Custom 8 Inch Jason Doesn’t Want His Upgrade Yet

Posted 14 May 2024 in Fans

A few weeks ago we brought you images of one mean custom Roy figure. Now, Spaz has completed a new custom figure and this time Jason knows no one can hear you scream in space. Jason Voorhees from Jason X showcases all of the accessories seen in the movie such as shackles, chains, ripped jacket and “battle damage”. This is one of the best Jason X figures out there so take a look at the pics below and see what you think. Congratulations to Spaz on a great rendition of modern classic!





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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. SPAZ (14 May 2024, 8:44)

    thanks brother
    I worked on this guy for a couple weeks
    very happy with the outcome
    heres a breakdown of what the figure was done from
    the body is Bruce Willis from Sin City
    the Hands are from a NECA VS Jason
    the Head is a sculpt I did to fit the body and mask(has a really cool face that I will never see again)was my first finished head sculpt in this scale
    the Hockey mask is from the Remake Jason(converted to an X)
    the arm cuffs are from the Sideshow X figure(cut smaller)
    the neck band is just a hunk of rubber(cut and painted)
    the stright jacket is from the sideshow X figure(cut up and put together to fit)
    the shoulder clamps are pieces of plastic and metal rods
    the chains are from my big bag O chains
    I think thats is
    oh and added all bullet holes and repainted the whole thing

  2. Arson (14 May 2024, 12:43)

    It’s really good!

  3. TheRustyMachete (14 May 2024, 14:27)

    Are you guys using sculpy or a different material?

  4. Ben (14 May 2024, 15:29)

    Awesome figure

    I want one

  5. bk w/ bloody sauce (14 May 2024, 15:49)

    man this is way better than the sideshow….I have all these things…I hope you don’t mind I’m going to work on one of these myself…

  6. jcravage (14 May 2024, 18:22)

    One of the best, if not the best I have ever seen. Good job brother!

  7. Wylde86 (14 May 2024, 18:25)

    Seems to be missing the hair, which is a good thing. I just always thought he looked like Kane in a hockey mask in Jason X. Very nice job.

  8. SPAZ (15 May 2024, 0:44)

    yeah still going to add some hair(someday LOL)
    thanks guys :)

    @bk w/ bloody sauce-go for it bro love to see it when its finished
    @TheRustyMachete-yeah bro I’m using SculptyIII, which is ok but theres no place here in town that has super sculpty

  9. Cat (16 May 2024, 20:08)

    Fantastic detail!!!!!
    Love to have one off those!!

  10. Cat (16 May 2024, 20:09)

    Add a long blond wig!! Should look really funny!! lol

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