Deluxe Editions Of Fridays 4, 5 & 6 On The Way

As we theorized back in August, another “trilogy chunk” is on the way from Paramount. Confirmation comes via the ever-reliable Shock Till You Drop. As always, don’t expect a release date and special features list right this very moment. But due for release later in the year:

Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (Special Edition)
Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning (Special Edition)
Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Special Edition)

Here’s the Ryan Rotten quoted skinny on commentaries however:

I can tell you that they will include special “fan” commentaries. The inseparable team of Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) paired up to chat about The Final Chapter. On A New Beginning expect to hear Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton, of, and horror journalist Staci Layne Wilson muster up some love for the Jason-less sequel. And yours truly joined Barton to bestow our appreciation for Jason Lives (my favorite of the series).

Looking forward to the fan commentaries (after all, back in ‘02 Anchor Bay let your humble webmaster on two, like ‘em or hate ‘em). I’m particularly excited for A New Beginning – my favorite entry! Unleash the venom upon me, dear readers.

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67 Responses to “ Deluxe Editions Of Fridays 4, 5 & 6 On The Way ”


  2. Too cool. :D Hopefully we’ll get some new, less murky transfers, and away with the fuckin’ dated Mono soundtrack for the awesome Parts IV and V respectiveally (though I’m not a total prick, so I say include’em for Purists, but still, I say Stereo/2.0 and 5.1, bitches!;)) and new/fresh interviews and the fan commentary tracks, like on Anchor Bay’s two-disc Day of the Dead with film maker Roger Avary (Killing Zoe, Rules of Attraction, Pulp Fiction co-writer) and other ones.

    Also I hope they note in time: The mostly reclusive Danny Steinmann came out of hiding in ‘08 to give a nice, wonderful, leangthy audio interview to the good ole boys of, and also contributed a commentary track to the recent twonderful two-disc special edition of his first half of the ’80s cult Exploitation mini classic Savage Streets. The guys an oddly enduring, interesting sounding to hang out with sleaze bag, as we all assumed he was from viewing our beloved black sheep Fridyathe 13th Part V: A New Beginning. ;) although thank God DVD producer and good friend to the dead pit show, Michael “Slipcase” Felsher was there to moderate his commentary, or else it would have came off creepy as fuck. Well that, and plus he admited he hasn’t seen the film since it was first edited ove the summer of ‘84.

    If you all haven’t ordered it, it was one of the many DVDs I got for myself off DeepDiscount this past Christmas, and it’s a wonderful set. Plus BCI just went out of business I think dead pit said ( as well), so snatch up Savage Streets (special edition) and Final Exam (also from BCI) in the coming months before they go long out of print.

    Anyway, bring these new versions on! But they’ll be the final ones I buy of the series myself, personally. After Parts VII/VIII come out, that is the last special editions I’m forking over cash from my debt card online in-directly to Cashamoutn (Paramount). To each they’re own …

  3. HDNet movies ran HD versions of 1-8 this past weekend, but who knows if they will translate to these special editions or whether or not anything past Part 1 will get a Blu-Ray transfer. I wonder if Part 4 will have the TV footage? Or if cuts will be restored in Part 5 and 6? Would be nice!

  4. Just a random thought for anyone who wants to respond… I usually buy my posters from & with the remake a little over a month away, they still havent posted the new remake official poster.

    Has anyone already bought it, & if so what site did u buy it from???

  5. Uhhh What A breath of fresh air now just 7-8 cant wait to see those Special editions betcha they will come out when the remake makes it to DVD love part 4( love to see the TV scenes as a spesial featurealso some cool tom savini onset footage have a soft spot for 5 ( wouldnt mind see the uncut footage tina and eddie ;) and love also 6 (be nice to see it uncut) hopefully they will keep pumpin them out in 5.1

  6. PS I dont Mind fan commentaries but PLEASE Leave Eli Roth out of them I cant stand him

  7. I may as well save up cash for the later DVDs that will be coming out. I guess they’re starting fresh for the new generation of fans. I only wished they added more special features to the special edition of part 3. Looking forward to hearing commentary from Adam Green and Joe Lynch.

  8. I hope they at least have worthwhile commentaries and not only FAN commentaries.

  9. I’m most interested in seeing if they do a new transfer and listen to the new 5.1 sound. I’m sure the extras will be a step better, but I’d be overwhelmed if they were packed with rare, in-depth stuff, this seems more like a “one better”-edition. Now do I keep the old barebones or not? Guess I will.

  10. Blu-Ray please!!!

  11. when the hell do these come out any way.

  12. Shocktilyoudrop just reported that part 4-6 are due in June. Part 7-8 should follow shortly after.

  13. OH HELL YES!! im so excited! YAY i hope some are uncut UNCUT UNCUT!!!

  14. Fan Commentaries? What a stupid fuckin idea that is.

  15. We’ll never see any of the sequels uncut. Want to know why? Nobody saved what hit the cutting room floor. Even John Carl Buechler thinks his crappy VHS copy of cut footage from Part VII is all there is. In the ’80’s, nobody knew there would be this obsession with extra footage. There was no appropriate way to release an uncut film since VHS followed the same strict guidelines used on theatrical releases. An Unrated/Uncut version could not be released, so why save it? The only additional footage that could be added (but probably won’t) would be alternate TV cuts. We know Part IV had a few minor alternate scenes, but I doubt Paramount would put the thought into tracking those down. I worked briefly for Entertainment Tonight on the Paramount lot, and if that studio is any indication of how the vault is organized/run, the TV clips are either lost or in horrible shape.

  16. My god. The F13th-films have been realesed 3 times, and Paramount hasn’t put any effort into any realese.

    Fan commentaries? No thanks.

  17. no matter how many times they re-release these films I am one of those dudes who has to own them… part 6 happens to be my favorite part of the the series as well. maybe a tie between 4 and 6 with the immortal 3-d running a very close 2nd. looks like i’ll have more friday artifacts to collect soon enough!

  18. I once had a tape recorded off of a USA network marathon of the Friday the 13th movies in the mid-90s or so. IIRC, there were certain differences to the death scenes for A New Beginning (besides regular editing to avoid gore), so I hope if that footage still existed for USA Network’s versions, they’ll be included in this DVD. Maybe I’m just remembering wrong, but one thing I remember is an angle when Vic’s killing Joey, where you see more of Vic swinging the axe, and Joey’s body *just* out of frame. No gore or anything, just Vic’s crazed gaze and enough of an image for your mind to put together and creep you out. Sad thing is, I just found that tape recently, but realized that I re-recorded over most of it; there’s just a little of The New Blood remaining at the end. :(

    Fan commentary doesn’t interest me, though. I’m happy enough with the old Crystal Lake to Manhattan boxset, so I only plan to buy special editions of the ones I really like (Part III and A New Beginning being musts).

  19. thats a dumb ass idea just one more way to get ur money paramount can take them fan commentaries and shove it up their ass

  20. This is great, but why release them separately, we know we are going to get parts 7 and 8. It would be cheaper for them and for us to just release a box set(along with indivisual sets).
    Hopefully we get the deleted scene and featurettes, available on the box set released a few years ago. I’m still disappointed that the commentary from part 3 isn’t being carried over to the new DVD, along with the featurettes. Oh well
    I hope all the deleted scenes from part 5 also surface, there infamous

  21. Very cool news. I know there was a poster on the frightstuff boards that said the following a few days ago…

    “Apparently, i have been asked by the director (Daniel Farrands) of this upcoming DVD to be apart of his re-releases of Parts 4-6. I posted this clip awhile back right here on FrightStuff but since then it has been put on YouTube. He ask me for permission in which i granted (duh!) to use this clip. So with alittle luck it will be apart of the re-releases of Parts 4-6 as bonus footage. Here is his request to use the video clip;

    Hi there —

    I am producing some bonus segments for the upcoming DVD re-releases of Friday the 13th (Parts 4-6) and would love to know if you would be willing to allow us use of your terrific clip with Jason entering the house on the hidden camera.

    I also recently directed the documentary “His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th” which will be released on DVD on February 3rd.

    Nice work — that was a very cool (and creepy) little clip.

    Please let me know if this is something you might be willing to allow us to use in the context of one of our bonus features.

    Kindest regards,
    Daniel Farrands

    And here is a link to the video he is requesting to use in the dvd’s.


    Interesting to say the least

  22. That’s interesting Tony!. It’s nice that they are working some extra bonus features. Since they didn’t for part 3(although the 3-D aspect should be a gift in itself), I was worried they might just throw the rest out with nothing new.

  23. Only interested in these if they’re released on blu.

  24. Yeah. Paramount is ultimately going to take me to the bank. I won’t be able to resist these standard DVD editions…and if they turn right around later and release them in Blu Ray…They got me again. But I’m a collector so I would likely buy both versions anyway. :(

  25. Damn, so much stuff to buy. I am only buying these because of the special features. I am going to be broke. I just purchased a badass Friday the 13th shirt from Hot Topic, it’s gray in color and has a black hockey mask with two machetes that are in cross formation with splattered blood in the background with the Friday the 13th logo at the bottom. Shirt cost me 23 bucks but it was worth it. I’m wearing it opening night for the remake. I’m trying to save up some cash so I can purchase not only His Name Was Jason but the re-releases of parts 1, 2 and 3. I know I’m going to be broke next month.

  26. 6 and 5 better be uncut. 4 is pretty much already uncut, so 6 & 5 would be sweet. i know a work print of 6 is floating around so someone should reedit the footage back in. it was in the crystal lake-manhattan boxset it would be great to have that re edited. Especially Cort getting that knife stabbed into his skull.

  27. ok…now it get’s interesting. hopefully this will be the editions we have all waited 30 years.

    P.S. Paramount please don’t screw this up, if you do then just give the series over to Warner Brothers or Niew Line.

  28. While I don’t doubt that Paramount didn’t give a rat’s about the cut footage back in the 80s, the argument that they nobody knew there was a demand for it is ridiculous. People were writing letters about the uncut versions of the later sequels way back when. I really would love to see Jason Lives and The New Blood both in all their uncut glory, but I gave up hope of that years ago.

    Hopefully, the other extras will make them worth purchase price. Admittedly, the idea of fan commentaries doesn’t really interest me much.

  29. Yeah. I’m not that into the fan commentaries thing either to be honest. I don’t need to hear a couple dudes tell me what I’m already likely to be thinking being a fan myself. I’d rather hear interesting notes from those involved in making the films.

  30. Release is set for June. Hope These are uncut and part 7 will follow the suit.

  31. part 5 the uncut sex scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. another fuck up for the series…just another boxest only shorter than the last time.

  33. I made a very interessting discovery the other day. I’ve taken a liking to the NBC series
    “Entourage”, and just finished watching season 5. Check out episode 11 and you’ll recognize the cabin where the boys stay at. It’s the Jarvishouse from F13:THE FINAL CHAPTER. I watched it and imidietly thought that this was the house. And i was right. You can see it many times in the episode.
    The stairs up to the second floor, the kitchen and the exterior. Check out the episode and enjoy…

  34. THAT is AWESOME TONY!@ Way to go man! I hope they use and can get the you know what together and get that extra footage – as much asd possible anyway on the SE dvds…

    And DLu Ray please – with BD live they could add the footage as they find it…

    Thanks Tony and F13 FanAtic for the input!



  36. i can already tell this is going to be lame. fan-commentaries? people who had nothing to do with the films talking about them…that is interesting to me in no way. it adds nothing.

    they’re gonna have to do a lot better to get me to buy these movies again. how about better transfer–how about the movies in 1.85:1 without the tops and bottoms cropped off…ever compare the dvds to the fullscreen vhs’s? we’re missing alot of the shots, including the butt of the chick laying naked in the woods.

    how about uncut footage, behind the scenes, …stuff that relates to the movie and actually makes it feel like a thorough edition. no more filler.

  37. The old clips of many of these older movies are lost, forever. So, when someone discovers and shares these old clips and interviews, they’re special.
    This hasn’t nothing to do with Ftiday. But, I remmeber an old friday night television horror show, hosted by a ghoul, named Sammy Terry.
    Many of Sammy’s older 60’s and early 70’s footgae is gone, forever. The tv station never bothered keeping the oldest footage around. Nobody really knows what happened to it, I guess.
    The same pertains to Friday the 13th and other cult classics. Nobody bothered keeping the old footgae around. Never knew what a goldmine, they really had…lol

  38. No prob Greggy. And tommyrock is correct. They did crop some of what is seen on the VHS releases. Pretty lame.


  40. Give us friday the 13 part7 uncut please?

  41. I hope part 4 is uncut, but it really needs to be remastered. The versions that’s already out on DVD are grainy in some parts of the movie. It’d also be nice to see more Fridays released in 2:35:1 widescreen like part 3 was.

  42. Since part 7 was the most censored, I think it needs an uncut version the most. Personally, I’ll be a little pissed if it’s not released uncut.

  43. i don’t buy that any footage is lost forever. film costs money and so do special effects…there is no way it was cut and thrown in the trash as many claim. why do people claim to KNOW this? i highly doubt any of you were there as the films were getting passed back and forth to the MPAA.

    when footage gets clipped, it goes into a vault and it has always been that way…unless someone like the director of my bloody valentine takes it and stashes in their office. that’s why we just finally got an uncut release of that one. for anyone saying f13ths were a special case, they know someone who works at paramount, blah blah…none of you have any evidence to back your claims and there are an equal amount of people claiming they KNOW the footage IS there. so i don’t factor in anybody’s claims; i just make my own conclusions. people lie all the time for no reason. especially online. even when they gain nothing from it.

    if footage is in a vault, it has to be dug out…which i’m sure is not easy since they’ve made thousands of movies. it has to be remastered and reinserted which i’m sure is also a tedious task, depending on how early in the editing process the scenes and shots were removed. it seems likely to me this is why we haven’t gotten any of these uncut. the pt 1 uncut version already existed so they didn’t have to do any of that.

    if there is a chance of getting other entries uncut, it’s a matter of paramount being SURE its worth all the time, money, and effort that will go into reinserting it. the only way we can convince them is by buying F13th part 1 uncut and the new My Bloody Valentine release.

  44. tommyrock, I agree 100%. I think the people at Paramount are lazy and don’t care. They just see an opportuntiy to make money off of the remake being released, if it wasn’t for the remake I doubt they’d be releasing deluxe editions of the old Fridays. The reason why it’s taken this long is because the hollywood types working at the studio have zero respect for Friday the 13th. Think about it, how many movies have you seen that have 2 and even 3 different special editions, and alot of those movies sucked. As popular and successful as Friday the 13th has been… there should’ve been special editions along time ago.

  45. Have you ever seen a movie that has received so much unfounded criticism as Friday the 13th has. The original Halloween is well respected, the original Nightmare On Elm Street is well respected, so why not the original Friday the 13th. It’s just as good as the other horror movies if not better.

  46. I hope its there but film turn to dust after many years in a can.Look they barely were able to save a classic like the guns of naverone.

  47. After reading the review of part 2 I don’t hold out much hope that The final Chapter will have any decent features.

  48. Hopefully Jason Lives will have the deleted scenes of Elias Voorhees! They were cut even though they were vital to the storyline.

    How were they vital? You might ask. Well, who would have paid to have Jason buried rather than cremated like they said at the end of 4.

  49. i hope they do a better job with The Final Chapter and Jason Lives than they did with parts 2 and 3… who the fuck is Elias?

  50. Don’t know, never heard of him.

  51. They need to release an uncut version of part 4, in my opinion it’s the best of the series. If anything a remastered version with a commentary would be nice, the copies already on dvd are blurry and grainy in some parts.

  52. I just want a few good features, that actually have something to do with the movie. But I won’t hold my breath. The Final Chapter is a fave of mine alongside part 2 and the original friday.

  53. Elias voorhees is Jason’s father. He was spoke of in JGTH and was supposed to be in Jason lives.

    But in the comics he was killed.

    In both he was killed by pamela, once because elias was beating jason, and second because unborn jason supposedly possessed her to. :)

  54. Paramount could and really should release Jason Lives unrated this June. If you look at the cut footage for that film on the boxset, it looks very useable. Just needs some remastering and color fixes, and it can be edited back in with little or no quality change. It for sure would work out better than the editing of the unrated My Bloody Valentine, which in itself isn’t too bad. If they can’t remastered the cut Jason Lives footage quite to the point of the existing film’s quality, then they can give the choice to watch the extra footage in the film or seperately. I think they could make it look pretty good though. They have no excuse not to do it.

  55. I’d nice if they release Part 4 and 7 uncut. Personally I don’t like Part 5, and not because Jason wasn’t in it, I just didn’t think it was scary or funny. And I don’t think Part 6 would be much better uncut, since it’s more of a comedy/horror like Return of the Living Dead, though I certainly wouldn’t complain if it is. I think 6 would be really great if they get a commentary from the actors, like Tom Matthews and Jennifer Cooke. I hope they do alot better on the special features with the rest of the Fridays coming out than they did with Parts 2 & 3.

  56. I meant “It’d be nice”. Sorry about the typo, I’m a little tired.

  57. This is what I hope for:
    - All three having remastered picture and sound like 1-3’s Deluxe Editions

    The Final Chapter
    - Commentary with Joe Zito, Corey Feldman, Kimberly Beck, Tom Savini
    - ALL the extra TV scenes as a bonus (the boxset was missing a few and had a stupid “Deleted Scene” thing in the corner)

    A New Beginning
    - Commentary with Danny Steinmann (I can imagine 90 minutes of him talking would be entertaining…listen to his Deadpit interview)
    - All alternate scenes from “Version 2″ as a bonus

    Jason Lives
    - Director’s cut! As I said, the footage in the boxset is very useable. Just gotta clean it up and color correct it, and restore the scenes.

  58. Part 4 also needs some things corrected from the boxset release…there are a few sound effects that are missing and a shot where lights are supposed to turn off or turn on or something and they just stay the same – i don’t remember where but i remember it being noticeable.

    Notes about the sound effects from IMDB:
    Sound cues are missing from the DVD release. They occur in the following scenes:
    When the ‘Final Chapter’ title card explodes through Jason’s mask, the ’sweeping sound’ is missing.
    When Jimmy meets his demise, the stinger sound when Jason plants the corkscrew into Jimmy’s hand is missing.
    When Sara meets her demise, the stinger sound effect is also missing when a closeup shot of her lying on the floor with the axe planted in her chest is shown.

  59. June release? Perhaps to coincide with the DVD release of Friday the 13th 2024?!?

  60. I hope they do a better job with part 4 than they did with the first three.

  61. any news on a release date???????

  62. I just hope they don’t crop the picture in the up coming dvds. It would be great if they release the dvds in their original aspect ratio, like the 2024 dvd of part 3.

  63. shit and fried eggs where the news on these releases.

  64. i hope part 7 is uncut

  65. bt, yeah… Me too.

  66. Friday the 13th The Final Chapter should be uncut,
    there are a number of scenes that are left out,
    you can find them all on youtube, but the new DVD
    isn’t uncut, it has deleted scenes, but no uncut version
    What they should have done was release the theatrical
    version and uncut version on one DVD. Also the new
    DVD has the alternate ending, Friday fans should
    petition Paramount until Part 4 is released uncut.
    With all the new cutting edge technology Paramount has no
    excuse on this issue. If they can release part one uncut they
    can release part 4 uncut. as well as part 2,3,5,6,7 etc.
    It’s up to us fans to keep after Paramount about this, if they want our hard earned money, then give us what we really want.

  67. Larry, I couldn’t agree more.

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