Funko’s Jason Voorhees Wacky Wobbler

I am not sure of how many of our visitors are aware of this item or not, but I am a bit late to the game in adding this to the website. Apparently, this was reported back in April and this new Jason Voorhees bobble head by Funko offers nothing really different than other bobble heads that have been released in the past. I think this will be of interest to those collectors of all things Jason Voorhees.

This is apparently going to be released this month and retails for $12.99. If interested, preorder the bobble head and shake that Crystal Lake slasher all up and down.

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9 Responses to “ Funko’s Jason Voorhees Wacky Wobbler ”

  1. This one looks like it’s based off of that terrible FvJ aesthetic. Not a fan. Happy with the NECA one of the remake.

  2. Just ordered mine.

    Thanks for posting

  3. Looks like frankenstein with a hockey mask LOL

  4. hahahah love to have that!!!!
    I would wiggle it so much his head would drop off!

  5. Ugh whats up with the Freddy Vs Jason look becoming the new standard for Jason? For awhile it was all based off of The New Blood.

  6. Moves like Frankenstein to.

  7. It’s incredible how that stupid jacket-thing is now everywhere like if that was the real look for Jason… what a pity…

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