The New Blood And Concept Jason Figures And Diorama

One’s Customs has been very busy of late creating various renditions of Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. He has managaed to still find time to create some spectacular Jason figures for commission and last night posted up pictures of his latest creations. The first 1/6 scale figure is from The New Blood.

He has made some great Part 7 figures in the past, but the detail on this figure, especially on the face and head is the best he has made yet. Look at the areas where the machete cut are You can see hints of blood and decay in the wounds just as in the movie. Check out the closeup shots from the moovie and it is all there. I also love the diorama base. The Camp Blood sign is vintage looking and I am digging the bamboo shoots and lake.

Overall, this is a must have set to own if you are a fan of The New Blood. Congratulations to the new owner of this set.

The second Jason Voorhees figure that was completed is an original concept that is sort of an amalgamation of various versions of the character. The result is one scary, terrifying looking dude. This figure also comes complete with a diorama base and my favorite part of the diorama is the tree stump with severed head and axe. You might think me a morbid individual, but I think that this feature is a nice added touch to the overall package and lets you know that this Jason is not to be messed with!

If you have been looking for a definitive Jason Voorhees figure for your collection and are not impressed with anything NECA, Mezco or Sideshow has offered to this point, then get in contact with One’s Customs and work out a deal to get your favorite Jason made the way you want it. Check out his Youtube Channel for more video and to get in contact with the man.

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8 Responses to “ The New Blood And Concept Jason Figures And Diorama ”

  1. Does anybody know where i can buy a base for some of my Jason statues?

  2. the second jason kind of reminds me of iron maidens mascot Eddie.

  3. The detal is perfect!!
    This dude is such a talented person!!!
    Would love to have that in my collection!!

  4. Those are cool especially the part 7 Jason.

  5. I subscribed to One’s YouTube channel recently. I’m addicted to looking at these amazing figures. Seriously, this guy is really talented. I’d really like to see him make a 12 inch Jason Remake figure. He made a 7 inch Jason remake and he had made 2 interchangeable masks. One was the hockey mask which was painted really good, but the most impressive was the fabric sack mask.
    I get so tired of the interchanging heads or non removable parts. It’s nice go see someone go that extra step to really create an original piece.

  6. Wow! Amazing work here. The New Blood figure is just amazing! I have never seen bases like these made for Jason figures before. They really make the figures look even better. How can I order these?

  7. He does a great job and all of his work, not just his Jason figures, is always top notch!

  8. I have to agree!!!Ones customs are truly amazing!!!Great work bro!!

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