Strip Monopoly, “You Have Got To Be Kidding”

stripmonopoly“It’s easy, instead of paying with money, you pay with clothes.” One of the classic scenes from the original movie that brought some lighthearted fun to the middle of the film when impending doom was upon the unsuspecting teens at Camp Crystal Lake. You know that you have wanted to always play this version of Monoploy. In fact, many of you probably already have at one point in your life. Well, maybe the next step is to play in a tournament with a bunch of complete strangers! Nonsense you say. Think again……

Although an official announcement has not been made yet, Ari Lehman has mentioned a Strip Monopoly Tournament will be happening at Camp Blood: Friday the 30th reunion in August. If this does indeed make it through to the final stages, I think this could be some wild and crazy times happening at the reunion event. Besides having a great time, proceeds from the tournament will be donated to THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. Read on for more information.

Everyone will be invited to participate, bikinis and bathing suits under street clothes are fine. We will be right on a lake anyway! This will be a wildly fun time for all, and a great way to help those wounded while serving their country.

So, get your dice ready people (no pun intended), we are gonna have some fun – CELEBRITY STRIP MONOPOLY TOURNAMENT FOR CHARITY!

Alright, everyone that will be attending should make sure you are wearing your tighty whities and not your birthday suits to the event. If anything changes with this tournament we will let you know. With everything else going on, why wouldn’t you want to attend this reunion event?

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10 Responses to “ Strip Monopoly, “You Have Got To Be Kidding” ”

  1. Wait till you land on my hotels! :D

  2. I’ll be the shoe!

  3. …Baltic Avenue! :)

  4. “More beer… more beer”

  5. “Why don’t you see if Marci left any of that grass…”

  6. this is a classic!
    there is other weird and wacky games from the other movies as well…
    Friday 3-the juggling contest.
    Friday 4-the beer game(although i could not figure out how that is played).
    Friday 6-camp blood.
    Friday 2024-shoot the boot.(yuck).
    I’m sure there is more!?!

  7. This does sound pretty cool. I wonder how many people are actually going to strip down to their undergarments. ;)

    It might be one big Monopoloy orgy!

  8. A great moment in FT13th history. It inspired Me to play strip Playstation with My girlfriend at the time. I never did it with monopoly though.

  9. I really want to play this! lol. Could you imagine Jason playing this? haha!

  10. “Yeah. But what if Steve walks in??”

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