“The Lord Of The Worms” Custom Dream Hock

There aren’t too many custom hockey masks made of the muddy dream hock from the opening scene of “A New Beginning”. So, when I saw this custom mask at the Night Owl forum, I was very impressed by how detailed the paint work was. Especially since the customizer, “glamourdoll13″, mentioned that he got all of the detail by pausing the DVD at different angles to get the exact reference shots necessary to create his mask. This custom hock is titled, “The Lord Of The Worms”. I like the title and it is appropriate as there were some big, fat worms crawling through that mask.

Check out a screen cap from the movie and then pictures of the custom hockey mask and make your own comparisons. For a mask that was painted without any reference photos, this is a remarkable job!





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12 Responses to “ “The Lord Of The Worms” Custom Dream Hock ”

  1. Yup, GlamourDoll knocked it out of the park with this one, one of my favorites.

  2. One word: DAMN!!! This guy is great!

  3. Ya im going to agree with everyone i think this kicked ass, also in the series this was one of my favourite mask looks even though it was only used for a scene before Roy used his blue stripped mask, thanks for the post

  4. This mask is awesome! Comparing the picture to the replica, they look the same. Great work here. Is this available for sale? Does this person have a website?

  5. I do not think he has a website, however, I don’t really know this person that well.Anyone know more info on if he sells hocks or has a website?

  6. Hey guys, this is my my mask believe it or not. It’s pretty cool to see it here! Darrin (glamourdoll 13) did a great job on it, It’s hard to believe that this is the first one he has done! :) If anybody is interested in one of his masks, his mspace is:http://www.myspace.com/deathsinlovewithus or just shoot him an email: ancientgoblin@gmail.com

    I’ll be sure to show Dariin this page. :)

    Thanks Tom

  7. Hi, Thanks a lot guys!!! I really appreciate all the kinds words, and Jasonsfury I greatly appreciate the article on one of my paint-ups. If anyone’s interested in a mask my e-mail is the same as the above post, or I can be reached on http://www.facebook.com/Glamourdoll13. Thanks so much

  8. Darrin knocked it out of the ballpark with this one! Great job, brother!

  9. Darrin, you always do great work my friend.This is just another notch in the old belt bro.I always look forward to seeing your new paintups bro!!
    If you have not seen his Misfits Crimson ghost hock you really need to check it out.It is truly a masterpiece.
    Keep up the great work and i will talk to ya soon buddy!!!

  10. Darrin,
    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I didn’t have contact info to give out previously. Congats on a great job with this mask and hope you get a good number of requests to make more.

  11. Thanks a lot Wayne, Jeff and Jasonfury This mean so much to me, and I’m and very thankful for all the nice comments. Thanks again guys.

  12. Damn, there should be a helluva lot more comments on the badassery of this mask, that’s too bad credit is not given where it is due.

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