Jason Voorhees Actor Spoofs Character?

I have known about this movie since it was announced last year and just discarded it as another terrible parody movie. Then, in the beginning of February of this year a person on a message forum mentioned that Ken Kirzinger was in the film ‘Stan Helsing’. So, the man that played Jason in ‘Freddy vs Jason’ was in a parody of horror movie villains. My thought was, okay, maybe he is doing a cameo as himself and away the movie would go. This was the beginning of my total unknowing of the cicumstances of this film. I watched the film on a whim this weekend and as I thought a year ago, the movie was terrible. After watching the film, I decided to see what part Ken played and was shocked to learn that he did indeed play the character “Mason” which was the parody of Jason Voorhees.

There is no problem with a man or woman taking an acting gig to make a paycheck and Ken seems like a very cool guy. However, I don’t think I have ever seen a person who has acted as one of the biggest horror icons in the world go and make fun of that same character in a poorly made movie years later. There really is no anger or rage for Ken from my perspective, but I was taken back that he would even consider it. For those of you that didn’t know about this previously and those that did, what do you think about Ken making a parody of the Jason Voorhees character?

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35 Responses to “ Jason Voorhees Actor Spoofs Character? ”

  1. I’m disappointed that Ken would parody Jason in a movie. Especially such a bad parody movie. He’s either really desperate for work, or he thinks the character is a joke. He’s turning out to be my least favorite Jason. My one big complaint about him in FvsJ was that he’s so ridiculously slow! Unlike most people I thought he looked cool. One scene that stood out was the party in the cornfield. He did that pretty well.
    No other actor portraying Jason has ever parodied him though. That’s really stupid.

  2. I think anyone who thinks this is ‘disrespect’ is taking this too seriously.

    As if Adam West or William Shatner or Mr. T or Roger Moore or Mark Hamill or Linda Blair haven’t spent DECADES making money by parodying the roles they made famous.

    (Heck, Linda Blair did a whole MOVIE parodying her role in ‘The Exorcist’ called ‘Repossessed’ that co-starred Leslie Nielsen.)

    Let’s be real here: Who among us would turn down an easy paycheck to defend the ‘honor’ of one of the most parodied horror movie characters in all of pop culture? It’s not like they wouldn’t have done the parody with someone else under the mask if he refused.

    Actually, I think it’s pretty cool they asked Ken Kirzinger to do this, especially since they could have decided to have any old stuntman play the role. If anything, I think this shows the producers of this film do have some respect for the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise and wanted to give props to Ken by having him do a light-hearted parody of his most famous role.

  3. Personally if someone was going to spoof a character I would rather it be a person that played that character so it’s not so insulting. I mean imagine a Freddy spoof by someone other than Robert! I couldn’t.


  4. shoot! I already thought Ken spoofed Jason in Freddy vs Jason? lol

  5. I don’t have a problem with parodies if they are done correctly such as the first two Scary movie, and Superhero movie. The problem is movies like Epic movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans etc. which is nothing more than anything and everything pop culture at that moment lacking any plot whatsoever.

    I think being Ken was poking fun at himself along with the character which is perfectly fine with me. He was Jason in a movie that is highly criticized by two individual groups of fans….let him have some fun.

  6. I think I was the one who mentioned it, originally. I don’t think we would see Kane Hodder or Derek Mears would parody Jason. Ken Kirzinger is more of a stunt guy, so I don’t see why he would do the “Mason” character. I did see him on Supernatural, and he should get more speaking roles.

    So, while I really don’t know if it was “disrespectful,” I would look in context to the overall script and movie and say it was a poor choice, but an easy way to get some money.

  7. I wonder if we will get too see the film over here in the UK?!
    I think it is a good thing todo, i know that he is an icon, but making him lightharted every now and then doesnt do Jason V franchise any harm wat so ever!
    Got to amit i was hopeing they would do something like this, and as extra “YES” Ken is playing him!!

  8. I agree with Chris, there’s been a number of actors who have spoofed the characters they made them famous. So its no surprise one of the Jason actors made fun of Jason, its all for fun so I don’t see no harm in it. If Mark Hamill, Linda Blair, Adam West and William Shatner can make a little money poking fun at themselves then why can’t Ken Kirzinger? Its just humor and people getting mad over it have none anyway.

  9. no big deal to me. come on, some people take movies to seriously. jason is the man! no one can take that away from him.

  10. the movie was about a modern day van helsing, so you sort of have to have Jason there. Aside from standing there, I don’t remember “Mason” doing anything in the movie except a dance to YMCA, and that obviously wasn’t Ken (unless he can dance!) If they had to pay extra to get him, I don’t understand it.

  11. One’s Customs Jul 12th, 2024 at 8:38 am
    shoot! I already thought Ken spoofed Jason in Freddy vs Jason? lol

    :) No one else bit on this one huh.

    I am glad so many people are cool with Ken doing this role. To be honest, I thought most everyone was going to attack him for acting in the “Mason” role. Very interesting…

  12. I think that this is something that really shouldn’t be debated really. Come on….Really??? I love Jason, but if people are actually getting offended by someone spoffing a make-believe character….then we really need to get out more…lol. I think the name “Mason” is great. With this topic, this must be a slow week for Fridaythe13thfilms.com .

  13. Who cares if Ken makes fun of Jason? IMO There is nothing in the world above being able to be made fun of. However I do think Ken sucked as Jason.

  14. I think that I’m the only one that didn’t like him doing this parody, so I’ll assume that all the comments are directed toward me. Still though, I really hate these low quality parody movies. Wouldn’t suprise me if he put more effort into making fun of the character than he did playing the real Jason. BTW, I seriously doubt that Englund would ever spoof Freddy in a film. That would no doubt be the lowest point of his career if he did.

  15. I have to agree with that.

  16. Yeah, I see your point about Robert spoofing the Freddy
    character. And I have to agree that Ken was definitly not
    the best Jason. I guess I am just old school in that I still love
    Steve, Richard, and Ted. They were the best to me. I meant no disrespect to anyone here it’s just I guess I don’t see it as a huge deal. Especially sense Ken wasn’t really that good a Jason anyway. Maybe I would be more offended if Ted White would have spoofed what always gave me fear as a kid.

  17. haha 84 year old Ted White hobbling around in a Jason spoof… lol

    Ken is everyone’s least favorite Jason anyway. I think Warrington Gillette is more popular. It never seemed like he took that role real seriously, I mean Ronny Yu having him wear big platform boots and all, the whole movie was a joke.

  18. The thing about it is
    1. He has played Jason only once
    2. The Movie he played Jason in is not a high point in the series.
    3. Englund is the face of a franchise, there is no one person who you could say has been Jason for 20 years.
    4. It’s a parody so who cares lol

  19. Chris’s post up above is spot-on. The movies are entertainment. It isn’t like Jason Voorhees was anyone’s old, feeble-minded grandfather who doesn’t deserve to be made fun of. Parodies, even badly done ones, are an homage to the original. Enjoy these movies for what they were made for: enjoyment. Don’t read into one individual’s decision to add another film to his resume and get a paycheck.

  20. I’ll add to what One’s Customs was saying because it’s something we can all agree on…….both Ken’s performances were a joke ;)

  21. I don’t see anything wrong with Ken playing a parody of Jason. Maybe it just his way of making joke of his Jason with people unfairly rip on him playing Jason in FvJ than rip on Ronny instead. Or maybe Ken just like making any movies he want to. I done acting for years & it always fun, so I’m sure it the same for Ken. People who make big deal about Ken parodying Jason in Stan Helsing should look at Englund. He spoof Freddy in The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, etc. Some just need to lighten up & not take things seriously like Ken as Mason here. :P

    It also funny Ken as Mason is wearing a hockey jersey & using the hockey stick along with the hockey mask, with how Ken is from Canada. ;) XD

  22. well, i knew it. ken is out to ruin jason. it started with fvj, and now this? just kidding, who cares if he did. i cant stand jason in fvj. so its no sweat of my back, just goes to show ya, he dont really care about jason, or atleast not like mears and hodder.hell, gillette has more entusiasm for the character.

  23. Ken was a hired hand and if it wasn’t Ken in FvJ who would be hated on by some then it would be someone else. He got paid and alls good for him and it’s not like folks are rushing out to see this “film”.

    As long as Jason doesn’t get kung fu’d by Busta Rhymes then I’m fine with it.

  24. As long as Jason doesn’t get kung fu’d by Busta Rhymes then I’m fine with it.

    “Trick or Treat, motha f*cka!”

  25. Ken was a joke
    he is a cool guy to hang with
    he was just an awful Jason

  26. I like the jersey. But Id rather anyone else play Jason or “Mason” besides Ken Kirzinger. But as Pa in Wrong Turn 2 He did kick ass.

  27. I don’t blame Ken for his performance as Jason in FvJ. I blame Ronny Yu for that. Ken on screen does what the director tells him and it fit Ronny’s them of making Jason like Frankenstein.

  28. While I have not yet seen this film, nor did I know it existed, I am not offended.

    Let’s be honest, Friday the 13Th Parts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 where all Parodies of Friday the 13Th anyway.

    So, as far as I am concerned, Ken played Jason in two parody movies now. One directly, and one indirectly.

  29. I actually bought that movie back in late Dec./early Jan. It def. was the worse hing I could EVER possibly waste $ on. It was like, “Here Wal-Mart, just take my $10.00, and piss me off some more.” Leslie Neilson breaking it down at the end with the parody killers with “YMCA”, “Freddy” bitch-slapping the kids with a big white rubber mickey mouse glove was something to maybe couch a forced chuckle out, but that may even be pushing the envelope. (If you want to watch it just b/c of the killers in it like I did, by all means go for it, but be warned…

  30. couGh…not couch. Sorry falling alseep just thinking about this filth. :)

  31. That better be a joke that Gillette has more enthusiasm as Jason than Ken. That is just too funny there, ’cause Gillette barely done shit & wasn’t even a stuntman!! :D

  32. I don’t think it’s such a big deal. He’s a stuntman/actor. They needed a Jason type. He fits the bill. Ken gotta eat!.

  33. i’m not disappointed about this parody, i love jason but i don’t take him too seriously, afterall it’s a movie character not a religious icon:-)

  34. yeah nw, i was kidding. he does ”fake” his enthusiasm for the character better than warrington does. like in the dvd extras when jason gets his fingers cut off, ken in the commentary laughs and says”uuhh fin-gers?” kinda making jason out to be dumber than usual. you could tell he enjoyed playing the character>

  35. One’s Customs stole my comment!! LoL

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