New Hockey Mask Is For The Predators

Fiberglassmasks create some great hockey masks for each movie in the Friday the 13th series and last year I showcased one of their offshoot masks, the War Hock, as I liked the originality of it. So today I was at there website and saw another “interesting” mask and I like it! I immediately thought of the Predator hock that was spotted at Mask Fest In March. Now, this mask is not as accurate to a Predator mask as that one was, but this dreaded hock would be something cool for collectors of hockey masks to add to what they have already. If you’re interested in this mask, check out and see if it is worth it to you to hang in your room.




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4 Responses to “ New Hockey Mask Is For The Predators ”

  1. I could see this being in a parody, like the Scary Movie franchise. Jason chilling in the shack, toking on a bong with his mom; classic lol

  2. I can only imagibe the dumbfounded looks by someofthe visitors that saw this mask today :) I agree, Daniel, this would be perfect for Scary Movie.

  3. Hmmm…it kinda looks like the Leslie Vernon mask with dreadlocks

  4. Ah, nice call, Coy. I didn’t even notice that before. ;)

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