Monsters HD and Friday the 13th

friday13thpageI really miss this channel and everything they stood for. I could literally leave this station on all day long. It is the single reason I got Dish Network a few years back. After they cancelled Monsters HD I went with Direct TV and now I can watch the NFL all Sunday on the Ticket. So, I guess it worked out, sort of.

I loved the marathons they threw together for Friday te 13th. All of the movies in HD were spectacular. I could always catcha Friday the 13th movie on the channel, pretty much every other day. It was great. Horror fans need another channel like this back again!

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28 Responses to “ Monsters HD and Friday the 13th ”

  1. optimum cable ( time warner) has a channel called chiller- its terrible- once in a while you will get a f13 or halloween flick, but otherwise its crap- I had monsters HD for about 6 months, miss it more and more every day

  2. Yea, I have that channel on DirecTv. It is pretty bad. Not too many horror movies on there. They run a lot of horror TV shows like Friday the 13th the series and Twilight Zone. I want movies damnit! And in HD. :)

  3. Ya know, MGM HD channel actually plays some good stuff; Motel Hell in HD and other MGM movies. It was not as good as Monsters HD, but it will do for now.

  4. I did see that. Motel Hell rocks. The picture quality was pretty good. Farmer Vincent is underrated in the halways of horror slasher icons.

  5. You guys ever heard of Netflix? It’s this program where you can order DVDs for a flat rate and they get sent to you through the postal system. If you are too cheap for it (or work at Walmart and don’t make a good wage because your boss is a dick and life never gave you a chance after 1981) you can just download these movies illegally from a torrent site. I’m sure that all of the fanboy movies that have been referenced above can be found there. I just bought my first DVD player ever recently and I steal my neighbors Netflix DVDs from her mailbox sometimes and I can honestly say its a good service…I just wish she would put Halloween Part 6 on her list since it is my favorite in that series.

  6. Is that the same as Blockbuster online? I heard that Wal-Mart is thinking of a similar offering. Too bad they have employees like you working there as I don’t think its going to make it!

  7. Fuckin Walmart Dude LMAO

  8. im all for piracy, myself, but the beauty of monsters hd was that i could just leave it on all day long and get the uncut, no ad, and hd versions of every horror/monster movie i had ever wanted to see and i actually discovered some new movies, too. that was the real beauty. watching something you never even heard of and seeing just how good.. or horrifically bad it was. lol. hell, you have to have a decent pc, a large hard drive, and alot of patience on a good connection if you can even find those movies in hi def.

  9. I agree I LOVED this channel.
    I still have F13ths 1-7 DVRed from them.
    They look great in HD and part 1 isn’t zoomed in like the BR.
    However 2 and 3 have been replaced with the better looking Blu-Ray copies.

    They would really go all out on this channel to bring the best looking presentation.
    Halloween Directors cut with the original lighting, Halloween 2-6, The Fog (better quality than the HD DVD), NIght of the Creeps, Waxwork, From Beyond Dir cut, Salem’s Lot, Hammer Horror, Bride of Frankenstein, Tomb of the Blind Dead etc etc…

  10. Why all the hate on Chiller? I like that station. Sure it isn’t scary, but the stories are neat to watch. I’ve never heard of the monsters station, I have Dish Network, can someone tell me the station?

  11. i never even knew this channel existed, and i doubt it was ever available in the shit-town of pittsburgh. i’m so fucking jealous that i missed out.

  12. I remember seeing the ad for Monsters HD back a back when I was younger (I think 2024 or 2024) during AMC’s Monsterfest, and I flipped out. I saw that it was owned by a now extinct company (Voom), and I wanted to abandon Directv immidiately. However, my dad said that was out of the question. Then Voom died, and I was so upset that I would never get Monsters HD. Then I saw that Dish picked it up, and I was happy all over again (even though we still couldn’t switch to Dish). Then, Directv came up with their own Horror channel, Chiller TV. I was psyched, but it kinda sucks.

  13. Chiller sucks. It hardly ever plays anything good, and it’s censored, which should never happen to horror… That was the great thing about Monsters HD, uncensored, no commercials and you didn’t have to pay extra for it like HBO… And the reason Dish Network gave for dropping Monsters HD, that it wasn’t offering enough variety and the ratings were too low. In my opinion, that’s bullshit. Channels like USA, FX, TBS… hell, pretty much every cable channel, are way more repetitive than Monsters HD was. And I know damn well that Monsters HD got higher ratings than the fuckin’ Golf Channel.

  14. Yeah I switched to Direct TV after they killed Monsters. All for Chiller. Chiller sucks ass, talk about an edited POS that does nothing but play 3rd rate tv shows. I dvr’d all freddy’s nightmares but never watched them, that’s the only reason I wanted the channel. I now regret my switch…

  15. pretty much all of the tv channels suck anymore. i remember back in the day when good movies and shows use to come on on a regular basis. now a days, the only thing on is lame politically correct, liberal friendly entertainment. and in the few, rare times something good does come on, it’s censored to the point it’s unwatchable. you know it’s really fucked up when you get two hundred channels, and there’s not a damn thing on worth watching… and the funny thing is, that everybody i know feels the same way i do. yet the cable and satellite companys still make money off of people’s boredom. because it’s more fun to channel surf than stare at a blank screen… it really is a shame that Voom didn’t last. hopefully a new cable or satellite company will come out that offers original channels with half way decent progamming.

  16. @ Brooke

    Well said about the Golf Channel. That channel sucks.

  17. Losing Monsters HD was one of the reasons I got rid of Cablevision. I just got Verizon FIOS, it’s cool has CHILLER (better than nothing) and FEARNET, which is very cool and FREE!

  18. Chiller sucks!! They play the same shitty movies over and over!!

  19. terry, I couldn’t have said it better my self… Every part of the entertainment industry has been run into the ground. Movies, tv, and even music (thanks to MTV). I’m with you a hundred percent, about new cable or satellite companys that have their own channels. All of the main stream channels like USA, TNT, FX and so on, suck! They play the same overly censored lousy programming over and over. Showing a little variety wouldn’t kill them. There’s only like, two shows on tv right now that’s worth a damn. Burn Notice and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And paying over 60 bucks a month, just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

  20. And Chiller doesn’t even hold a candle to Monsters HD.

  21. Didnt Alice cooper host a friday 13th marathon on here?

  22. Got new cable today and have an on demand channel called, anyone know something about it?

  23. Monsters HD was great, I hope another channel like it comes out soon… As far as the entertainment industry goes, that started going down hill back in the 90’s. When it became more about liberal propaganda, than an industry which reflected what the people wanted. Maybe someday liberals will lose control, and normal people’s voices will be heard again… It’s funny how very small groups of people, like liberals and conservatives, are always claiming to be the majority, then trying to control eveything… Anyway, we need more Horror channels. It’s the most overlooked genre.

  24. And I agree with the others on here, Chiller sucks.

  25. I had this channel back when they were on VOOM, its one of the most depressing things I had to deal with losing this channel. I still have some of the movies on my DVR including all the F13s. Chiller really sucks, the closest thing is HDNET Movies and MGMHD, I actually saw the F13 movies on HDNET and MGM had some nice low budget horror, none of it compares though to MonstersHD.

  26. Monsters HD on Cablevision’s Voom (which the crooks at Cablevision owned and ran) was the BOMB!

    High def, no commercials, uncut, undedited pure horror and sci fi, with some cool behind the scenes specials.

    Cablevision screwed all of their subscribers as well as Dish network subscribers.

    Optimum/Cablevision blows.

  27. Up here in Canada we have a channel called ScreamTV. It\’s awesome. Horror movies, horror episodic tv, good shit. Perhaps some of you get it on satellite?

  28. I have only seen the Chiller channel and it really is not that good. You guys should check out MGM HD this Halloween weekend as they are showing some awesome horror movies.

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