Setting Up The Scene: Jimmy’s Discovery, The Final Chapter

JimmydiscoveryA staple of the Friday the 13th series is the moment one of the last survivors, usually the Final Girl, discovers the multiple bodies of the people that have been dispatched by Jason. In The Final Chapter, Trish goes over to the “party house” with Rob to investigate. After Rob is killed Trish tries to escape through the kitchen door only to run into Jimmy (Crispin Glover) attached to the house.

Here the effects crew is adding a little more blood to Crispin before he is attached to the house for Trish to find. This has always been one of my favorite body discoveries as not only did Jason pin Jimmy to the house, he then rips his hands off of the spikes to quickly move him out of the way so he can get to Trish faster!

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10 Responses to “ Setting Up The Scene: Jimmy’s Discovery, The Final Chapter ”

  1. No victim of Jason was more hated than Jimbo (Crispin Glover). Jason hated Jimbo so much that he took the time to nail him to the door frame after he stabbed him with a cork screw and shoved a meat cleaver in his face. That musta taken more than a few minutes to do.

    This goes against the idea that Jason is stupid if you think about it. How did Jason know how annoying Crispin Glover would be in Back to the Future and River’s Edge that he wanted to inflict so much pain on the guy? This also explains why Jason was bent on killing Corey Feldman too. I’m sure he got a sense of how annoying that kid would be in The Goonies…

  2. That\’s an awesome shot behind the scenes. Never saw that one before. Are there more like it?

  3. Yeah thats one of My favorite “find the dead bodies” scenes. Im just trying to imagine Jason taking the time to hang Jimmy up there. With Jimmy and Doug it seems Jason moved there bodies around a few times. But that shot of Jason pulling Jimmy off the door to get to Trish remains one of the scariest moments of the franchise. Thats just a prime example of how angry Jason is in part 4. Maybe it was the axe He took in the dome in part 3 that pissed Him off.

  4. of course Part 4 is the BEST OF THE ALL SAGA until now

  5. @Ezequiel:

    “BEST OF THE ALL SAGA until now”

    Until now? Are you suggesting that something is going to happen to knock The Final Chapter of its podium? Not in this lifetime brother!

    (Just messing with ya….) ;)

    Yeah I loved that shot so much. I still never understood why she didn’t swing him to the side to save time. Friend or no friend, you put me in dark house with that mask and it will be “I” pulling Jimbo off those spikes.

    “The Dead F*ck”


  6. Jason was watching Letterman and saw how Glover made Dave mad. That set Jason in action…

  7. lovely!!!! poor girl lol

  8. ive always though how accurate the joke term of “dead fuck” thrown at jimmy by ted.
    eventually after right after screwing he was dead.
    must be one of the most painful death in the movie.

    anyone noticed this irony:
    when jimmy was looking for the corkskrew he was callling out his firend name “hey Ted, ted where;s the fancy corkskrew for the wine bottle”?! and as a matter of fact the guy who played jason i TED white….so as it seems he was calling out to the real ted and he comes and “gives” him the corkskrew that he was screaming for

  9. p.s ted white’s jason is just memorable and creepy in its own way

  10. “The Final Chapter” is the best film of the whole saga.

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