Enter to Win Derek Mears Signed Items Today!

We mentioned that www.shopecko.com was running their holiday contests that would run through December 18th, last week. Well, today is the day you can enter to win the Friday the 13th prize back which includes Derek Mears signed items. Today, Friday December 11th, is the only day you can enter to win these items, so hurry and enter! View the prize packs below and click on the picture to enter to win the contest!


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4 Responses to “ Enter to Win Derek Mears Signed Items Today! ”

  1. hope I win this cuz I can’t find that poster anywhere round here

  2. cool

  3. Does anyone know where to find the Marc Ecko hoodie? It looks awesome! Unfortunately they are selling quick and only have sizes SM and M left! Theyre going for an extra $30-$50 on ebay lol

  4. Wow, no L or XL left? They are selling fast. Yea, people buy those hoodies up for the discounted price and then turn around and resell them. I think I saw a huge influx of the hoodies on eBay a week after we announced Marc Ecko were selling them.

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