount of screen time as Miss. Levine. If it exists I’d love to see it, as I’m sure everyone ehere would as well.

  9. I bet she was Lying. Like Rattatattatouille said, Tom Mcgloughlan(i know) was trying to keep deaths to a minimum. I bet she made it up to show this director she can act.

  10. He was trying to keep deaths to what 13?Then he was told to add a few more deaths in,in which one was the old grave keeper,maybe the bus never made it out of Forrest Green.

  11. I bet she is lying. Wouldn’t make sense in the scope of the movie. Tom Mc wanted 13 deaths, and Paramount forced him to add another 3.

  12. a director isn’t going to be impressed by someone claiming to have had a death scene in part SIX of a slasher franchise where they were only in a 3 second shot. so i can’t see why she would lie…but i guess i’ve known people to say ridiculous shit for no reason.

    i wouldn’t be so quick to call someone a liar. we know nothing about her, and we do know we’ve been deprived of endless f13th footage. someone needs to ask tom. it’s very possible that it was crappy, got tossed out quickly, and he forgot about it. it was a long time ago and they spent a ton of time shooting deaths, three versions of most of them.

  13. @killer-c, it’d be interesting if the bus indeed never made it out of the woods. It’d be interesting to place that bus in continuity if possible to the remake’s bus.

  14. That wouldve been cool to see. Her role in the movie is as about as important as the Ted Danson look alike and His girlfriend who are making out on a blanket. Which I know Tom Mcloughlin added after Frank Mancuso Jr. told Him they needed a few more kills.

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