Say Hello Week

Ahoy, Crystal Lake Campers! I know there are a lot of you out there lurking so I’m making this Say Hello Week – if you have even 10 seconds to spare in your busy day, why not say a simple “hello” in the replies below!?

February is the month for all Friday fans to unite! So, hello to all of you!

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91 Responses to “ Say Hello Week ”

  1. hello! i will be standing in front of eides in pittsburgh at opening tommorrow to get my buy on. I already have like 3 versions of each movie (bootlegs and tv versions etc.) but boy am i ecstatic for tommorrow! Then next week is the big one for us so lets hope michael bay does the opposite of what he usually does and makes us fans proud!

  2. Hi all. I am one of these lurker-types trying to post more. U_U Like many people, I have loved F13th since I was about 14 and the story of Camp Blood is one of my favourite tales. I am so excited about the new movie it’s stupid. :D I just have a really great feeling about it. :D Pleased to meet you all.

  3. Hello, I have followed the Friday the 13th franchise since I was very young. I watched the earlier movies and fell in love with the franchise, Jason Voorhees is a very kick ass killer. I love the first four movies the most. They set a very creepy tone that people look for in their horror movies. I don’t have an exact favorite, I’m trying to get more merchandise to collect, I would not mind owning the Mezco figure of the remake Jason. I’m going to call Hot Topic tomorrow and see if they could put a Friday the 13th remake shirt on hold for me, I will be able to pick it up Wednesday and then pick up His Name Was Jason as well. Also going to pick up the unrated Friday the 13th re-release over at Best Buy. Don’t have enough to buy the two sequels.

  4. Hello! I’ve been an F13/Jason fan since way back when the first movie. Yeah, I’m old. Jason has always been a favorite of mine. Can’t wait for the uncut DVD and the new flick, and for the documentary, as well.

    And next week, Season 2 of the non-Jason “Friday the 13th: The Series” is out on DVD, too. What a month to an F13 fan!!!

  5. Helloooooo Baby! My name is JJ and Im a big Friday fan. I will probably see the movie more than once in the theater cause Im a junkie like that!

  6. I am a huge F13 fan and needless to say I am thrilled that February has arrived! I love almost all the movies, but I find Jason Goes To Hell to be very weak(I don\’t think I need to expand on why) and Jason X being the second worse. The first Friday film I saw was F13 Part 8. Obviously it is well known that many fans have voiced their displeasure for Part 8 and I would like to hear from you all why. I myself, felt shortchanged by the Jason\’s death. But aside from this I really enjoyed Part 8 and I found some excellant deaths in it(the steamroom and when Jason punches Julious\’ head off) and I sympathized with Rennie and felt the Rob Hedden developed her character well. Maybe it is because it was my first F13 film so it has a special place in my heart, or am I missing something. I would love to hear everyones feedback, so let it out.

  7. Hey all,
    Huge F13 fan, cannot wait for this Friday the 13th…gonna be a good day!

  8. Hello. Going to see Firday the 13th with my friend next week. I’m extremely excited. This is my first time seeing a Friday film in theaters.

  9. Hey Folks! February is a big month for me and Friday the 13th fans alike! New DVD’s tomorrrow! My birthday this weekend, then the next weekend…new movie. Good times for sure.

  10. best buy here in brick NJ. bluray friday and maybe part 3 with 3d i hope they got his name was jason.zack and miri and clerks II on blu also. like i sadi i’m from NJ. lol kevin smith. when the movie comes out will i been the only sporting a friday shirt and my 13th prokeds shoes?

  11. Hello all,

    Fan since ‘84, will get my part one blu-ray tomorrow as well as the 3D DVD + his name was Jason. Can’t wait to watch those waiting for the new one to come. So far looks very great from what we saw…Jason on the roof kick ass :)

    It’s a great time to be a Jason fan !

    From Quebec,Canada.

  12. Forgot to mention… the blu-ray is gonna be my fifth edition of the movie…

    Beta (yes beta!!!), VHS, DVD, DVD again and blu-ray…

    You can call me crazy if you want :)

  13. hello Friday fans iv love Friday the 13th since i was little i still remember watching my first Friday movie (part 3) on TV and not only was i scared but i loved it and came back for more i was never old enough to see a Friday movie in theaters this remake will be my first and i just cant wait

  14. Hello! I’m a long-time Friday fan, and I’m a victim of Jason’s latest and most devious weapon… anticipation! I can’t wait for the new film!

  15. Hello all. Steve here, lurker for a long while and very excited about the new movie. My first Friday was part 6, Jason Lives and I’ve been a fan since.

  16. Hey everyone, I am glad to be apart of special times for us Friday fans. I am gathering my whole family and some of my friends to go see this opening night. I thought it would be cool to share the experience with as many people as possible ….. even my reluctant wife. Enjoy everyone!

  17. Mr Moe, what no Laserdisc?! ;)

    Tony, Happy Birthday!

    Steve, I first saw Part 6 in a hotel room in 1988. It instantly became my second favorite behind The Final Chapter. I love Martin the caretaker.

  18. Hello everybody! I have been a fan since 1980. For me, Feb. 13th can not get here soon enough! I can not wait to see this film. It is also great to see all the fans and their families come together for the rebirth of our favorite horror icon!

  19. Hello all, Have been a huge fan of the series since the original and I must say I am so pumped for this one it’s crazy…This is gonna be awesome and I can not wait.

  20. Hello!
    Can’t wait for the Movie, Hope it’s as good as it looks!

  21. Hello

  22. hello!!! long time fan of the series, cannot wait for the movie next week!!!!!!! Looking forward to the reissues tomorrow, Im getting geeked every time I see the tv spots…… this so going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. G’Day Mate!!! Hollering at ya from Down Under. Big friday fan for years!!!! Can’t even remember the first time i saw a friday film. I have only seen a few on the big screen (Goes to hell thru to JvF), so i’m sooooo pumped for this new flick. Also a huge fan of supernatural. So should be cool to see one of the winchester boys go head to head with jason!
    Being in Oz tho, we most likely have to wait a few more weeks before it is released here. I hope to god i remain spoiler free, but I know damn well that won’t happen, ha ha.

  24. Hello all. I was born when Jason part 3 came out, yet it’s my favorite Jason movie. I collect a lot of Jason merch, especially figures. Sideshow and Mezco are my favorite.
    Although, I do give McFarlane a lot of credit because he made the first real Jason figure. I remember searching everywhere for it when it came out. I was really happy when I found it.
    You can find me in the costumes section on this site.

  25. Hello,

    I am a friday fan since before I can remember. I have owned the film on my formats and versions.

    CED (was originally my mothers, yes she is a friday fan too)
    JAPANESE LASERDISC (Feb 2nd 2009 is the last day this release is the Only uncut Friday the 13th)
    Single Layer DVD (no label art, just the text “Friday the 13th” on it)
    And I have it pre-ordered on Blu.

  26. Hello,Ive been a friday fan for as long as i can remember. I believe I was either two or three years watching my first friday Part 8. Over the years i got to collect every film on dvd something i never was able to do for vhs. Ever since a new film was announced back in 2006 ive been waiting. Uploading every new thing i can find on the film on my youtube channel. Not only has that given me success as a youtuber but it has also connected me with friday fans all over the world. Im proud that my channel is surrounded by a bunch of hockey mask freaks. For i am one of them. I have plans of getting jason tattooed on my body this summer once i turn 18, It will be quite the thrill that jason is going to be my first tattoo, Meeting Derek Mears Last year was a blast. It really helped me anticpate the new friday even more. I Know the role of jason is in good hands with derek

  27. Hey all –

    Can’t wait to check out the new F13!!

  28. Hello This Is Thomas Jay, ive been a friday fan since i was a kid
    im 23 now. I just wanna Say This is The Year Jason Rules!!!!!!

  29. Hi All Amazon has shipped my 3 new Friday Releases & His name is Jason so Its going to be a Great week. CANT wait till the New Movie Gets here. Peace everyone

  30. Hello

  31. hello hello!!!

    i’m so psyched for february!! january was great for my bloody valentine and now the king of slashers is back!!

    i was born in 1980 and my parents got me into the fridays at a very young age (mostly tv cuts until i was a teenager)…so i grew up with them and they have a special place in my heart. i’ve bought nearly every edition of every movie and have a huge collection of memorabilia…and i’m on this site nearly every day. the f13ths are the reason i’m a hardcore slasher fan. they are the greatest!!

    my f13th bd is on it’s way in the mail, i pre-ordered the pt 2&3 bds from the uk, and i’ll be picking up ‘his name was jason’ when i get off work today. and of course i will be at the movies multiple times next weekend for the remake. i’m confident it will be good enough to justify seeing multiple times.

    it’s great to see so many people are anticipating this movie!!!

  32. Go get the DVD’s guys!

  33. I have loved the Friday-franchise ever since they broadcast part 6 here in Sweden around the mid 90´s i think it was. I remember how cool I thought the mask looked and how scared I was whenever he took it off=) I´ve must have been 10-12 years old at that time. Cant wait for the new movie!

  34. Oh, I´m so sorry—> “Hello to you too!”

  35. HELLO!!!!
    today is the 3rd!
    im getting the 3 new dvds Thursday and i pre-prdered his name was Jason
    and for some reason im gonna buy the slasher collection!
    im gonna see the new movie the hour it comes out!
    im so excited!

  36. i ment pre-ordered

  37. lol and ive been a fan for YEARS!

  38. (Dr. Nick voice) Hi Everybody

    I’m definatly gonna go see the movie the same day it drops, hope all you guys get to do the same, take care

  39. Hi.

  40. I cant wait for the release. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for the real Jason to return, and return he will. Its nice to have a community like this so all of us can get together and say hello. I hope this is the number one movie so they continue to make more. See you all on Friday the 13th.

  41. Hey, Hey yo…

  42. Hello!
    Long time Friday fan! I lurk on here alot. I usually just bitch about the lack of UNCUT sequels. Anyway! Can’t wait for the new movie!

  43. Hi John!

    Have we met?

  44. Hello.

    Can’t wait to see the new Friday. I’m from Sweden and visit this site at least once a day. Actually we have a Friday the 13th fansite here as well. Its in swedish but feel free to register on our forum.

    Thanks for doing a great job with this website and it’s fun to see that we are so many fans all over the world.

  45. I always liked the F13th series but probably became a die hard fan when I became 12 yrs old around 97-98. Since then I’ve enjoyed wathing F13 marathons on TV. Watched most of the series for the first time in one sitting on Spike TV (probably still TNN back then). Since I bought the “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan” box set and all the others not included I still pop one in from time to time. Can’t say I have a favorite parts 1-4 some of the best definitely, and the rest excluding Jason X and Jsson goes to hell shine very well on their own.

    Anyways I’m looking forward to this year’s F13 and if done right hopefully more to come. At least we can all enjoy the spotlight our favorite horror icon is being given for this new film. LONG LIVE JASON VOORHEES!!

  46. Hello fellow F13 diehards!!

    I have been a diehard fan since ‘86. It all started with Jason Lives, then I went back and watched the previous five flicks. I was hooked immediately. I bought them all, and started buying Fangoria and Gorezone mags to stay current with news. I almost had a coronary when “Crystal Lake Memories” came out. With my purchases today of the first 3 movies deluxe versions and “His name was…” I am on my 4th round trip buying all the movies. I’m in my mid 30’s now and I haven’t been so exited about the franchise since I was a kid…which I guess I still am.

    Long live Jason, and here’s to you all, and the upcoming new F13 movie!! WHAT A YEAR!!!

  47. Hej or hello,

    This is Robin, a Jason-fan and slasher-lover (that sounds kinky xP) from northern Sweden. I’m ready to dig into the new deluxe editions, the documentary and the new movie on the 13th! Good times.

  48. Hey guys and gals -

    Been a die-hard fan since my dad showed me part 1 when we first got cable in the 80s when I was about 7. I’ll never forget the end of the movie. Alice is adrift on the lake in her canoe, and my dad says, “Ok, it’s time to go to bed.” And of course, I told him, “I wanna watch it til it’s over!” So he let me. And my little 7 year old body jumped about 5 feet off the floor when Jason sprang out of the lake. I was hooked.

    Getting such an early start on the series was a little frustrating, however, since I was never old enough to see the new ones coming out, and we didn’t have a VCR until about 86. My older cousins would tell me about each sequel and I would seethe with jealousy. Part 5 was the first one I saw in the theater – my cousin took me to a theater that was somewhat lax in their admission policies for children. And just like I jumped at the end of part 1 with my dad, my cousin jumped out of his seat at the end of part 5 when Roy reaches back inside the barn. I’ve seen them all in the theater since.

    Really looking forward to Jason actually scaring me again. It’s been a while.

  49. Just dropping by to say “hi”! I am a huge Friday the 13th fan and am looking forward to seeing the new movie and the Special Edition DVDs!

  50. HELLO.. Nobody has an opinion on Part 8 or what!?!

  51. Part 8 was shunned so terribly in the day, but now I think more people appreciate it. Who doesn’t like Jason boxing Julius. :)

  52. AK47:

    If Pt 8 was your first, then it probably does hold a special place for you and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. Pt 6 was mine, and some people dislike that one too. I am not a big fan of Pt8 mostly because Pt 7 was the first one that I got really exited about, as it was the first NEW one to come out after I got hooked on the series.

    I like Pt 7 alot, and as we all know Jason’s makeup was at it’s best in that movie. Then at the end of Pt 8 ( as I previously posted ) he looks ( comparatively ) like someone threw up grey playdough on a basketball. It was a HUGE let down. After reading Crystal Lake Memories, I learned that it was also a let down to the make-up crew responsible for it. It was also a strange ending with him reverting to a child in the sewer. And I think not only for me, but others too, it was the ending that left a bad taste in the mouth.

    Anyway there’s my two cents. But it’s only my opinion and we’re all entitled to one. Good for you for staying true to Pt 8, you’re a brave soldier.

  53. Hello all!
    I am really looking forward to the new F13 film and hope that it will do very well in the UK as well as in the US!!!

  54. Hello!
    I will be a the february 12th premiere in Mexico, but will likely see the film many times!

  55. What\’s up everybody????????? Cannot wait for the 13th!!!!!! What is everybody\’s favorite Friday??? Mine is a toss up between Part 4, Part 6, and Freddy Vs. Jason.

  56. Hello!
    Die hard fan since 1982 when I suckered my parents into seeing part 3 in 3D after reading the paperback novelization. Became an instant fan of these films(although interest began to die after part 7). Part 3 was also the first film I noticed visible image cropping on a pan & scan video (laserdisc no less) and inspired me to take an interest in the technical side of filmmaking and cinematography.

  57. Hello!

    I’ve been a fan since I was abotu 4. Well, more like I used to be scared of Jason when I was 4, then later I became a fan. haha. Tom Savini’s Jason in Part IV scared the hell outta me when I was young, so I refused to watch past the opening credits of most of the movies until I was about 10. Now, they’re my favorite movies. I’ve made a few videos in dedication to them ( so if you want, go check em out! (=

  58. I cant wait for this movie only 10 days to go fiends!

  59. Hello to all !
    My name is Federico i’m 14 and i am from brazil.
    I’ve been a huge F13 fan since age of 13.
    I’m waiting the new movie directed by Marcus Nisfel (or Nispel).
    I’m collecting some gadgets about F13.

  60. oh, i forgot to say that i like slasher movies like: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Child Play

  61. Hey, long time friday film, I’ve been watching em since I was like, 5. I’m 19 now and still love them, and I’m stoked to see the new friday, only 10 days left!

  62. I was 10 when the first one came out, so needless to say I have been a fan of this great series from the beginning! I love the fact that these films have stood the test of time! I personally hold a special place in me for Part 4. I was(still am) into special make-up FX at that time and Savivni was back doing the fx-all around great film! But I love them all(ya, even part 5) simply ’cause these are great movies for “getting away” for a couple hours. Simple. And I will support these films ’till I die. This is such a great website, and everyone seems to be focused on one thing-JASON CONTINUING TO KICK SOME ASS!!!! Have a great day everyone……

  63. The Final Chapter will always be my favorite. Which is ironic because Kane Hodder is my favorite Jason.

    The story in TFC was always so fun. How often to you see a kid whack a Machete into the side of a man’s head?

    3 comes in a close second, because Chris kicks the shit out of Jason, but Jason is able to still get her psychologically.

  64. Hey hey hey. Big Friday the 13th fan here. I’ve been watching the movies since I was 9 on the good old USA network when they would run marathons. Every Friday the 13th I host a F13 movie marathon which is awesome because there are 3 this year, and 2 are back to back! This will be my 14th marathon next Friday, and I can’t wait because;

    1. We have a new Friday the 13th to add to the marathon.

    2. The first Friday the 13th in Blu-ray

    3. Part 3 is finally in 3-D! (no more crappy bootlegs)

    Anyways, nice to meet everybody, and for those who knew me, this is the same deadcounselor from the old Friday boards.

  65. Hello , 10 Days until Friday the 13th remake

  66. hello people

  67. Hellloooo!

    Huge Friday here. Been around this site and the old site for years. Can’t WAIT for next Friday! I’m starting to geek out a little bit…just a little bit.

  68. this website is great
    one thing to make it better would be a forum
    its used to have one but i never was on it :(
    wonder why is shut down??
    February 3rd today!
    nothing came in the mail
    im expecting it tomorrow! hopefully!

  69. Thank you DLC !

  70. No worries. Glad to share. That’s why this site rocks! It’s THE place for us F13 geeks.

  71. Hello..

  72. Hello all!!! It’s so koool to see soooooo many Jason/Friday the 13th fans out there. I’m sure we’ll all be there opening day to see the new installment cheering on our favorite hockey masked killer. This site rules, You ALL rule….and of course Jason/Friday the 13th RULES!!!


    “People around here go missing, They’re Gone For Good”

  73. Howdy everyone,

    It’s so good to see so many Jason fanatics!!! I’m so stoked about the new flick that I feel like a little kid again. Even my wife is looking forward to it, and that’s shocking!!! :) We’ve all been waiting for this moment for so long and it’s finally right around the corner!!! AWESOME!!!

  74. Hello. Great site. I visit it 2 or 3 times a week. HUGE horror fan, and of the series as well. I like them all, just not all aspects of all of them. A fan, not a fanboy, I look forward to your interesting articles and interviews, as well as the new films coverage as well. Love live Jason!

  75. Hello all!
    I’m currently drinking a Monster BFC, as well as trying to working on a Jason comic. Talk about multi-tasking.
    I’m so happy to see all F13 fans coming together for this, it makes me unusally happy.
    I’m also in the process of thinking about a Friday the 13th party. Wish me luck with that. HA!

    On the 13th… there WILL be blood.

  76. kill her mommmy kill her….dont worry jason i will…

    hello my f13th fans…tell all your friends to go and watch the movie with u on friday..i talked 10 of my friends to go who would wait till it came out on dvd just so i can do my part in to make this a big opening weekend so we can make some more of these great movies we all love. so do your part in get as many as u can to go wit u …not just your girl


  78. Hi All!! I have off from work next Friday for this very special occassion and I CANNOT WAIT!!! I remember my Dad taking me to see Friday the 13th in 1980. I was barely 5 years old. I’ve been following Jason ever since. I even love part 5- so shoot me. For one thing, I’m glad this movie actually looks good. I hope it’s not a let down like a certain remake in 2007 involving my all time favorite slasher (Michael). I would love to see those 2 guys in a movie one day. With how money hungry Dimension is why can’t they make this happen??
    Happy Friday the 13th!!!
    Jason was my son…and today is his birthday

  79. Hey fellow Friday Fans! I guess I’m just doing what I was told. Say Hello..

    HELLO! :)

    I am indeed looking forward to the new Friday movie on the 13th. And also if you have not done so yet, PICK UP “HIS NAME WAS JASON”! Its well worth the $10 at Wal-Mart!

  80. Howdy all! This is truly a spectacular time for us, and we are all so lucky to see Jason come back to the big screen and hit the bit time. I cannot wait! Love this site.



  82. Hi evetyone! I’m a hardcore friday fan and I can’t wait to see the new movie just like the rest of you. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that it hits theaters February 12th in my town. 7 days to go! All hail Jason \m/

  83. What’s up campers? Just wanted to give a quick hello and join in the excitement for the new film! I have been visiting Crystal Lake for quite some time and am eager to welcome Jason back to the silver screen!

  84. thank you to everyone who keeps this site running and all the fans who have made F13 what it is today!!!!

  85. Hi everyone cant wait for feb friday the 13th 2009! im from the uk
    i have been a fan for 21 years since i was 8 years old, watch the films on a regular basis. Welcome back Mr Vorhees!!


  87. Hey, I’m a HUGE Friday the 13th fan in New Zealand and am hanging out to see the new film… and thanks to the glory of the internation date line I even get to be amongst the first people in the world to get to see it :)

    Am also waiting with baited breath for the DVD release of the special editions, especially the 3D version of part 3!

  88. Just found the blog, big fan of the films, figures, posters, etc.

  89. I cannot wait until next friday, I am actually watching the second one right now. I think its great that he’s gonna be rocking a pillow case for a little while. Who remembers the nintendo game? That game still makes me jump and I am 22 years old. A very odd thing about me is that Mr. Jason Vorhees is a recurring dream character of mine, I dreamed about him last night actually and he has even caused me to lucid dream before. Uh oh, I believe an Ice Pick through the temple while looking at a decapitated head in the refrigerator is about to go on so thats about all I’m gonna write. Oh and just to have it in text, Jason X and Jason vs Freddy sucked balls and I am very glad they are redeeming themselves with this new movie

    P.S. J-Lee if there is anything i can help with on that comic let me know, I am an illustrator and graphic design artist who dropped out of pratt that really needs some artistic inspiration.


  90. HELLO ALL! Big fan, first time poster…didnt know such an intense community even existed about this movie until recently…love it!

  91. …btw I have already watched 1-7 and currently watching Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan (12 mins through) in my week long 1-11 journey until this wonderful Friday, February the 13th, 2009 when I can finally sit back down in a theater and enjoy my man Jason again.

    Long Live Jason!

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