‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ Crew Jacket

We are always on the lookout for memoribilia and screen used items from the Friday the 13th franchise. Recently, a crew jacket from the production of ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ was sold on eBay, and the jacket sold for $449. The price seems expensive, but this type of jacket would normally sell for an average of $200 or more without it being a crew jacket for a motion picture.

The photo below is of the back, on the front there is a small embroidered FRIDAY THE 13th PART VIII logo. Only crew members were given the opportunity to purchase this item. Because the jacket was not a ‘”freebie” given away by the production company, rather they had to be purchased by the crew, very few actually exist .

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  2. ironic as to the fact I actually went and watched JTM today…maybe that’s why the earth has so many troubles…he looks bad ass yes, but still can’t handle the over-all movie. However, THIS jacket kicks major ass!

  3. It would be nice to own as it is part of the filming of motion picture. Wish I had the money for such a thing. :)

  4. For some strange reason I went back and watched JTM over the weekend. I have no idea why but I did and now someone bought this jacket only a few days later go figure. It’s funny sometimes how the world works. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING?

  5. awsome! just too cool for school. wish i had dough to spend on stuff like that! lol!

  6. wasn’t Part VIII filmed under the title ‘Ashes to Ashes’? why would jackets – that crew members had to purchase – say ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ on it – if indeed it was filmed under a different title in order to keep it secret?

  7. Cool.

  8. @ Andy, that’s a real good point! What’s up with that?

  9. Hi, I am the guy that bought the jacket. I received it this morning and it looks awesome. Other than being worn a few times its in beautiful condition. I had the opportunity to buy one on ebay just like it around 5-7 years ago, guessing. Maybe jasonfury remembers the listing at the time. Someone from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was selling it at the time. I could have bought it for $300 on a side deal. I thought it was a lot and decided to wait the auction out. The Jacket ended up selling over $400 from what I remember.

    When another one showed up I had to get it. Yeah, it is a lot of money for a jacket, but its a piece of history. Being a F13 fan I really wanted it. I won’t be wearing it in fear of ruining it. Besides it a little small for me. I would love to find a regular F13 jacket I could wear around town. I don’t know if they make them.

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