Revealed: Exclusive Blu-Ray Content

Some more nice bells and whistles planned for the Friday The 13th (2009) Blu-Ray Disc:

Warner Home Video has unveiled further specs for ‘Friday the 13th,’ which will slash its way to Blu-ray this June with even more bloody BD-Live-exclusive content.

Though the studio recently confirmed an already-impressive gaggle of bonus features for the June 16 Blu-ray release, they’ve now issued a press release that promises even more BD-Live content.

As previously reported, Jason’s latest exploits will receive the BD-50 dual-layer treatment with 1080p/VC-1 video (2.39:1) and English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround track. The disc will contain both the R-rated and never-before-seen “Killer Cut” versions of the film available via seamless branching.

Extras include the “Explore the Rebirth of Jason Voorhees” featurette and additional “slashed” scenes, as well as Blu-ray exclusives including a “Terror Trivia” picture-in-picture track with pop-up trivia, and two additional featurettes (“Hacking Back/Slashing Forward,” “The 7 Best Kills”).

Just-announced BD-Live content includes “My Commentary” function to record your own track and share it with other ‘Friday’ fans, the ability to join in a “Live Community Screening,” and a downloadable sneak peek at the upcoming Blu-ray release of ‘Trick ‘r Treat.’

Finally, included on a second disc will be a Digital Copy of both the extended and rated versions of the film, compatible with PCs and iTunes.

Suggested retail price for the Blu-ray has been set at $35.98.

Source: Hi-Def Digest

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42 Responses to “ Revealed: Exclusive Blu-Ray Content ”

  1. Hell yes can’t wait for this:).

  2. Now that’s what i’m talkin about.

  3. Counting the days !

  4. I will be buying this the day it comes out.

  5. WTF is up with Amazon? They don’t have the remake listed for pre-order yet but they’ve had a listing for Part 4-6 Deluxe Editions for over a week! Don’t these all come out on the same day? I’m only asking because usually Amazon charges a little less for their products than places like Best Buy.

  6. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on that Blu Ray disc!

  7. Cant wait till June 16th it will be even better then feb 4th was cant wait to see those blu rays and also excited about the DVDS

  8. this is gonna be so bad-ass – who wants to say blu-ray’s a ripoff for this one??…we get both versions in hi-def, both versions to drop on your computer-which can be burnt into standard-def dvds, and an assload of extras. i can’t effin wait!!! i want it now!!!!

  9. I really hope the dvd comes with all that too. I dont own blu ray yet.

  10. bah some of us cant afford blu-ray how bout some extra features for us!?

  11. When…when….when…is it gonna be released???? I need a date please.

  12. I’m very excited about the Trick r’ Treat release… now that’s something worth the buy of that F13 garbage redux.

  13. Is the (2.39:1) mentioned above, the aspect ratio?

  14. many blu ray players are under $200 now…i paid the same for my first dvd player. although i know times are tough for a lot of people now…my whole company is getting screwed with mandatory unpaid leave of absences right now, so i’m feeling it too. i’m just lucky i got a cheap blu ray player right before shit got really bad.

    it sucks that you need to get two separate releases to get the equivalent on dvd…ends up costing more. and who knows if you’ll get all the extras?? they should do something about that. the releases should be similar for buyers of either technology.

    chad, i thought 2.40:1 was the ratio shown in theaters, but i could be wrong. not that there’s much of a difference.

  15. It might just be me but that exclusive content is crap. who cares about recording your own commentary? “this scene rulz dude”. Well i’ll be buying the blu ray either way.

  16. yeah that shit’s lame. that’s basically all “bd-live” has to offer. my player has bd-live capability and i’ve never bothered hooking it up. there’s got to be better ideas out there of stuff to do with it.

  17. You know it’s cheaper to buy a PS3 then an actual Blu-Ray Player? I really want to buy the blu-ray with all this extra stuff on it.

  18. Hey Justin! Suck my balls!

  19. a ps3 under $200 is hard to come by, and the bd-player usability isn’t all that impressive from what i hear…best buy’s insignia bd-player goes on sale for about $159 every couple months & amazon has several decent models for under $200. i got a samsung for $199.

    although if you’re a gamer there’s obviously alot more benefit in getting the ps3, but i haven’t touched my ps2 in years.

    should i suck your balls too, jesse?

    there are many more threads for standard-def dvds than blu-rays…if you don’t like bd you can skip over these and go to the dvd threads. we’re not going on to them being dicks to you.

  20. Hey tommyblah, you are right. That Jesse needs to go suck some dick at another forum. But hey, what’s wrong with a lil ball sucking between jason lovers anyway? hey, tommyblah…suck mine! You really think you know it all. If anything…you sound like the dick to us.

  21. i do. i’m a big dick. an e-dick. it makes up for how miserable my real life is…i’m aware of it and i embrace it. and speaking of big dick, you should suck mine, with balls. sick nick dick suck. now everyone’s got dicks and/or balls in their mouth.

  22. me writing that stuff is actually not intended to prove i know more than you or to be a know-it-all. it’s self-serving. i do it in the hopes that someone who is considering going blu-ray and needs that extra nudge sees it. if it works on even one person, i’ve done my part. and the reason is, so much shit doesn’t come out on blu-ray, but that is slowly changing as more people are getting into it. the more horror fans that get it, the sooner we get hatchet, return to sleepaway camp, my bloody valentine ‘81, etc.

  23. This is the real Sick Nick. Whoever posted using my name on May 5th should fuck off cause I didn’t post that shit.

  24. You spammers/flamers are gonna be in for a mighty shock soon once I install a script that will not only ban you from posting, but from viewing the website.

  25. Thank you. It’s the sock puppets/ trolls are getting out of hand.

  26. ahh, i thought you were just playin’ anyway. i’m a big fan of sarcasm. that was probably jesse.

  27. I think that Jason looks sexier on Blu-ray. I don’t mean that in a gay way at all. I just mean that he looks more sleek, like how they improved the Aliens in later movies. It always bothered me that Jason didn’t look buff enough. Mears is way buff, great neck, great pecs. I think Jason would look like that from living in the woods and wrestling bears for food and stuff. The Friday movies got away from him being buff. There no harm in Jason having a cute ass. That could appeal to another subset of the audience. So, Blue-ray definitely did justice to his genitals and pecs and so forth. Awesome.


  29. yeah, fuck us lol. I’d love it.

  30. i didn’t write that.

    that wasn’t even funny. at least if you’re gonna do that make it clever or something.

  31. It could be fun to make my own commentary track for the film. I would do it like a trivia kind of thing and point out every thing they took from the original series of films. That could be fun.

  32. Spreading the word….Someone is impersonating some of us. After some research and lots of waiting…we have realized that it is “T”…The original “T” now will go by the name of ‘The real T” so any posts from “T” as of now will be an imposter. He is a loser who has nothing better to do with his time. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.
    He has imperonated EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he is making it seem like he is the victim. So beware of this little loser troll.

  33. THANK YOU!! Jeez, finally. I’ve been a Friday fan since the first movie, so I don’t want my credibility damaged.

    I like Blu ray and all the new technologies because I think it forces movie-makers to have great make-up and special effects because we can see everything better. As for Jason’s goodies, like that poster said earlier, lol, yeah, I guess you can see his package better so point taken. Some of us do swing that way, but not for maniacs!! Anyway, keep posting, it’s a lot of fun. You guys are all cool in my book, no matter what color Jesus was, lol.

  34. The imposter is the same person that has been posting as “tommy” in the and posts. He also posted as “timmy” on the post. I noticed how the imposter was going on about “how sexy” Jason is, and how Jesus was “Black”. The imposter is saying the same weird shit and leaving links to, just like the “tommy” from the other posts.

  35. You can tell when it’s the imposter posting, by the icon next to the name. The imposter’s icon doesn’t match the ones of the people he’s impersonating.

  36. Credibility damaged? Are you fucking kidding me? Sad.

  37. Get a grip people. It’s not that serious of an issue.

  38. LOOOOOOOOOOOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Why does every blog on this site seem to end with an arguement about blu ray? I have it, I love it. For those of you who say blu ray sucks, it’s only because you don’t have one. If you had the chance to buy another standard DVD player or blu ray you know your cheap ass would buy the blu ray. Now, suck some balls

  40. right on dj. i admit i briefly talked shit on it a few years back, mainly because i spent so much time and money building up my dvd collection, replacing vhs’s along the way…then i got an hdtv and saw how bad standard def looked on it. i’m too anal to not mind a little digital grain in my movies (i love some natural film grain but dvd grain bothers me).

    how could you not want something that looks better? people are just resistant to the change, as they are with every change, but vhs would still be around if they didn’t eventually come around.

    and with deals like this f13th bd, it’s hard to say it sucks. you’re getting everything in one package…both versions of the movie in standard and hi-def & all the extras. the majority of bds are very good releases – almost always director’s cuts with thorough sets of extras. and you gotta love the animated menus that you can access mid-movie.

  41. tommyblah, the “dj” you just said “right on” to, is the same person that’s been impersonating people, the same one that’s been impersonating you. Didn’t you notice his last comment? Where he said “Now, suck some balls”. This person is like a broken record, saying the same weird shit over and over. It’s either some weird gay child-ish insult or some out of the blue comment about Jesus being black. Who ever he is, he’s not that bright and he’s pretty easy to spot, regardless of who he’s pretending to be.

  42. yeah i think he was trying to get me to rant again, judging by the fact that the blu-ray argument had already fizzled out. i’m such a sucker…but at least not of balls this time.

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