Dick Warlock Apppearing At Horrorhound Cincinnati

Dick_warlockDick Warlock is famously known for playing The Shape in 1981’s Halloween II. However, his stunt work has allowed him to be apart of numerous other horror movies throughout the years for which he has garnered even more fans outside of the Halloween series. Not only did he work on movies such as John Carpenter’s The Thing and Pumpkinhead, but he also worked as Stunt Coodinator on Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. It was here that Dick obtained and still owns the only hockey mask to be used in three different movies.

That mask was used in Friday the 13th Part 3, The Final chapter and A New Beginning. The mask is pictured below.


So, if you have the opportunity, get out to Horrorhound Cincinnati November 12-14 and say hi to Dick Warlock and have him tell you all sorts of stories from the movies he has been involved in, and of course ask about A New Beginning!

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8 Responses to “ Dick Warlock Apppearing At Horrorhound Cincinnati ”

  1. Well hope all u USA fans ENJOY urself!!!!!! (cough cough)
    Ohh so he did HALLOWEEN II, thanks for that!!
    He played Jason really well, like too see him play that part again!

  2. Don’t worry, Cat. I thought I heard there might be a convention overseas that included Friday the 13th alumn. Not sure if that’s true or not.

  3. Well I didnt know that was Dick Warlock in Halloween 3. I love that movie but never knew that was him. Wow. Pretty cool. Thanks for the news.

  4. He was great in his role for Halloween 3. His scene is one of the 3 best in the movie.

    The holy grail of Friday the 13th resides in his house. I wonder who will end up with that in the future?

  5. Dick Warlocks cool. I cant count how many horror movies Hes done stunt work for. Plus I dont care what anyone says, He kicked ass as Michael Myers in Halloween 2.

  6. Nice! Been a while since I’ve seen him.

    Pictured here at this link, is me with this very mask when Dick visited my home back in 1997. Great times!

    O.C., Calif.


  7. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b147/sd80s/l_c9b3ce2d23ab1def69c9cea4b72d7cc9.jpg


    *Sorry to the Admin, please remove the post PRIOR to this one, for sense of cluttering* No intention to, sorry. Thanks!


  8. Shawn,
    No worries with the posting. Understandable. You are a very lucky guy to have had the chance to hold that. That is awesome! Just thinking about the opportunity to hold something with that much history gives me goose bumps. Congrats on getting to meet Dick. Thank you for sharing your pics and for visiting the website! :)

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