Mears-Jason Nominated For MTV Best Villian Award


Derek “Jason” Mears has been nominated for the MTV Awards’ Best Villian. He’s up against Dwayne Johnson – Get Smart, Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight, Johnathon Schaech – Prom Night (Screen Gems) & Luke Goss – Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Proving MTV’s own cluelessness, their nomination line is: “You know you’re a great villain when you never run after your victims yet you’re always right behind them.”

Sign-up is required but if you want to push our man into the spotlight…


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34 Responses to “ Mears-Jason Nominated For MTV Best Villian Award ”

  1. Sawwweeeet!!!

    Congrats Derek!

  2. I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say that Heath Ledger is gonna win this award. Every other pre-20-year-old that I know seems to own a shirt with the Joker on it these days.

  3. This one is a no brainer. As much as I like Jason I know Joker’s got it.

  4. Yeah pretty obvious Ledger’s gonna take it. But cool.

  5. If the Joker wasn’t up there, He would win. Cause the rest aren’t as good.

  6. how is ledger still up for awards?

  7. Gave Mears my vote. Idc, still gonna try to give Jason a win.

  8. Yeah pretty obvious who is going to win this one, i think Derek is the Best Jason yet along with Ted White in part 4, but no chance in hell anyone will beat Heath Ledger as the Joker, but would be coolest thing if Jason was to win it, mabye next time when the sequel is out he may have a better chance

  9. congrats derek…even a nomination without a win is something to be proud of. ledger’s got it in the bag…in all fairness he had much better content to work with, not referring to him talking–dark knight clearly had filmmakers that cared about it–f13th was rushed, sloppy, and didn’t have much heart from the production side.

    but he was great as jason. if the award was divided by genre or type of villain, mears is king by far.

    how the hell did the dude from prom night get nominated? that movie was a pile of shit. not scary, not suspensful, and has nothing to do with the prom night franchise. i can’t get into a movie where the killer is just some dude that i could fight…then they have to drag it out with victims being unrealistically stupid and weak.

    what about jigsaw?

  10. Congrats Derek you definetly deserve it you are at the top of my list for best Jason ever……I am excited to see you in the next film :) and can not wait for the killer cut blu ray and dvd….Jason for life peeps

  11. Yeah it’s pretty obvious that Heath Ledger(r.i.p) has this one all sewn up.But for the record Jason would waste The Joker’s candy ass.Well done Derek.I can fast see you becoming to Friday The 13th what Robert Englund was to Nightmare On Elm Street.You have made Jason fearful and kick ass again and i can’t wait until the N.O.E.S remake is all over with so “plastic” dunes can get on with the F13 sequel………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  12. I wish him all the luck!! But i think Heath Ledger will prob win it :( GO DEREK!!!!!

  13. I am so tired of hearing about frickin’ Heath Ledger and the stupid frickin’ Joker. God, give it a rest already!

  14. I’m not sure if the Joker, by himself is a better villain, but perhaps more interesting on screen. Context is going to give Joker the win because in the context of that movie, and the newness of that Joker, he was a “great villain” whatever that means. Mears and the guy from Part 3 were brutal and badass. I think if F13 was a brand new movie, and Jason was a new creation, he may have a better chance and the award. Those are my thoughts.

  15. Warrington gillette won this award as Jason back in 82. He is still the best Jason ever.


    this is a neat article. I think o boy from 3 was the best. but, he doesn’t look as big in person as he did in the movie. probably old age

  17. Even though I love Jason and his bloody legacy, Heath Ledger won an Oscar for playing The Joker. It is pretty obvious that he will get this one too. However, I will still keep my hopes up that Jason will win. His only other MTV win was way back in 1992.

  18. You are a moron blackjesus

  19. I think it is totally awesome that Derek is up for best movie bad guy for his portrayal as Jason. Lets all be honest. We all know that The Joker is going to win, so I just gave Jason a vote. Since Heath did win the Grammy, it would actually be nice if Jason won the MTV award. In a way I don’t think it’s fair that Jason is competing with Heath because The Dark Knight came out last year. Friday the 13th is this year’s film.

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  21. For what it’s worth, he got my vote.

  22. I’m a moron? I thought I wrote a well-composed, well-thought out post. Why am I a moron? That hurts, bro. That really hurts.

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  26. The video doesn’t work…

  27. Why do they have to bring Mears back for the possible sequel? They used to go with a different Jason actor back in the days and no one complained. In fact it was fun to sort out the differences each man brought to the guy. These days it’s all about how cool the actor was and let’s bring him back without the slightest notion that a different actor *might* be better, cost less and bring something fresh. To the producers: STOP hiring back your damn friends.

  28. Billabong, I wouldn’t see a problem with bringing Mears back. Most fans liked him and he has a deep respect for the films and the character.

  29. I agree, Nosferatu. I really like how Derek portrayed the character. He brought a lot of agression to the part. And there is that bonus that he is a huge fan of the series. The producers could go with another Jason, but then we could possibly end up with a Ken Kirzinger performance and that’s a step back.

  30. Nosferatu and jasonsfury i agree with you guys.We have seen this series mishandled for so long.We finally get a Jason performance that is fresh but traditional yet still retaining old school brutality and still some people wanna change the actor who delivered the goods.Don\’t get me wrong the new movie did have it\’s fair share of critics.But i think most would agree that it was the best entry to the series since the Paramount years.Now that they have established the series again,surely the sequel could deliver the goods on all fronts………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  31. yeah yeah yeah lol

  32. Ledger is dead- so its obvious hes got it- Hollywood loves dead young people- as much as it seems bad to say- the ones who F up= are always praised- you die in Hollywood = victory

  33. I hate to agree with this, but hell, Jason does have SOME compettion, Heath Ledger’s Joker was quite impressive, and well.. suffice to say… Derek’s J.V. was great, but the movie in general was quite bland…

  34. Who won best villain? I don’t even remember seeing anyone win.

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