Friday the 13th Franchise on Japanese Laserdisc

japanlaserdiscsI have been searching around various outlets to complete my US laserdisc collection of the Friday franchise and came across the entire collection on Japanese laserdisc, minus Jason X as laserdisc was dead by then. These discs look spectacular and I wish I could have bought these up, but I was a month or so too late.

Check out the images and let us know what you think.



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19 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Franchise on Japanese Laserdisc ”

  1. Never did get into the whole laser disc thing but these sure would look good in mine or anyone’s Friday The 13th collection.Great find jasonsfury………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.


  3. I do have a laserdisc player. It’s cool to watch the movies on laserdisc and VHS. Nice to remember the old days. I really wish I could have gotten my hands on these discs though. They are pure awesome!

  4. When did LaserDisc start anyway? I wonder if it has the theatrical and Uncut version of Jason Goes To Hell (that would be interesting)…

  5. Chris, Laserdisc started in the mid to late 70’s and the last disc was produced, I believe, in 2024. It had a 25 year run, but DVD put and end to the format.

    I actually own the US laserdisc of Jason Goes To Hell and it only has the unrated version. And it is not even a widescreen transfer. However, this was before the big trend of releasing movies in widescreen began. Still lots of fun.

  6. Whoa, nice collection there (and sorry I’ve been away, to the few that care–been super busy with workin’ over time here).

    I always like the huge, vinyl LP lookin’ format of Laserdiscs, but never bought any cause of the price and of course, fact that eventually they all went the way of the dodo bird. Ah well.

    If anyone hasn’t checked out’s latest batch of YouTube vids under the WesVance moniker screen name, check out The Creepy Kentuckian (whom is Wes) talk about horror on Laserdiscs if ya can get some time.

  7. thoes laserdiscs u got they look awesome . i only have 1 laserdisc it poltergiest 2 the other side witch is one of my favorite movies
    well i just wanted to put my 2 cent in have a great day … where ever you are….

  8. Every time I try to relive my childhood by popping a VHS tape into the player the experience gets grainier and grainier. It’s sad but it really doesn’t help me relive anything besides frustration. I think the laserdisc experience would be much better since the discs do not wear out the quality of the film over time.

    It’s funny this topic came up, btw. Last week I sold all of my remaining VHS tapes to the only store in town that would still buy them. I got pennies on the dollar for each one but the space that I freed up on my shelf is much more valuable to me at this point.

  9. I only got the US LD of the first Friday movie which is my fave of the series. I have a total of 100 LD’s.

  10. I like the part 5 laserdisk cover.

  11. Just so you know, laserdiscs sometimes have better picture (when using the right equipment) and sound than DVD, especially when the disc was produced in the mid 1990’s.

    I have the first few Friday films on laserdisc and did a comparison, and the laserdiscs often had a bit more “oomph” in the sound department. This goes to the fact that laserdisc audio is generally uncompressed where as on DVD it is.

    just throwing that out there.

  12. Hi, I saw that you were interested in these discs but were too late to bid. I specialize in finding rare laserdiscs here in Japan, especially horror titles. The ones you saw on Ebay sold for $275… pretty high in my experience. If you are still looking, feel free to send me a note.

  13. Good Squid,
    Send me an email to and we can discuss. Thanks.

  14. Good Squid,

    I’m after Parts 5 and 6 on Japan Laserdisc, and Part 5 on Japan VHS. If you can help, please email me at, thanks.

  15. What I don’t understand is why the hell would you go out of your way to pay a lot of money for a Japanese out of print product when a box set is readily available and probably has better quality?

  16. hi,im after stigmata on laserdsc can you get it???? one of the last laserdiscs to be pressed

  17. its not about buying something thats way overpriced and out of print with bad quality,its about the love of the films and the appreciation of other formats besides dvd, true you get the best quality there. but the previous formats can be special to people, i love dvd clarity, but i will always prefer the vhs format and those great 80s vcr’s with all the buttons on them, having recently aquired 6 of of the 8 friday lasers it is just another fun way to enjoy your favorite films in a vintage format, friday the 13th selectavision and beta are next !

  18. hi,
    i have all us and japan ld’s they are great collectors items.
    Does anybody have the Vinyl LD OST ? Not the TV Series.

  19. Hi thomas13,
    Thanks for visiting the site. When you ask about the Vinyl LD OST, do you mean the RCA CED discs of the first 5 movies?

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