Derek Mears Talks New Friday: The Sequel!


Since it’s so early days right now, anyone associated with Platinum Dunes’ Friday The 13th talking about the inevitable sequel, is well worth listening to:

What I can officially say from the producers is the writers are writing the sequel right now. It’s still in the rumor status because it hasn’t been officially green lit. I do have a second picture option with Platinum Dunes. It could be for part two or it could be for a different film entirely. Being that the film is not yet green lit, they can’t make any offers or anything. I would like to return, but nothing is for sure.

Source: Icon Vs Icon Interview With Derek Mears

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92 Responses to “ Derek Mears Talks New Friday: The Sequel! ”

  1. oh no, i hoped for an officiall start! :-(
    they couldn’t make it! :-(
    sigh :-(

  2. I wish they’d hire some different writers for the sequel.

  3. Had this been the 80’s (and the Paramount era), a sequel would’ve been greenlit the same weekend it bankrolled to #1 – and the film would’ve been well underway to being completed in time for a Nov. 13, 2024 release date.

    Paramount may not have cared for the reputation the franchise brought, but they certainly loved it when the red [splatter] translated into the green.

    Mind you, if anyone at Platinum Dunes is listening – it’s still not too late to get a film written, shot and edited in time. If they could turn these things around in under a few weeks 20 years ago – why is it so hard to do now? Or have we become so bogged down in the crap of red-tape and the need to get a b-movie so perfectly “spit and polished”?

    On a whole other note – with respect to the Friday reboot/lost sequel (which is how I saw it) – Derek did a fine turn as Jason. For that matter, the cast wasn’t that bad either – with regard to what they had to work with. If only the film itself was as strong.

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  4. I know that guy above me! Howdy OOTD.

  5. They might be waiting to see how Blu-Ray & DVD sales go. I’m suprised a sequel hasn’t been greenlit after the box office bankroll. I’ve heard that New Line is mainly focusing on the “A Nightmare On Elm Street” remake. I’m glad that the Friday movies are finally getting the proper blu-ray & dvd releases because of the reboot! It’s about time!!

  6. I have not seen the remake of Friday the 13th. I can only imagine that Derek Mears was pretty kick ass! He’s 1 lucky man to be able to get a role in Friday the 13th. Let alone play jason! Congrats Derek!

  7. Right back at ya Dusk. It’s been a LONG time.

    However, it’s good to see that the “old girl” is still kickin’ – and kickin’ hard. :)

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  8. I wouldn’t mind a new writer or team of writers for this, nor a new director. The latest one was fun, but it could be even more than that. I do hope Derek returns though, he did fuse a lot of new life into a character we’ve long since taken for granted, and he’s got such great energy and passion for it himself.

  9. Not sure if it was the writing that made the story lackluster. I think they just edited the film in places where they didn’t need to. There are better writing teams out there but Platinum Dunes just needed to remake Friday the 13th. How much “good” writing do you need for that?

    As for Mears returning…I’m all for it. The remake Jason is almost as menacing as he was in the pre-1985 films which was a very good thing. Call me old school, but I think there is something scarier about chasing your victims instead of just methodically walking towards them. I know someone here will probably say that they need to bring Kane Hodder back but if they did it almost wouldn’t be a remake (even though Kane is great). I’m glad they aren’t getting Robert Englund back for The Nightmare on Elm Street remake too. Time for a fresh start.

  10. Holy cow! OOTD LIVES!!!

  11. Holy crap its OOTD!! It\’s like 1998 all over again! :D

  12. We should call ourselves The Wheelchair Warriors, because that name’s so uncool it’s cool.

  13. Bring back Derek Mears as Jason!!!

  14. I really need a sequel, it can’t just end like this. Derek Mears needs to come back and kill more people, hopefully camp counselors. Was hoping for different writers this time around though.

  15. Can New Line be indecisive about a F13 sequel because the remake CRASHED over 80% on its second week-end and everyone chit-chatted about how horrible and let down it was??? New Line effectively destroyed what F13 had left of a reputation. A new F13 could open to less than 10 millions$ and NEW LINE KNOWS IT.

  16. I didn´t pay to see the rebutchering of F13, so I’m sure as hell wouldn’t pay to see a halfassed sequel either… thank God for the press screenings!!

  17. Who cares if it crashed over 80% on its second weekend, it already made $90,144,693 worldwide. And that’s not even including DVD sales. With a production budget of only 19 million, that is very impressive. Nuff Said!

  18. Derek Mears sucks balls…Mine

  19. Just kidding. Dont get your panties in a bunch ladies.

  20. thats not the real OOTD! It’s an imposter!

  21. seriously. This entire board is becoming a joke with all of these imposters already.

  22. And for godsake, no more religion or talk about Jason’s sexuality!

  23. You should talk T…The entire board is filled with your nonsense!

  24. Okay seriously no more impostors. and… Jesus was black

  25. Hardly an imposter, Chris. :D

    Oh, and eXile and Jenosis, good to hear from you guys too. It would appear that the rumours of my death were somewhat exaggerated…

    Ok, so there were no rumours of me dying – however, like Mercedes, I have to admit, I did “disappear” without so much as a warning.

    Granted, at the time I disappeared (around the time the site went down hard for what I thought was the last time), there were a number of things going on in my life – things that took precedence over remaining a part of the Friday community – among other ‘net haunts. Needless to say, I took it as a sign that maybe it was time to move on… and get some things straightened out.

    Still, I have managed to maintain somewhat of a “lurker” status over the past few months. And hey, who knows, if time permits, maybe I might just eventually work my way back into being a regular again. :)

    That, and I really have to contribute something new to the art gallery… I’m LONG overdue.

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  26. A budget of 19 million that hardly shows on the screen, isn’t? the originals were made with fewer resources and kicked major ass that this garbage…

  27. In the sequel Jason should should kill teenagers for breaking into his “moonshine” shack.

  28. The way the economy is, they might not get the proper financinig as easily. The green light might come further along the nightmare project.

  29. Economy schmazonomy! you can’t blame everything on the damn economy morons.

  30. I can’t wait. I’m sure they’ll make another, just working out some details of when.
    The series is definitely looking better these days. The best it’s looked in 25 years.
    But as always there is still some room for improvement. I hope Mears, Padalecki and Righetti all come back.

  31. Get a life scott s. you sound like an idiot. oooh i cant wait…blah blah blah…how old are you 10? the best it’s looked…blah blah blah…whatev…give me a break moron.

  32. i’m with capt brandon…
    Scott S….you sound like you are kissing producer ass. Maybe you should go suck jason’s balls while you are at it.

  33. Thought no one wrote here anymore lol. But back to the subject..Yes Scott ole boy…You do seem to be kissing producer ass LOL! Maybe when you are done sucking Jasons balls you can suck tommyblah’s LOL.

  34. oops mispelled my own name

  35. I’ve gotta admit that I have to agree with Chris on this one. Though the cast were certainly top-notch (including Derek), the material in which they were surrounded was rather… well… dull. I honestly don’t recall one single “Jason” moment. Heck, even the last girl to get killed (SPOILER ALERT!!!), my buddy and I didn’t even realise she’d been machete’d. There was no arterial spray, no “zinger” – it was just… well… just nothing. It was rather anticlimatic.

    And all they needed to do to “up the ante” on that scene? They really needed to show Jason advancing as they were attempting to escape – just a couple of quick back-and-forth cuts showing him getting closer… then “WHAM! SPLAT!” – and have our “hero” take the face-shot as her internal organs should have splattered out over him.

    But no. It was just… lacklustre – and felt somewhat like a cheat. Like they no longer had room for her in climax of the film and they simply had to find something to do with her.

    I guess one of my main gripes with the film was that while everyone involved had a hard-on for rebooting the franchise – they failed to make good on ONE major point – to actually have some fun.

    Even the early Fridays (literally made on shoe-string budgets), as scarey as they were for the day, still managed to invoke that “campy” spirit. A spirit that certainly took centre stage as the series wore on – not unlike the jokiness of Freddy in the later Nightmares.

    In all respects, just as it was hard to take Krueger back to the basics of the original, methinks that they tried a little too hard to take Jason back to his darker roots. Not to mention the fact that as short-spanned as many filmgoers’ attentions are – a good many of them still had their memories of Freddy vs Jason – and the Jason that existed in that outing.

    Personally, I’ve enjoyed some of the 4-colour Jason stories that are out there – and the way in which the writers have been playing with the character.

    Years back, I referenced the idea of Jason being a literal “flesh and blood” ghost. A physical revenant/entity that haunted Crystal Lake and anyone who invaded it’s territory. In my theory, Jason was DEAD – actually, in my theory, he never survived the initial drowning. And it was his spirit, angered at the loss of his mother that fueled his rage to butcher anyone who dared invade his space.

    But I digress… what I’ve enjoyed about those comic based stories is that many of the writers have also been skirting the idea that Jason is simply a “presence” that stalks (or haunts) Crystal Lake. That from the lake he comes – and by conclusion, is returned to the lake. Yes, some of them have been rather weak. But, for the most part, many of them have managed to capture the essence of Jason as we know (and love) him – all while managing to weave a decently creepy slasher outing.

    In that respect, if a handful of comic writers have been able to “reboot” Jason without having to completely retool him, why then, is it suddenly so hard to do it on the cinematic level – and with the cash they threw at it?

    For $19 million, and the time spent on pre-production, I’m rather surprised (and saddened) at the end result. Heck, I don’t even recall either moment in the film that one could look back to and say “hey, you remember that scene when Jason did that thing with the machete and that guy just went…” Well, you get the idea. There were no “definitive” Jason moments/kills. Not one. Even his discovery of the hockey mask was just “blah”.

    Effectively, the kills in the New Friday would’ve been deemed “lesser kill-shots” in any of the previous Jason films. Kills that were just thrown in to add to the body count – to satiate us until the next BIG stalk and kill sequence. No, I take that back. Just about EVERY kill that occurred in the early Fridays (whether we saw it onscreen or just the aftermath) was treated as a special moment. A moment wherein the audience could collectively cringe as the machete fell into yet another victim.

    In many regards, there were no “small” kills.

    But then, maybe that’s the problem with some of these “reboots”. As I said, everyone runs around with a hard-on trying to get it all “perfect” – all while missing the point completely.

    This has long been a series deeply entrenched in the b-movie slasher sub-genre – nothing more. This is a cinematic reality where yes, we should see our characters thrown into outer space when everything else has been played out – it would almost feel like we’d been cheated had they not done so. Hell, I’m still holding out for Jason vs Mecha-Jason – you all know you want to see that one! ;)

    As I said above, it only took them a matter of weeks (and a LOT less cash) to crank these out in the 80’s. Mind you, after New Line held the franchise (and I’m not knocking New Line’s efforts – I actually enjoyed JGTH and JX) – it seemed that the folks lost sight of what it was to simply come up to the plate and just swing. Why it suddenly required them literally years to produce something that could be handled in a few weeks boggles the mind.

    Heh – can you imagine these current production companies at a ball game? It’d take them MONTHS just to get through the first inning…

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  36. Damn right, One of the Dead. The rebutchering of F13 leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth… such a shitty film, I guess the worst crime they committed was to make Jason boring & dull.

  37. If you disagree fine. But let be civil and not troll. I’ve seen them all the year they came out, with the exception of part 9 which I still can’t make it all the way through. I didn’t like that one. Sorry a some of you didn’t like the new one. If you didn’t like this one as much then please go watch parts 5-X and have fun there. I liked this one more.
    In order I would put this one at around 5th place. with parts 5, 8, and 9 being by far the worst. I thought the series started to go down after part 5. The acting was dumb/ultra animated and the kills were boring and often off camera. With one exception. 6 was better, with some great moments. But I wasn’t a fan of the comedy. I could go on about every movie, but I would suggest others rewatch some of the older movies. I think if you careful watch many of the older movies you’ll see that not ever kill was that “special”. Not that there isn’t some great moments. You can also go on you tube and watch them in order.
    I thought this one had some great kills. The arrow through the head, the knife through the head, the sleeping bag fire, being pushed on the axe etc. There WAS some room for improvement. I wished that Travis Van Winkle’s character met a much worse death. His guts should of been spilling out across the road as the car drove away. My favorite kill in the whole series is the face shatter from part X.
    Regarding Panabaker, I was really upset during that part. One of the few times I can remember felling sorry for someone being killed in a F13 movie in years. But to each is there own. Anyway overall I’m a big fan of most of the series and I’d be happy to discuss things. If you want to hear a shallow rant over all the dumb things through the series, you came to the wrong guy.

  38. Rob zombie would be a great director

  39. nice interview. very thorough

  40. NO ROB ZOMBIE.Sorry Kage………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  41. I mostly agree with Scott. The fill did start loosing its luster at five. I liked parts 6 and 7. JTM, FVJ, JGTH sucked!!! JX was actually decent. I really liked the new one. Derek did a GREAT job. (SPOILER ALERT)Very classic-drugs and sex. I liked the break when I thought the film was over. I really liked the idea of the cave under the house with tunnels through the camp\’s woods…It was REALLY creepy. I liked Jason running much better than the old ones were he would just walk and show up in front of victims. I found myself saying \


  43. i dont hate the new friday the 13th but it could of been 10 times better i think we need new writers not so much a new producer or director if they make a new friday and i hope to god they do because i am i die hard fan they are going to have to make this next fuckin friday the best one they ever made because if not its just going to be a waste of time. we need some off the fucking wall friday the 13th that we will never ever forget.thats just my opinion

  44. ill put to all of you like this they will most likely never be as good as the used too…just look at the music from the 80s..the music now a days isnt even close too the music back then they just cant make them like they used too and that really really sucks

  45. Who will be direct?

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  69. I don’t mind someone impersonating me if they make a great point. But, just to come on here and talk about kicking someone’s ass is pointless.

    Anyway, hopefully Mears is on board, and the singer chick that got hit by the boat. From what I remember from the movie, she got hit, but then I went to the bathroom, so is she still alive? Maybe her head was injured, but she’ll be back in the sequel. She’s a famous pop music artist. I forgot her name.

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    Beginning in the 1980s, there was a concerted effort among a determined group of theologically orthodox Southern Baptists to purge modernist theological influence from its seminaries. This highly publicized SBC Conservative Resurgence/Fundamentalist Takeover occasioned two schisms of theologically modernist Baptist churches: the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Alliance of Baptists.

    [edit] Origins
    There are two main views about the origins of the Baptists: Baptist origins in the 16th and 17th centuries and Baptist perpetuity.

    [edit] Baptist origins in the 16th and 17th centuries
    Scholars see the Baptists as the descendants of the 16th century Anabaptists, which are viewed as a product of the Protestant Reformation. Johannes Warns states that the first independent Baptist Church was that at Augsburg, Germany, in about 1524.[13] Others see the Baptists as a separation from the Church of England in the early 1600s.[14]

    Puritan separatists John Smyth and Thomas Helwys are acknowledged by numerous historians as key founders of the modern Baptist denomination. The early Baptists were divided into General Baptists who were Arminian in theology, and Particular Baptists who were Calvinistic in theology.[15][16][17]

    According to Baptist historian H. Leon McBeth, Baptists, as a distinct denomination, originated in England in a time of intense religious reform. McBeth writes, “Our best historical evidence says that Baptists came into existence in England in the early seventeenth century. They apparently emerged out of the Puritan-Separatist movement in the Church of England.”[14] However there is also documentation saying that Baptists could have been in the England in the 1500’s. Joan Boucher (or Joan of Kent) who was martyred for her beliefs in 1550, is reported to have mentioned that she met with Baptists as a young girl in Eythorne, Kent (more information is found at Eythorne Baptist Church).

    [edit] Baptist belief in perpetuity
    Main article: Baptist successionism
    The Baptist perpetuity view (also known as Baptist succession) holds that the Church founded by Christ in Jerusalem was Baptist in character and that separate, yet similar, churches have had perpetual existence from the days of Christ to the present. This view is theologically based on Matthew 16:18, where Jesus is speaking to Peter, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” as well as Jesus’ commission and promise to be with His followers as they carried on his ministry, “even unto the end of the world.”[18]

    The Baptist perpetuity view sees Baptists as separate from the Catholic Church and the Protestant religious denominations and considers that the Baptist movement predates the Catholic Church and is therefore not part of the Protestant Reformation.[19] However, there is no evidence to suggest such a perpetuation of Baptist movements, and most historians state that they began sometime in the 1600s, in England.

    J. M. Carroll’s The Trail of Blood booklet, published in 1931, has been a popular writing presenting the successionist view, pointing to groups such as the Montanists, Novatianists, Donatists, Paulicians, Albigensians, Catharists, Waldenses, and Anabaptists, as predecessors to contemporary Baptists.[20] However, these groups held a wide variety of inconsistent doctrines, and most were Gnostic or semi-Gnostic. But some Baptists still insist that there was a succession. Baptist historian John T. Christian writes in the introduction to his History of the Baptists: “I have throughout pursued the scientific method of investigation, and I have let the facts speak for themselves. I have no question in my own mind that there has been a historical succession of Baptists from the days of Christ to the present time.”[21] Other Baptist historians holding the perpetuity view are Thomas Armitage, G.H. Orchard, and David Benedict.

    Those holding the perpetuity view of Baptist history can be basically divided into two categories: those who hold that there is a direct succession from one church to the next (most commonly identified with Landmarkism), and those who hold that while the Baptist practices and churches continued, they may have originated independently of any previously existing church.

    While there is no direct evidence to support “Landmarkism” or “Successionism” in Christian history, the modern Baptist movement owes its theological heritage to the earlier “Frei Kirche” movement as embodied in the writings of Balthasar Hubmaier, an early Anabaptist theologian, who was killed for his beliefs on the rite of baptism in the early days of the Protestant Reformation.[22] No doubt, the various beliefs of Baptists can be “discovered” through independent study; however, Church history does not seem to support the notion that movements began ad hoc or in a vacuum. While the Southern Baptist Convention’s stand (as articulated by McBeth) is that the modern Baptist movement is a part of the larger Protestant movement, that does not automatically delete the earlier influences of others who published and advocated some or all of the distinctive views that identify modern Baptists. As the Catholic Church expanded and grew from its apostolic roots, many dissenting groups (such as the Gnostics and Nestorians) had sought to establish a lasting, rival church. However, that goal was not realized until much later, during the Protestant Reformation by a number of groups. Most likely, the various Baptist sects emerged from England in the 17th century, out of the English Dissenters who left the Anglican Church.

    [edit] Etymology of “Baptist”

    Part of the 6th century Madaba Map showing Aenon and Bethabara, places of baptism of St. John (???????? ?? ??? ????? ??????? ??? ???????????)Baptist comes from the Greek word ????????? (baptistés, “baptist,” also used to describe John the Baptist), which is related to the verb ??????? (baptízo, “to baptize, wash, dip, immerse”), and the Latin baptista, and is in direct connection to “the baptizer,” John the Baptist.

    As a first name it has been used in Europe from the twelfth century also as Baptiste, Jan-Baptiste, Jean-Baptiste, John-Baptist; and in the Netherlands at least since the seventeenth century, often in combinations like Jan Baptist or Johannes Baptist. As a last name it has been used since the thirteenth century. Other variations also commonly used are Baptiste, Baptista, Battiste, Battista.

    The Anabaptists in England were called Baptists as early as 1569.[23]

    [edit] Questions of labeling
    Some Baptists object to the application of the labels Protestant, denomination, Evangelical and even Baptist to themselves or their churches, while others accept those labels.

    Some who reject the label Baptist prefer to be labeled as Christians who attend Baptist churches. Also, a recent trend (most common among megachurches and those embracing the “seeker movement”) is to eliminate “Baptist” from the church name, as it is perceived to be a “barrier” to reaching persons who have negative views of Baptists, whether they be of a different church background or none. These churches typically include the word “Community” or other non-religious or denominational terms in their church name.

    Conversely, others accept the label Baptist because they identify with the distinctives they consider to be uniquely Baptist. They believe those who are removing the name “Baptist” from their churches are “compromising with the world” to attract more members. However, there are other church groups that hold to the beliefs listed above, that have never been known by the label Baptist, and also believe that these beliefs are not exclusive to the Baptist denomination.

    The label Protestant is rejected by some Baptists (primarily those in the Landmark movement) because in their view Baptists have existed separately since the early days of the Catholic Church. Those holding this view maintain that Baptists have never been a part of the Catholic Church, and as such, Baptists are not “protesting” against Catholicism. Further, they claim that Baptists have no direct connection to any of the Reformationists like Luther, Calvin, or Zwingli. Other Baptists accept the Protestant label as a demographic concept that describes churches who share similar theologies of sola scriptura, sola fide, the priesthood of all believers and other positions that Luther, Calvin and other traditional reformers held in contrast to the Catholic Church in the 1500s.

    The label denomination is rejected by some because of the local autonomous governance system used by Baptist churches. Being a denomination is viewed by them as having a hierarchy that substitutes for the Catholic Church. Another reason for the rejection of the label is the influence of the Restoration period on Baptist churches, which emphasized a tearing down of denominational barriers. Other Baptists accept the label, feeling that it does not carry a negative connotation but rather is merely a synonym for a Christian or religious group with common beliefs, organized in a cooperative manner to spread its beliefs worldwide.

    The label Evangelical is rejected by some fundamentalist Baptists who consider the term to describe a theological position that in their view is not fundamentalist enough, and conversely is also rejected by some liberal Baptists who consider the term to describe a theological position that in their view is too conservative. It is accepted by moderate Baptists who identify with the revival in the United States in the 1700s known as the First Great Awakening. Conversely, some Evangelicals reject the label fundamentalist, believing it to describe a theological position that they consider too extreme and legalistic. However some Baptists, such as the Independent Fundamental Baptists, embrace it.[citation

  73. Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone on August 16, 1958) is an American recording artist, dancer, actress and entrepreneur. Born in Bay City, Michigan and raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Madonna moved to New York City in 1977, for a career in modern dance. After performing as member of the pop musical groups Breakfast Club and Emmy, she released her self-titled debut album in 1983, and then produced three consecutive number-one studio albums on the Billboard 200 in the 1980s and four more since year 2024.

    Madonna is known for exploring religious symbolism and sexual themes in her work. This drew criticism from the Vatican in the late 1980s.[2] In 1992, she founded an entertainment company, Maverick, which published a book of photographs (Sex). She also released a studio album (Erotica) and starred in a film (Body of Evidence) with erotic themes. These works generated negative publicity and coincided with a fall in commercial sales in the 1990s.[3] Madonna’s career was revived in 1998, when the release of her album Ray of Light garnered critical acclaim.

    Madonna has acted in 22 films. Although most failed critically and commercially,[4] she earned a Golden Globe Award for her role in the 1996 film Evita. Madonna is divorced from actor Sean Penn and gave birth to a daughter, Lourdes Maria (also known as Lola) in 1996 by her personal trainer Carlos Leon before she was married to film director Guy Ritchie for eight years. She and Ritchie have two sons, Rocco and David Banda, a Malawian boy they adopted in 2024, which caused media allegations they violated that country’s adoption laws.

    She has been regarded as “one of the greatest pop acts of all time” and dubbed the “Queen of Pop” by various sources.[5][6][7] She is ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America as the best-selling female rock artist of the twentieth century and the second top-selling female artist in the United States with 63 million certified albums.[8][9] Guinness World Records list her as the world’s most successful female recording artist of all time and the top-earning female singer in the world with an estimated net worth of US$490 million, having sold over 200 million records worldwide.[10][11][12][13] On March 10, 2024, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[14]

    1958–1981: Early life and beginnings
    Madonna was born Madonna Louise Ciccone in Bay City, Michigan at 7:05 AM on August 16, 1958. Her mother, Madonna Louise (née Fortin), was of French Canadian descent, and her father, Silvio “Tony” P. Ciccone, was a first-generation Italian American Chrysler/General Motors design engineer whose parents originated from Pacentro, Abruzzo, Italy.[15][16] Madonna is the third of six children; her siblings are Martin, Anthony, Paula Mae, Christopher, and Melanie.[17]

    Madonna was raised in the Detroit suburbs of Pontiac and Avon Township (now Rochester Hills). Her mother died of breast cancer at age 30 on December 1, 1963. Her father married the family housekeeper, Joan Gustafson, and they had two children; Jennifer and Mario Ciccone. “I didn’t accept my stepmother when I was growing up,” Madonna said, “in retrospect I think I was really hard on her.”[18] Madonna convinced her father to allow her to take ballet classes. Madonna attended St. Frederick’s Elementary School and St. Andrew’s Elementary School (present day Holy Family Regional) and West Middle School. She attended Rochester Adams High School, becoming a straight-A student and a member of the cheerleading squad. Madonna received a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan after graduating from high school.[19]

    Madonna’s ballet teacher persuaded her to pursue a career in dance, so she left the college at the end of 1977 and relocated to New York City.[20] Madonna had little money and for some time lived in squalor, working at Dunkin’ Donuts and with modern dance troupes.[21] Speaking of her move to New York, Madonna said, “It was the first time I’d ever taken a plane, the first time I’d ever gotten a taxi cab. I came here with $35 in my pocket. It was the bravest thing I’d ever done.”[22] While performing as a dancer for the French disco artist Patrick Hernandez on his 1979 world tour,[23] Madonna became romantically involved with the musician Dan Gilroy, with whom she later formed her first rock band, the Breakfast Club, in New York.[24] In it, she sang and played drums and guitar before forming the band Emmy in 1980 with drummer and former boyfriend Stephen Bray.[25] She and Bray wrote and produced dance songs that brought her local attention in New York dance clubs. Disc jockey and record producer Mark Kamins was impressed by her demo recordings, so he brought her to the attention of Sire Records founder Seymour Stein.[26]

    1982–1985: Madonna and Like a Virgin
    Madonna signed a singles deal with Sire Records, a label belonging to Warner Bros. Records.[27] Her first release was “Everybody” on April 24, 1982.[28] Her debut album, Madonna was primarily produced by Reggie Lucas.

    Madonna’s look and manner of dress, performances and music videos, became influential among young girls and women. Defined by lace tops, skirts over capri pants, fishnet stockings, jewelry bearing the Christian cross, and bleached hair, it became a female fashion trend in the 1980s.[29] Her follow up album, Like a Virgin, became her first number one album on the U.S. albums chart;[30] its commercial performance was buoyed by the success of its title track, “Like a Virgin”, which reached number one in the U.S. with a six week stay at the top.[23] The album sold 12 million copies worldwide, eight of which in the U.S.[31] She performed the song at the first MTV Video Music Awards, wearing her then-trademark “Boy Toy” belt.[32] Like a Virgin is listed by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the Definitive 200 Albums of All Time.[33][34]

    In 1985, Madonna entered mainstream films, beginning with a brief appearance as a club singer in the film Vision Quest. Its soundtrack contained her second U.S. number-one single “Crazy for You”.[35] Later that year, she appeared in Desperately Seeking Susan. The film introduced the song “Into the Groove”, which became her first number-one single in the UK.[36] Madonna embarked on her first concert tour in the U.S. in 1985 titled The Virgin Tour, with the Beastie Boys.[37] In July that year, Penthouse and Playboy magazines published a number of black and white nude photos of Madonna taken in the late 1970s. Madonna took legal action to try and block them from being published, but when that failed she became unapologetic and defiant. At the outdoor Live Aid charity concert at the height of the controversy, Madonna made a critical reference to the media and stated she would not take her jacket off because “they might hold it against me ten years from now”.[38]

    1986–1991: True Blue, Like a Prayer and the Blond Ambition Tour

    Madonna in the AIDS benefit project during the “Blond Ambition Tour”, 1990Madonna released her third album, True Blue, in 1986, prompting Rolling Stone to say that “it sounds as if it comes from the heart”.[39] The album included the ballad “Live to Tell”, which she wrote for the film At Close Range, starring her then-husband Sean Penn. True Blue produced five Top 5 singles on the Billboard charts: “Live to Tell”, “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Open Your Heart”, “True Blue” and “La Isla Bonita”.[40] In the same year, Madonna starred in the film Shanghai Surprise and made her theatrical debut in a production of David Rabe’s Goose and Tom-Tom, both co-starring Sean Penn.[41]

    In 1987, Madonna starred in Who’s That Girl, and contributed four songs to its soundtrack; including the title track and the U.S. number-two single, “Causing a Commotion”.[42] In the same year, she embarked on the Who’s That Girl World Tour. It marked her first conflict with the Vatican, as Pope John Paul II urged Catholic fans not to attend her concerts.[43] Later that year, Madonna released a remix album of past hits, You Can Dance. In 1988, city officials in the town of Pacentro began to construct a 13-foot (4 m) statue of Madonna in a bustier.[44] The statue commemorates the fact that her ancestors had lived in Pacentro.[45] In 1988, Madonna starred as Karen in a play by David Mamet called Speed-the-Plow.[46]

    In early 1989, Madonna signed an endorsement deal with soft drink manufacturer Pepsi. She debuted her new song, “Like a Prayer”, in a Pepsi commercial and also made a music video for it. The video, which features many Catholic symbols such as stigmata and burning crosses, was condemned by the Vatican.[32] Since the commercial and music video were nearly identical, Pepsi was unable to convince the public that their commercial had nothing that could be deemed inappropriate. They revoked the commercial and cancelled their sponsorship contract with Madonna.[47]

    Madonna’s fourth album, Like a Prayer, released in 1989, was co-written and co-produced by Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray.[48] Rolling Stone hailed it as “…as close to art as pop music gets”.[49] Like a Prayer peaked at number one on the U.S. album chart and sold seven million copies worldwide, with four million copies sold in the U.S. alone.[50] The album produced three Top 5-charting singles: the title track (her seventh number-one single in the U.S.), “Express Yourself” and “Cherish”.[40]

    In 1990, Madonna starred as “Breathless” Mahoney in a film adaptation of the comic book series Dick Tracy.[51] To accompany the launching of the film in May 1990, she released I’m Breathless that includes songs inspired by the film’s 1930s setting. It features her eighth U.S. number-one single, “Vogue”,[52] and her Academy Award-winning song “Sooner or Later”.[53] The second single released from I’m Breathless was “Hanky Panky”, which peaked in the U.S. at number nine.[54] In April 1990, Madonna began her Blond Ambition World Tour. Featuring religious and sexual themes, the tour drew controversy from her performance of “Like a Virgin” during which two male dancers caressed her body before she simulated masturbation.[55] The Pope again encouraged Catholics not to attend to it.[56] A private association of Catholics, called Famiglia Domani, also boycotted the tour for featuring eroticism.[57] In response, Madonna said, “I am Italian American and proud of it” and the Church “completely frowns on sex… except for procreation.”[58]

    In November 1990, Madonna released her first greatest hits compilation album, The Immaculate Collection, which includes two new songs: “Justify My Love” and “Rescue Me”.[59] “Rescue Me” became the highest-debuting single by a female artist in the U.S. chart history at the time, entering at number 15 and peaking at number nine.[23] “Justify My Love” became a number-one dance hit in the U.S.[60] Its music video featured scenes of sadomasochism, bondage,[61] same-sex kissing and brief nudity.[62] It was deemed too sexually explicit for MTV and banned from the station.[61] In December, it was announced that Madonna had pulled out of the controversial Jennifer Lynch film Boxing Helena.[63][64]

    In 1991, Madonna starred in her first documentary film, Truth or Dare (known as In Bed with Madonna outside North America), which chronicles her Blond Ambition World Tour, as well as her personal life. The following year, she appeared in the baseball film A League of Their Own with a portrayal of Italian American Mae Mordabito, and recorded the film’s theme song, “This Used to Be My Playground” which became a U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit.

    1992–1996: Maverick, Sex controversy and Evita

    Madonna at the Madrid premiere of EvitaIn 1992, Madonna founded her own entertainment company, Maverick, consisting of a record company (Maverick Records), a film production company (Maverick Films), and also music publishing, television, merchandising and book-publishing divisions. It was a joint venture with Time Warner as part of a $60 million recording and business deal. The deal gave her a 20% royalty, equal at the time to Michael Jackson’s.[28] The first release from the venture was Madonna’s first publication Sex, a book consisting of sexually provocative and explicit images photographed by Steven Meisel. It caused media controversy but sold 500,000 copies in the U.S.[65] At the same time she released her fifth studio album Erotica. It peaked at number two in the U.S., becoming one of her least successful records.[65][66] Its title track peaked at #3 in the U.S. Hot 100.[40] The album also produced five further singles; “Deeper and Deeper”, “Bad Girl”, “Fever”, “Rain” and “Bye Bye Baby”.[67]

    During 1993, she starred in two films. First was the erotic thriller Body of Evidence. The film contained S&M and bondage and was poorly received by critics.[68][69] The second was the first production for Maverick Films, Dangerous Game. It was released straight-to-video in North America but received some good reviews for Madonna’s performance. The New York Times described that “She submits impressively to the emotions raging furiously around her.”[70] She expressed her disappointment regarding the final cut of the film, claiming that the director had cut many of her key scenes and completely changed the ending.[71] Madonna embarked on The Girlie Show World Tour at the end of 1993. It featured her dressed as a whip-cracking dominatrix, surrounded by topless dancers.[72] The controversy continued in Puerto Rico when she rubbed its flag between her legs on stage, while Orthodox Jews protested against her first ever show in Israel.[73]

    In the spring of 1994, Madonna released the single “I’ll Remember” which she recorded for Alek Keshishian’s film With Honors. That year, she also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, using four-letter words and asking Letterman to smell her underwear.[74] That same year she began dating rap artist Tupac Shakur, who she wanted to have a child with. The two would continue to date through that year into 1995 during his incarceration[75]. Later that year, she released her sixth studio album Bedtime Stories. It produced four singles— “Secret”, “Take a Bow” (which spent 7 weeks at #1 on the U.S. Hot 100), “Bedtime Story” and “Human Nature”.[3]

    In November 1995, Madonna released Something to Remember, a collection of her ballads which featured her cover of the Marvin Gaye song “I Want You” and the top ten hit song “You’ll See”. In 1996, Madonna’s most critically successful film, Evita, was released.[76] She portrayed the main part of Eva Perón, a role first played by Elaine Paige in the West End.[77] The soundtrack album contained three of her singles, of which “You Must Love Me” won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song From a Motion Picture. Madonna also won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.[78]

    1997–2001: Ray of Light, Music and the Drowned World Tour
    Madonna’s 1998 studio album Ray of Light debuted at #2 in the U.S.[3] Allmusic called it her “most adventurous record.”[79] The album produced two U.S. top 5 singles: “Frozen” and “Ray of Light”.[40] It won three Grammy Awards.[80] Its title track won a Grammy for “Best Short Form Music Video”, Best Video at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards and was used by Microsoft in its advertising campaign to introduce Windows XP.[81][82] “Frozen” was adjudicated to be a plagiarism of Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva’s 1993 song “Ma Vie Fout L’camp”, and the album banned in Belgium.[83] The album has been ranked #363 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.[84] In 1998, Madonna was signed to play a violin teacher in the film Music of the Heart but left the project, citing “creative differences” with director Wes Craven.[85] Madonna followed the success of Ray of Light with the single “Beautiful Stranger”,[86] recorded for the 1999 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack. It reached #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 with airplay alone.[87]

    In 2024, Madonna starred in The Next Best Thing. She contributed two songs to the film’s soundtrack, “Time Stood Still” and the international hit “American Pie”, a cover version of the 1970s Don McLean single.[88] Madonna’s eighth studio album, Music, was released in 2024 and debuted at #1 on the U.S. album charts.[89] It produced three successful singles in the U.S.; “Music”, “Don’t Tell Me” and “What It Feels Like for a Girl”.[90] The latter having a video which depicts murders by car, was banned by MTV and VH1.[91]

    In 2024, Madonna began her first world tour since 1993, the Drowned World Tour, visiting cities in North America and Europe. The tour was a success as one of the highest grossing of the year.[92] It grossed $75 million from 47 sold-out shows.[93] She also released her second greatest hits collection, GHV2 to coincide with the home video release of the tour.

    2002–2006: American Life and Confessions on a Dance Floor

    Live 8 benefit concert, July 2, 2024In 2024, Madonna starred in the film Swept Away directed by her husband Guy Ritchie. The film was a commercial and critical failure and released straight-to-video in the UK.[94] Later that year, she released the title song “Die Another Day” to the 20th James Bond film, in which she had a cameo role. It reached number eight in the U.S. Hot 100 and was nominated for both a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and a Golden Raspberry for Worst Song.[40][95][96] In 2024, Madonna starred in a play by David Williamson titled Up for Grabs.[97]

    In 2024, Madonna collaborated with fashion photographer Steven Klein on an exhibition installation named X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS. It included photography from a photoshoot in W Magazine and seven video segments. The installation ran from March 28 to May 3, 2024 in New York gallery, Deitch Projects, it then travelled the world in an edited form.[98] In April 2024, Madonna released the album American Life, themed on American society. It received mixed reviews.[99] The song peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100.[100] Having sold 4 million copies,[101] American Life became the lowest selling album of her career.[102] Later that year, Madonna performed the song “Hollywood” with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott at the MTV Video Music Awards. Madonna kissed Spears and Aguilera during the performance, resulting in tabloid press frenzy.[103] That fall, Madonna provided guest vocals on Spears’s single “Me Against the Music”.[104] During the Christmas season of 2024, Madonna released Remixed & Revisited, a remix EP that included rock versions of songs from American Life, and “Your Honesty”, a previously unreleased track from the Bedtime Stories recording sessions.[105]

    In March 2024 Madonna and Maverick sued Warner Music Group and its former parent company, Time Warner, claiming that mismanagement of resources and poor bookkeeping had cost the company millions of dollars. In return, WMG filed a countersuit, alleging that Maverick had lost tens of millions of dollars on its own.[106][107] On June 14, 2024, the dispute was resolved when Maverick shares owned by Madonna and Ronnie Dashev were purchased. The company was now a wholly owned subsidiary of Warner Music. but Madonna is still signed to Warner under a separate recording contract.[106] Later that year, Madonna embarked on the Re-Invention World Tour in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. It became the highest-grossing tour of 2024, earning $125 million.[108] She made a documentary about the tour named I’m Going to Tell You a Secret.[109] In 2024, Rolling Stone ranked her #36 on their list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”.[110]

    In January 2024, Madonna performed a cover version of the John Lennon song “Imagine” on the televised U.S. aid concert “Tsunami Aid”, which raised money for the tsunami victims in Asia.[111] In July 2024, Madonna performed at the Live 8 benefit concert in London, run in support of the aims of the UK’s Make Poverty History campaign and the Global Call for Action Against Poverty.[112] Her performances of “Like a Prayer”, “Ray of Light” and “Music” were included in the Live 8 DVD.[113] Her tenth studio album, Confessions on a Dance Floor was released that year and sold more than 8 million copies.[114] The album received positive reviews.[115] It produced four singles — “Hung Up” reached #1 in a record breaking 45 countries.[116] “Sorry” became Madonna’s twelfth number one in the UK,[117] making her the female artist with the most #1 singles in the UK charts.[118] “Get Together”, became her thirty-sixth number one dance hit in the U.S.[100] The fourth single, “Jump”, reached number nine in the UK.[119]

    In mid-2006, Madonna became the worldwide model for H&M.[120] Included in the deal was a specially designed track suit, created by Madonna. The next year, the clothing line M by Madonna was launched internationally.[121] Madonna’s Confessions Tour began in May 2024. It had a global audience of 1.2 million people and, with reported gross sales of $260.1 million.[122] The use of religious symbols such as the crucifix and Crown of Thorns in the performance of “Live to Tell” caused controversy. The Russian Orthodox Church and the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia urged all members to boycott her concert.[123] Prosecutors in Düsseldorf threatened to sue her and a Protestant bishop said, “the only way an aging superstar can attract attention is to offend people’s religious sentiments.”[124] Vatican officials claimed her mock crucifixion was an open attack on Catholicism,[125] to which Madonna responded: “My performance is neither anti-Christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous. Rather, it is my plea to the audience to encourage mankind to help one another and to see the world as a unified whole.”[126] In December 2024, PETA criticized Madonna for wearing a chinchilla fur coat in a London restaurant.[127][128]

    Madonna opposes American President George W. Bush. In her Confessions Tour performance of the song “I Love New York”, she replaced the original lyrics “just go to Texas, isn’t that where they golf?” with “just go to Texas and you can suck George Bush’s dick!”[129] She endorsed Wesley Clark’s Democratic nomination for the 2024 presidential election in a letter to her fans saying, “the future I wish for my children is at risk.”[130] In late 2024, she expressed her support for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2024 election.[131] Most recently, she stated that she would be behind Al Gore if he decided to run for the 2024 elections after seeing his documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth.[132] She also urged her fans to see Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.[133]

    2007–present: Live Nation, Hard Candy and the Sticky & Sweet Tour

    Madonna with President of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Íngrid BetancourtIn May 2024, Madonna released the download-only song “Hey You”, in anticipation of Live Earth, which was free for its first week. She also performed it at the London Live Earth concert in July 2024.[134]

    In October 2024, Madonna announced her departure from Warner Bros. Records and a new $120 million, ten year contract with Live Nation. She will be the founding recording artist for the new music division, Live Nation Artists.[135] The Warner Bros. deal will be completed with a compilation album due in September 2024.[136]

    In November 2024, the New York Post claimed animal enthusiasts were “horrified” by Madonna dyeing her sheep for a photograph, and “vilified” for organising pheasant-hunting parties at her estate.[137] In December 2024, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced Madonna as one of the five inductees of 2024.[138] The ceremony took place on March 10, 2024.[139] Madonna also directed her first film, Filth and Wisdom and produced and wrote I Am Because We Are, a documentary on the problems faced by Malawians directed by her former gardener Nathan Rissman.[140][141] Filth and Wisdom received mixed reviews from the British press. The Times Online said she has “done herself proud” while The Daily Telegraph described the film as “not an entirely unpromising first effort [but] Madonna would do well to hang on to her day job.”[142][143] The Guardian praised I Am Because We Are, saying that she “came, saw and conquered the world’s biggest film festival.”[141]

    In 2024, Madonna promoted her eleventh studio album, Hard Candy, with the Hard Candy Promo Tour. It was lauded by Rolling Stone as an “impressive taste of her upcoming tour.”[144] The album debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart, where Madonna achieved ten number one albums.[145] Hard Candy sold 100,000 copies in the United States upon its first day of release.[146] It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with over 280,000 copies sold.[147] The album received mostly positive reviews worldwide,[148] though some critics panned it as “an attempt to harness the urban market”.[149] Its lead single “4 Minutes” reached number 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the U.S. Radio & Records Pop Chart.[40][150] The single scored Madonna her 37th Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit, making her the artist with the most Top 10 hits in the history of the chart, surpassing Elvis Presley.[151] In the UK, she retained her record for the most number one singles for a female artist, this being her 13th.[152] Two further singles “Give It 2 Me” and “Miles Away” were released to accompany the album.

    On August 23, 2024, Madonna embarked on the Sticky & Sweet Tour, her first major venture with Live Nation. It became the highest-grossing tour ever by a solo artist with $US280 million, surpassing the title previous held by her 2024 Confessions Tour.[153][154][155] The tour also set new records in several countries for attendance and ticket sales.[156][157][158] On January 30, 2024, it was announced the tour would be extended, adding new European dates commencing on July 4, 2024 at the O2 Arena in London.[159]

    Life with My Sister Madonna, a controversial book by Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, was released on July 14, 2024. The book debuted at #2 on the New York Times Best Seller List.[160] The book was not authorized by Madonna and has led to a rift between the siblings, with Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg commenting on a reconciliation: “with the book coming out, I assume that will remove the chances of that ever happening.” [161]

    In January 2024, Madonna collaborated with fashion photographer Steven Meisel for the 2024 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer collection. Creative Director, Marc Jacobs, contacted Madonna to do the print advertising campaign after seeing a performance of her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Paris. [162] On March 2, 2024, Madonna was honoured with the Japan Gold International Artist of the Year award at the RIAJ Gold Disc Awards for her album “Hard Candy”.[163] Madonna also teamed up with designer Ed Hardy to launch another fashion collection of her own after being approached by Christian Audigier.[164] In April, Madonna donated $500,000 USD to the victims of the L’Aquila earthquake in Italy. [165]


    Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, 2024Madonna’s Catholic background and relationship with her parents were reflected in the album Like a Prayer.[166][167] It is also an evocation of the impact religion had on her career.[168] Her video for the title track contains Catholic symbolism, such as the stigmata. During The Virgin Tour, she wore a rosary and prayed with it in the music video for “La Isla Bonita”.[169]

    Madonna has also referred to her Italian heritage in her work. The video for “Like a Virgin”, features Venetian settings.[170] The “Open Your Heart” video sees her boss scolding her in Italian. In Ciao, Italia! – Live from Italy, the video release of her Who’s That Girl Tour, she dedicates the song “Papa Don’t Preach” to the Pope (“Papa” is the Italian word for “Pope”.)[171]

    In 1985, Madonna commented that the first song to ever make a strong impression on her was “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra and that it summed up her “take-charge attitude.”[172] As a young woman, she attempted to broaden her taste in literature, art, and music, and during this time became interested in classical music. She noted that her favorite style was baroque, and loved Mozart and Chopin because she liked their “feminine quality”.[173] In 1999, Madonna identified musical influences that impacted her such as Karen Carpenter, The Supremes and Led Zeppelin, and dancers like Martha Graham and Rudolf Nureyev.[174] In an interview with The Observer, Madonna professed her inspirations—Detroit natives The Raconteurs and The White Stripes, as well as New York band The Jett Set.[175]

    During her childhood, Madonna was inspired by actors, later saying, “I loved Carole Lombard and Judy Holliday and Marilyn Monroe. They were all incredibly funny…and I saw myself in them…my girlishness, my knowingness and my innocence”.[172] Her “Material Girl” music video recreated Monroe’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and she later studied the screwball comedies of the 1930s, particularly those of Lombard, in preparation for her film Who’s That Girl. The video for “Express Yourself” (1989) was inspired by Fritz Lang’s silent film Metropolis. The video for “Vogue” recreated the style of Hollywood glamour photographers, in particular Horst P. Horst, and imitated the poses of Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard and Rita Hayworth, while the lyrics referenced many of the stars who had inspired her.[176] Among them was Bette Davis, described by Madonna as an idol, along with Louise Brooks and Dita Parlo.[177] Madonna was also influenced by Andy Warhol for the 1992 music videos for “Erotica” and “Deeper and Deeper”.

    Madonna has been influenced by the art world, most notably by Frida Kahlo.[178] Her 1995 music video to “Bedtime Story” featured images inspired by the paintings of Kahlo and Remedios Varo.[179] Her 2024 video to “Hollywood” was a homage to the work of photographer Guy Bourdin which led to a lawsuit by Bourdin’s son due to the use of his father’s work without permission.[180]

  74. damn…wow…what the hell did i walk into! lol. man, T or the real T or whatever you are fakin to call your name these days…You’d be better off leaving quietly. Your caught dudette. Your goose is cooked LOL. Maybe you should go join a mormon site and become a trollish imposter of their forum regulars LOL

    Hey jasonfury, ban this T guy man. This site is for jason talk not this immature ‘you are faking to be me you little imposter’ crap. So sick of reading this crap. Let’s talk jason people!!!!!!! Not you T…go join another site dude.

  75. well that is what i was trying to talk about but noooooooooo i have to get bitch at about something i didnt do

  76. Guys… your Friday the 13th: Part 2 (2010)

  77. The “real” T, is the one with the icon of a tan square face in a brown background. You can tell the imposter apart by the icon next to the name. The pussy that’s impersonating people, can impersonate your name, but not the icon next to it. He would have to know your e-mail address to do that… He was posting under the name “tommy” in the – and posts. The imposter and the “tommy” from the other posts have both been leaving links to and saying the same weird shit about Jason being “sexy”.

  78. I left out the // in the link, sorry. And the first link to “sequel offically announced” doesn’t work, I don’t know why… Anyway, you can look through the different posts and see what I’m talking about.

  79. wont waste my time. you all sound so immature. like a bunch of two year olds.

  80. It is getting totally disturbing the calibre of clientele that are frequenting this site.Either get a job,get laid or get a life you fucking losers…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.


  82. Someone who wastes board space complaining about trolls is just as bad as the troll. Stick to the topic for fucks sake. I don’t care about Jason’s balls or how sexy his ass is, but at least it’s about Jason. How miserable is a person’s life if they get emotional about a troll? What the hell does that mean, anyway? Seriously, if you are such a message board dork that you’ve invented another term for “impostor”, then get a girlfriend.

  83. T you are such a whiner loser….you sound just like the people who you are talking about. follow your own advice dude.

  84. OK, trolls, Madonna, & Jesus aside (wtf?!), I missed the REUNION?!?!

    eX, J-No, it’s on & off, but we’ve never lost touch, unlike that OTHER guy! How in the Hell have you been my friend???? Drop me an email, same address as always ;-)

    FYI, just so no one can accuse me of wasting space & not contributing to the topic (though I have no idea what Madonna or religion has to do with F13 Part 2-ish), I talked to Mark a couple days ago, they’re well into the script for the sequel ;-)

  85. I loved the remake. Hope for a part 2 myself.

  86. What happened on this post is fucked up. About 90 percent of the comments are by the same person posting under different names, trying to fuck with people and start fights for no reason. And I’d bet that who ever it is, doesn’t even like Friday the 13th to begin with.

  87. I’ll presume that I’m the “other” guy… ;)

    Hey DK. Long time, no speak. To be honest, as I said above, I’ve been out of the loop for a bit. If I get a chance, I’ll shoot you out an email later this week – and we can catch up.

    And yeah… I walk away from the discussion for a few days – and… the hell?!?

    As for the topic at hand – it’s good to hear that they’re well on the way with a new script. However, I still stand by the fact that a) were this the Paramount era, a film would’ve been ready for the next F13th that falls later this year (just based on that first weekend box office alone) and b) if not prepped in time for the next F13th this year – then you could bet that they’d have one ready for early next year (to be released at around the same time as this one was).

    At this rate, methinks that Platinum Dunes is sitting on their hands rather then simply getting it done. As I already stated, these films are the lower end of the B-Movie slasher sub-genre – they aren’t Star Wars, Star Trek or James Bond – wherein they NEED that year or two for prep alone. This is a franchise that SHOULD have it’s sequels turned out within a year of each other, and shot within a matter of weeks (NOT months) – at least.

    At their bloodstained heart should beat a “boo movie” ride – a classic in the “popcorn flick” sense. And I think that if they understand that approach – then there’s no reason why Jason couldn’t continue for years to come.

    But I digress… as I’m sure there are those that wish they DID spend as much time putting the effort into one of these as Lucas does with his work. I guess, over the past few years, I’ve come to accept the point that we’ll never see anything as original as JGTH again (where the Jason character is concerned) – or JX, for that matter.

    Again, I say, how cool would it be to see Jason vs Uber Jason? Those who’ve enjoyed Godzilla’s outings over the years will understand where I’m coming from on that one.

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  88. Yep, you most definitely are the \

  89. Entirely different movie please! No sequel to the reimagining of the series. Please stop while you are ahead. I\’d rather see a sequel to Jason X or Freddy vs. Jason any day. Lets get original again, please!

  90. i thought this messg. board was about friday the 13th, the stuff we all love, our common interest, cant we just accept that others enjoy certain things about each film and each era of the franchise. ive only made about 15 posts on the site but have been a lifelong fan and all i see is alot of bickering about the most ridiculous petty comments on here, give me a break people. just go out and enjoy the films and come here to discuss them with other fans.

  91. i think that everybody from the original part one, should be writing/producing/directing this new movie. that would be fantastic. and how dare you say rob zombie couldn’t make a good friday the 13th. his reimagining of halloween was FANTASTIC. halloween 2 wasn’t the best movie ever, but it was still good. he would do a great job.

  92. i like freddy vs jason

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