Friday Box Office History

For those fans that track a movie’s success based on box office grosses, I thought it would be fun to list all of the Friday movies and their box office numbers. Each movie listed has the original release date, opening weekend US grosses and overall US grosses during the films entire theatrical run.

What do you think the opening weekend gross will be next week for Friday The 13th. If Paul Blart: Mall Cop can open at number one with over $20 Million then our Friday can open with as much, right?

Thanks to Box Office Mojo for the info below.


Rank Title Studio Total Gross Theaters Opening Theaters Date
1 Friday the 13th Par. $39,754,601 - $5,816,321 1,100 5/9/80
2 Friday the 13th Part 3 (3D) Par. $36,690,067 1,079 $9,406,522 1,079 8/13/82
3 Friday the 13th Part 4 Par. $32,980,880 1,600 $11,183,148 1,594 4/13/84
4 Friday the 13th Part V Par. $21,930,418 1,759 $8,032,883 1,759 3/22/85
5 Friday the 13th Part 2 Par. $21,722,776 - $6,429,784 1,350 4/30/81
6 Friday the 13th Part VI Par. $19,472,057 1,610 $6,750,837 1,610 8/1/86
7 Friday the 13th Part VII Par. $19,170,001 1,796 $8,245,038 1,796 5/13/88
8 Jason Goes to Hell NL $15,935,068 1,355 $7,552,190 1,355 8/13/93
9 Friday the 13th Part VIII Par. $14,343,976 1,683 $6,251,310 1,683 7/28/89
10 Jason X NL $13,121,555 1,879 $6,649,006 1,878 4/26/02

Total: $235,121,399
Average: $23,512,140

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28 Responses to “ Friday Box Office History ”

  1. Yes, Freddy vs Jason was left off of this list by Box Office Mojo. I agree with the exclusion as 1. Freddy vs Jason is a crossover movie and 2. We all know that Freddy vs Jason is A Nightmare on Elm Street movie with Jason playing a supporting role.

  2. Honestly I think this could do $100 million total at the end of its box office run(freddy vs jason did $82 million)

    However horror films are notorious for having a very strong first weekend then gradually falling off the map quick, cuz its core audience supports it the first couple weeks.

    I am hoping and expecting $40-$50 million opening weekend!!!

    p.s. this movie needs to represent so “Saw” can realize that Friday the 13th is their daddy & they should stop producing shitty sequels at an attempt to chase Friday the 13th’s title.


  3. In my opinion, Jigsaw isn’t even in the same category with the likes of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, or Freddy Krueger.

    He’s technically not even a serial killer. He manipulates his victims into playing twisted games. The Saw series is nothing more than a bloody thriller. I don’t even consider it a slasher. The Saw series will never replace Friday the 13th…pure and simple

  4. we need an interview with the costume designer so we can find out how to replicate his new coat.

  5. Nothing can replace Friday the 13th. Jason can not be dethroned as awesome.

  6. well fvsj is the 11th chapter to me.

  7. as long as a f13th comes out more the once every 5 years or so saw wont win i do believe saw is right behind f13th in box office grosses idk i might be wrong but ether way it close

  8. i agree with jasonsfury on fvj. that movie is okay as a freddy movie but a disgrace to jason fans. jason’s character is so dull and lifeless, and the only way they would think that portrayal was appropriate is if – 1. they had never seen a f13th movie and just based it on what people think jason is like…or 2. they intentionally dulled him down to favor freddy. either way, it’s offensive. jason has always been full of energy and super brutal (and more creative), and i’m glad the series is going to get back to that. i’m a little aggravated that they adopted the shirt-open look that was introduced by fvj, but oh well…i admit they did at least make it look better.

    as for box office, i think this one may outdo all of them. saw V even made over $30mil, and in my opinion it was a pretty weak entry…and there wasn’t a hype around it; most people are complaining that they’re cranking them out to quick and they aren’t motivated to go to them anymore. ..and of course, jigsaw got nothing on jason!! my bloody valentine 3d made well over $20mil, and it’s more of a cult classic than a mainstream slasher. alot of people are talking about the f13th remake…i think it’ll be HUGE!!

    by the way, are those figures adjusted to reflect inflation and stuff like that? i’d assume they are.

  9. The boxoffice figures above are the original grosses for each movie. The original Friday the 13th would have made $91million if adjusted for inflation!

  10. Jason is gonna kill the box office game

  11. I hate to break it to all the Freddy Vs. Jason haters, but the reason it’s more of a NOES movie is because Freddy is more interesting to write as a character because he, you know, TALKS. And other characters can talk to him in return, whereas Jason just makes characters scream and run. There’s only so much you can do to parlay that concept into an 11th installment and still make it interesting.

    Plus, Elm Street has more of a mythology attached to it, what with the idea that Freddy thrives off of fear. By the time FvJ was made, Jason was a mindless killing machine who had abandoned the will to run, or even walk quickly. So I don’t blame the writers or Ronny Yu. I blame the slowing-down of Jason (starting around part 6) and the dumbing-down of Friday writing (starting around part 7 – telekinesis? Really?).

    By the time Yu got his hands on Jason, Jason could teleport around New York City alleys, possess anyone nearby, and travel in space. What the hell was he supposed to do? I’m actually grateful the writers did their homework and got back to the Friday roots, working in some of the old Crystal Lake drowning mythology and Pamela Voorhees, which hadn’t been done in quite some time. There were some really poorly executed nods to that stuff in part 8 (Renny and her swimming lessons… ugh…) and Jason X (the holodeck), but they were disjointed from the plot and didn’t really factor into the outcome of the story the way they did in FvJ. The problem is that back in part 2 when Jason was still hearing Pamela in his head saying, “Get her, Mommy, get her,” he was STILL SCARY. But in FvJ, now that Jason was slow and lumbering, when you bring back the Pamela stuff, he just looks like a big oversized momma’s boy who’s afraid to swim.

    Nevertheless, Kirzinger still looked a lot better as Jason. Hodder in Jason X constantly looked like he had a pillow stuffed down the front of his shirt. Can you imagine Hodder’s Jason running, like parts 3 or 4? It would be comical. Think Jason on “The Biggest Loser.”

    The real missed opportunity with FvJ is the fact that it could have been Freddy from Elm Street 1 or 2 versus Jason from part 3 or 4. Instead, both characters had devolved beyond any hint of real terror, and I blame the writers of the previous sequels for that. Yu and company just did the best with what they had to work with.

  12. Consider JVSF a F13 or not I still think it was a fun film. Made me happy after seeing “bloated fuck” Jason and “Uber” Jason *shudders. There are somethings that coulda of made the character more likeable to long time fans but fuck it I think it was fast paced, bloody and funny. So very enjoyable to me. Not bad for a cross over where fans of both films have to be pleased while keeping the action going.

  13. Pre-order your tickets for the opening weekend as soon as possible everyone. Let’s just see it, then see it again, and make others see it. Everyone pays for a viewing or two, and we’ll have a killer opening weekend while showing who’s still the king of all slashers. :)

  14. i have 8 ppl coming with me opening day

  15. I’m going to see this movie more than once. I’m wearing my official Friday the 13th remake shirt that day as well. I have a feeling this is going to make a lot of money on opening weekend.

  16. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have definitely been doing my part in shamelessly promoting this movie to every human being I come in contact with. You would think I was part owner of Platinum Dunes haha!

  17. I’m buying my tickets Thursday and have been whoring this movie to anyone who would possibly listen. I’m sure I’ve convinced at least 30 or 40 people to see it lol.

  18. I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for 1-2 years. I may be young but i’ve seen every F13 movie at least 5 times. From what i have seen so far this movie is going to do very good at the theaters.

    As for the Saw franchise, i think its enjoyable but theres too much gore. I like horror movies with the feel as if YOU are being stalked by the killer (like Friday the 13th).

  19. I prefer to look at home many people showed up. Based on average movie ticket prices you can see what the “Home Video” explosion did…Since it appears 6,000,000 or so so far have seen My Bloody Valentine I’m guessing 4,000,000 will see it next weekend for at least $30,000,000

    Rank Title Total Gross Date Avg ticket price Att
    1 Friday the 13th $39,754,601 5/9/80 2.69 14,778,662
    2 Friday the 13th Part 3 $36,690,067 8/13/82 2.94 12,479,614
    3 Friday the 13th Part 4 $32,980,880 4/13/84 3.36 9,815,738
    4 Friday the 13th Part V $21,930,418 3/22/85 3.55 6,177,582
    5 Friday the 13th Part 2 $21,722,776 4/30/81 2.78 7,813,948
    6 Friday the 13th Part VI $19,472,057 8/1/86 3.71 5,248,532
    7 Friday the 13th Part VII $19,170,001 5/13/88 4.41 4,346,939
    8 Jason Goes to Hell 15,935,068 8/13/93 4.14 3,849,050
    9 Friday the 13th Part VIII $14,343,976 7/28/89 3.99 3,594,981
    10 Jason X $13,121,555 4/26/02 5.80 2,262,337

    Average U.S. Ticket Prices

    2008 $7.18
    2007 6.88
    2006 6.55
    2005 6.41
    2004 6.21
    2003 6.03
    2002 5.80
    2001 5.65
    2000 5.39
    1999 5.06
    1998 4.69
    1997 4.59
    1996 4.42
    1995 4.35
    1994 4.08
    1993 4.14
    1992 4.15
    1991 4.21
    1990 4.22
    1989* 3.99
    1988 4.11
    1987 3.91
    1986 3.71
    1985 3.55
    1984 3.36
    1983 3.15
    1982 2.94
    1981 2.78
    1980 2.69
    1979 2.47
    1978 2.34
    1977 2.23
    1976 2.13
    1975 2.03
    1974 1.89
    1971 1.65
    1967 1.22
    1963 .86
    1958 .68
    1954 .49
    1948 .36

    *1989 and laterfigures based on Ernst & Young survey; previous years based on CPI-W index

  20. If anyones looking for Freddy vs Jason numbers…

    US box office – $82,622,655

    Opening weekend – $36,428,066

    Opened on 3,014 screens

  21. Then maybe $40,000,000!!! I guess that depends on what Nightmare did at the box office to see how many people went for Freddy…But Halloween in 07 did…
    Opening Weekend: $26,362,367
    (3,472 theaters, $7,592 average)
    So I’m going to finally go with…
    $31,313,131 :)

  22. uh yeah, Balooeyezz, don’t insult the friday franchise on the friday website. i’m sorry that jason not talking makes him less interesting to you, but to most of us it makes him more interesting. the first & 3rd NOESs are good but eventually freddy talking makes his character less scary and every bit as campy as later portrayals of jason.

    yes, jason stopped running after his resurrection but he is still swift in part 6 & 7…he ALWAYS remained brutal and always used unique objects to kill. in fvj his is like a george romero zombie, his eyes are glazed over and he limps around…there is NO friday entry where he does that, even part 8 or JasonX where he’s at his slowest. PLUS 90% of the jason kills in fvj are standard machete slashing, whereas in any friday entry (pick any one) they are loaded up with a bunch of creative kills and just a couple or the final chase scene has the machete.

    as for the writing getting bad in later entries, we’re all with you on that. that doesn’t make it okay for Yu to make a crappy movie. if any of us complain, it’s because with each entry we hope for someone to turn it around and do a good job. we WANT to be scared by jason. we WANT him to be mean, aggressive, and intimidating. for a face-off that was 20 years in the making, a face-off between the most notorious slasher villians of all time, i expect greatness. i demand it. and for someone to take those characters and expand on and overemphasize the things that have come to SUCK about them, rather than the good things that made them famous in the first place, it’s just a disgrace. Yu blows.

  23. tommyblah – There’s a difference between being critical and insulting. I don’t think I was insulting the Friday franchise. I get critical because, like you, I expect better than crap like “Jason Goes To Hell”. In fact, I think we ultimately agree. I said that both Freddy and Jason had devolved into non-scary characters by the time we got to FvJ. Nowhere did I say that I thought Freddy is more interesting because he talks or that Jason is less interesting because he doesn’t talk. I said that FvJ seems more like an Elm Street movie because screenwriters would rather write for characters who can talk and express themselves.

    I’m actually with you – I prefer no talking, and no explanation. I think that’s why Halloween turned to crap, too. It went from “an escaped mental patient stalking a babysitter” to “an underground Druid cult keeping Michael alive so he can strike whenever a certain constellation appears in the night sky”. These hack sequel writers think some huge explanation is really smart. What they don’t understand is that you can’t apply logic or reason to a psychopath who operates outside the realm of logic and reason.

    Personally, considering where each franchise was at, I liked the way they combined the storylines in Freddy Vs. Jason, even though it wasn’t scary at all. But I think it’s also worth noting that a HUGE part of the reason why I liked the film was the fact that it had decent characters played by decent actors. I don’t care how fast Jason saunters in part 8 or Jason X – the characters weren’t interesting, their dialogue was really weak, and the actors playing them were substandard. I hadn’t liked a heroine like Lori in FvJ since maybe Tina in The New Blood.

    However, if it had been earlier, scarier versions of Freddy and Jason, back when even Freddy didn’t say much, I think we’d agree that it would have been a MUCH better (certainly much scarier) film.

  24. i follow the box office pretty close every week and i fully expect this movie to be the most successful in the franchise. i don’t know if its gonna do FvJ numbers but i bet it will do really good.

    like mentioned before if paul blart can make 30something million opening weekend F13 has NOTHING to worry about

  25. Where did you get the official t-shirt John? Or other shirts and hats from Friday the 13th films?

  26. Adjusted for inflation the original Friday the 13th made 100 million$ in todays money. It will be hard to beat for the new film.

  27. I work within the film industry on the advertising side. The promotional push that New Line/Warner Brothers is giving this movie is ASTOUNDING considering it’s a remake of a film that has spawned 11 sequels. New Line/WB is very proud of their product and are confident of a huge opening. (I was hearing 35-45 range). On it’s relatively cheap budget, it will be profitable after weekend 1.

    While I wish MY company was releasing the film, I will be happy for New Line/WB’s success. They brought back one of my favorite slasher icons and gave the fans the respect we all deserved by doing right by the source material.

    My friend at WB said the testing went extremely well and expects positive notices from fans. But this movie is also critic proof as folks are going to seek it out any way.

    I am pumped to see this.

  28. 42.2 million oopening weekend! that should guarentee a couple more fridays!

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