Exclusive Early Friday Boxset Details

The rumor a few days ago of a new boxset from Paramount is indeed true. I’m allowed to share some early news from a trusted source:

The studio will only be re-issuing the first three films to tie in with the new movie-

-There will, however, be new extras.

No word on any uncut or 3-D versions of the films.

Also, there is no Blu-ray release planned as of now.

Personally, I think it’s the best way to go. Anything more than 3 movies at once would likely result in less time and care taken in creating extras. It’s conceivable they could do further chunks of entries down the line.

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  2. It would be nice if they could format pt.3 in 3D but I don’t see it happening. I refuse to spend anymore cash on these re-releases until they put something worthy on them and I’m not talking some commmentary BS. I want uncut material, deleted scenes, alternate endings,interviews, etc. And no putting 2 flics on 1 disc BS either!

  3. yeha i agree with SHOTZ10…..i nevr got to see friday 3 in 3D and i would like to.

  4. I’d also love to see a 3D version of part 3. I never got to see it in 3D. Doubtful that will happen, but it would be nice.

  5. I’m already pretty sure I’ll pick these three up if they all have new extras. I still hope they get an overhaul though, so it’s not the exact same movie editions as earlier with new extras. I wonder if there will be any kind of..”classics homage” reference? Like “see the original three films that the new film is based on”? Maybe even a ticket to the new one?

  6. wtf?! the final chapter is the best in the series why stop at part 3?!?!?!

  7. i post this in every topic http://www.fleshwoundvideo.com has part 3 in 3D for like 15 bucks

  8. I am one to brag, so I’ll say that I posted this first on the blog for the ultimate set.

  9. Nah,its good that it ends at 3.For various reasons,one of them being Part 4 is very overrated.

  10. I’m in the minority, but I didn’t find part 4 all that great to be honest. Not bad or anything though.

  11. Yeah,it was a decent movie,but I dunno….I think it couldve been a lot better.Part 3>>>>Part 4…In my honest opinion,Part 4 is a replica to Part 2,it most parts.

  12. I don’t care if there are only three movies or all eight. I am just excited to hear Paramount has decided to do this. OH, and thanks, “Roy Burns”, for the site. I have been looking for Part 3 in 3D for some time now.

  13. I guess its okish if its only the first 3 as long as thes spruce them up… but also I dont get why the final chaper aka 4 isnt in there. I thought all along they have been saying the remake ties in the first 4?????

  14. when is the theatrical trailer going to be released

  15. Part 4 was major downer to me. Hopefully these 3 will be uncut! and hopefully the new Friday will also have uncut collectors edition!

  16. wow i didnt know so many people didnt like 4. the effects were the best looking next to the first one (that throat saw and neck snap in the beginning is SO brutal, as well as crispin glovers hand corkscrew and cleaver to the face!), the teenagers were really believeable and cripsin glover is great in anything he\’s in. on top of that i thought the mood of the movie was much darker compared to the upbeat part 3D. i dunno. i like part 4.

  17. If it’s just 3 movies, I hope they include some absolutely incredible extras to make it worth the price.

  18. hmmm. I can deal with it. Sounds good.

  19. Considering Paramounts choice to deliever the first 3 films is smart. I’m sure they will track how well they sell, then decide on if it is valuable enough to re-issue parts 4-8. Remember they released two Star Trek movies a year when they began to put those in 2-disc special editions. As far as all the uncut footage. Perhaps there is still legal issues to work out. It all depends on who actually owns every single piece of footage. But it’s nice to know that Paramount is working on their this franchise a little at a time. Besides if these are the uncut versions and part 3 in 3-D, sales will be strong, and 4-8 will follow…perhaps as an exclusive box set with all the films once Friday 2024 hits DVD/Bluray. They could do it since Paramount and New Line are co-producing this new film.

  20. I agree with roy burns. Part four is AWESOME!!!! Even though part 3 is my altamite favorite, part 4 is my second favorite. How in the hell is part four a replica of part 2?!?!?! It’s nothing like part 2. NOTHING!! Jason had the altamite demise in that movie too. His head slides down a machete blade for crying out loud come on!! How awesome was that?!?! Jason was so angree in part 4 too. His running style in that move was realy creapy also. Not to mention that it also had the BEST acting out of ALL of the Friday movies too. Wow, I just can’t beleive how many didn’t like that movie =(

  21. yo..thats cool.but also a waste i think,,when can we see them ALL un-fukin CUT..
    slam the bitch against the tree,,again ,again lol

  22. I got to see part 3 in 3D about 10 years ago in a movie theatre for the first time and easily it was one of the highlights of my life. You get to see how terribly acted the entire thing is too which I had never noticed until that point. Part 3 is one my faves though. I love part 4 too. I am surprised to see a lot of people don’t like that one.
    I have a copy of part 3 in 3D on DVD as part of that field sequential 3D put out a few years back. It’s watchable but way too much flickering. Anyone epileptic should not watch it that way. But I think it’s an OK subsitute. We need the real thing though. This has been in demand for years. Paramount never did give a damn about the series or the fans and they never will.

  23. I guess there is a reason part 4 is being left out.. however, the idea of early Jason would be perfect if it ended with 4. I cant see adding it in confusing newer fans, only making it more complete and leaving a fan wanting more. Im excited to hear the new extras.. and I hope it includes the old ones.

    BTW.. a lot more of part 3 is in 3d than one would think. Ive now seen it twice in 3d (f13 camp and a drive in).. i hope they include!!

  24. Ok,I guess its just me,Part 4 reminds me a lot of Part 2.And id have to agree with Roy,Part 4 is very dark,which is a big plus in the film.

  25. man it would be nice for all of the movies to be in the boxset but its cool!

  26. Paramount would be clever to release part 3 in 3D in the boxset as 3D is currently a hot property in Hollywood. All those 3D films planned for 2024, multiplexes adding 3D screens & equipment, 3D is big right now. Would make sense Paramount cash in on this trend with 3D movies of yesteryears.


  28. Been burned one too many times by good ol’ Paramount. I bout all the solo VHS tapes back when they were released in friggin’ EP quality — then bought all the
    barebone dvds for $25 bucks when they first came out — and I even plunked down for the boxset a couple years ago for collection’s sake. So now they want us to buy yet another standard-def version of these flics, so they can later re-release on Blu Ray? Give me a break. They’ll probably do blu-ray in barebones editions at first too… start the whole lovely cycle all over again.

    Short version: No Blu-Ray — No fuckin sale.

    That said, I can’t believe Paramount won’t be doing these in blu-ray. I’d be really surprised if they don’t.

  29. I never got to see part 3 in 3D so it would be cool to see it. I would love for this set to include uncut versions of the films..that would be awesome. All in all I might consider buying this I don’t know and won’t until further details are revealed.

  30. Cool. But I already own the friday series on VHS, DVD and the Box Set. If I am going to fork out MORE cash on this series of films, they had better come with some nifty bells and whistles.

  31. People don’t seem to realize that you can’t just watch a 3D dvd like a regular dvd. You have to purchase special equipment for your tv, and much, if not all, of this equipment will not work with HDTV, plasma, projection or LCD based television sets.

    So stop asking for a 3D version of Part 3, because you’re not going to get it in any boxset. Someone below here posted a link to a place where you can buy a 3D Part 3, but it won’t be in 3D without the additional equipment.

    As far as this joke of a box set, just another way paramount is screwing us and not giving us anything of substance. Like the previous box set, I will not buy this one either. I already have all the dvds, so no reason to buy them again just because they have some crappy trailer added to them.

  32. Fuck you Paramount. I’ll keep my money. I’m not falling for your shit again.

  33. You can watch 3D movies on a regular tv, it’s called anaglyphic 3D. This uses standard red and blue glasses.

  34. I Would Love To See The 3D Version Of Part 3 I Never Got To See That 3D Version.

  35. love all the films

  36. Eff ewe Paramount.

    Part 3 was not filmed using the anaglyphic method, and I’m guessing it would look like garbage if converted over to that particular method. Of course, I’m not a big fan of the red/blue technique, anyway, so I’m a bit biased as I think everything using this technique looks like garbage.

  37. forget all this other B.S.!! why cant we get the entire collection all uncut?? paramount what hustlers trying to milk it for what its worth screw em

  38. drunkbastard, if you can\’t watch 3D on tvs w/out special equipment, how come we got Freddy\’s Dead in 3d? I think they just need to throw in some glasses, then maybe I\’ll buy it…otherwise, I\’ll keep my regular boxset

  39. We definitely need part 3 in the real 3-D that it was filmed in, not the crappy red & blue.

  40. Okay, this sounds good, thus far. What this needs and I know everyone will agree with me on this.

    1. Commentary for part 1 w/ Sean Cunningham, Ari Lehman, Tom Savini, Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King.

    2. Commentary for part 2 w/ Steve Miner, Amy Steel, Warrington Gillette, Make Up Effects Artist Carl Fullerton, Russell Todd, and however many of the cast you can get a hold of.

    3. Interviews with more of the cast members from the first 3 films (which lacked in the first box set) for example, this time, include, Steve Miner for instance.

    4. Commentary of part 3 with Steve Miner included this time along with Catherine Parks and additional cast members that were missing from the first box set (part 3) commentary.

    5. ORIGINAL ARTWORK FOR ALL 3 FILMS!!! Not the revamped Paramount ones. I’m talking the Friday the 13th font, the picture of the outlined bodies and so forth. PLEASE DO THIS!!! The FANS WANT IT.

    6. Just an idea, but for the box set cover, just have that picture of Jason from part 3’s orignal 3-D artwork, where he is bashing through the window with the axe.(In 3-D with 3-D Glasses Included) That’d be sweet.

    Who’s with me on this??

    Let’s just hope this works out the way we want it to!


  41. ‘We definitely need part 3 in the real 3-D that it was filmed in, not the crappy red & blue.’ Part 3 was filmed in a high tech 3D and the reason it’s hard to view it in this format is because cinemas needed certain specifications to show it. So if it was released in 3D we’d have to settle for what we can get

  42. fleshwound has 2 versions of part 3 in 3D the stereoscopic and anaglyphic, and for like 4 bucks more they have a 2 disc special edition which is what i have.

  43. How is the anaglyphic version Roy? Can you watch it on any tv? I think that last question was addressed before but I forgot what the answer was. Sorry. Also how is the pt.5 DVD from fleshwoundvideo?

  44. Sounds like a good idea, that why if they sell well they can do some more with extras ect. They need to put part 3 out in 3-D w/ 3-D glasses!

  45. How many threads are we going to discuss this in? haha

  46. I seriously want these but will not buy unless on Blu-ray. Sorry Paramount but get your shit on Blu-ray.

  47. i totally agree with #40 Shawn D.we need the box set to be the way he put it. cmon Paramount please give us what we want……

  48. I want part 3 to be in 3D. I saw it when it originally came out at the theater. Plus, I have a theater room with a 100 inch theater screen and would love to re-experience the move in 3D!

  49. Part 4 was the last classic and it’s a damn shame it is not being included in this new set. I have always dreamed of an ultimate Friday the 13th Parts 1-4 set. Well, we are (hopefully) getting an ultimate Friday the 13th Parts 1-3 set. I really hope we get the 3D version of Part 3. I also hope they do a nice special edition for The Final Chapter. That film deserves the same respect that they are giving the first three.

  50. They better not screw this up again. Part 3 needs to have 3-D glasses, and every movie needs to be uncut, unrated, and full of extras.

  51. I dont think thats possible,Spartan.At least the uncut and unrated,some footage of the films doesnt exist anymore.

  52. What can I say? I would love to see the lovely Dana Kimmell in 3D.

  53. Check this out for us Friday part 3 fans!!!!!!!!


  54. Super Suck-tastic….that’s all I am going to say. I wanted a bet full box set…not a stupid 3 movie one. Great…what are they going to cram all 3 movies on 1 disc this time…cheap fucks. FAIL!

  55. “what are they going to cram all 3 movies on 1 disc this time”

    hahahahaha….then it wouldnt be a boxset

  56. BLU-RAY!!! Dammit! If we can keep getting old classics and cheap DTV on Blu_ray, then why not the Friday films. It’s the way to go. Or is Paramount going to wait and release them AGAIN at a later date to milk the fans dry?

  57. SplitSkull…lol, that is so cool. So far, $60 for a pair of cheap 3d glasses!!! too bad the actual 3d print of the film is so rare. The proud owner won’t be able to use them.

  58. the 3d version doesnt work great on standard TVs but im sure on those fancy HD and blue ray tvs it should

  59. as i now own 3 different versions of the first 3 films, 2 versions of the rest of the series, the only thing that would make me buy this would be if they were released inside a Jason mask, that you open up to get the discs, or better yet, in a burlap sack with one hole in it.

  60. hahaha yea that would be sweet irvingwallace….. Hey “Halloween” is re-releasing the first couple Halloween’s in a couple months complete with a replica. Not to copy them, but why not package it with something like a mask or a sack like you said!

  61. Paramount is just trying to rip us off yet again i think they r slowly working their way to the better stuff adding a little bit more every time because they know ppl will buy it they could care less about us fans all they want is money greedy (ass holes) give it a couple of years and mybe just maybe we will finally get what we what

  62. I don’t have a HD or BR tv so I’ll have to make do w/ standard and take my chances w/ that. Thanks Roy!


  64. I wonder if they left part 4 out to do another box set of the Tommy Jarvis story arc? Maybe the next set will include parts 4-6. I hope they do a better job of the extras this time around…


  66. PART 3 WILL-NOT-BE-IN-3D!! The fact that this debate still continues after all these years suprises me. Part 3 utilized silver screen theaters (the movie couldn’t even be played *in most* newer theaters these days as new theaters don’t have silver screens) as for home video polarized 3-D DOES NOT WORK ON TELEVISION SETS. The only way to get that kind of 3-d to work on tv’s is the use of a shudder lens 3-d system which runs around 80’s dollars for the system. I have had one for a couple years and it looks great but when i got an lcd tv the system would not work on it. So unless Paramount plans on giving everyone a free lcd shutter lens 3-d system with each purchase it’s sadly not going to happen.

    i’d really love to see the films uncut (even that is wishful thinking for 2 and 3 as no cut footge seems to have surfaced for those 2 films) but anything that is found behind the scenes cut or otherwise should be on there along with original cover art, tv spots trailers, commentary on part 2 and the new doc. sadly i think it’s probably just going to be the same 3 transfers as before with the new doc.

  67. According to the this fleshwoundvideo site, you can purchase a pt.3 3D dvd that works without a 3D system. You just need the red & blue glasses. I would just use the glasses that I got w/ my NOES set or Night of the Living Dead 3D. I know that you’re not going to get the same effect that everyone got to see in theaters in 1983 but it’s better than nothing.

  68. No one gives a crap about a stupid bootleg! We want OFFICIAL!

  69. Is there any actual confirmation (other than Martin Blythe pulling excuses out the air several years ago) that the cut footage from all 8 films was destroyed or damaged beyond use?

    I keep seeing people mention that, but considering that many of the other excuses that Paramount gave in the past for not releasing the cut footage turned out to be untrue, I’m not really sure I’d believe this excuse either. It seems like if the footage were gone that they would have just used that excuse from the get-go.

  70. Not part of the dvd topic but there’s a decent interview with Derek Mears(Jason) here:

  71. I really hope they do better with this one, I thought the boxset they came out with was shabby, 2 movies per disc and not alot of new materieal, Im pumped for these to come out and hope we can see part 3 in 3-D, especially for those who weren’t old enough to have seen it back in the day. Thanks Guys, keep up the good work with this new project.

  72. It makes me mad that they are not talking Blu-ray, I have no need to buy these movies again unless they are in Blu-ray, I hope they come to their senses and make the Blu-ray version available. I bet the new movie will be on blu-ray in the summer.

  73. We’ve went in circles at least 5 times in this thread.

  74. Hey everybody! Let’s get more word-of-mouth and noise started. Visit http://www.imdb.com or pro.imdb.com if you are a subscriber and search for the new Friday the 13th (2009). This helps the movie’s rating in terms of top anticipated movies. You can do this more than once-like daily, if you wish.

  75. The one I really want uncut is part 2. 3 wasn\’t butchered that much and one you can get uncut by ordering it from overseas. There was so much stuff cut out of 2 that I would love to see put back in. I\’m sure the footage exists just like it still exists for 1 it\’s just a matter of getting paramount to take the time and effort to put it back in. If they could make an uncut release of the good the bad and the ugly 40 years later some 20 year old films shouldn\’t be a problem.

  76. Cashamount us going to try play us yet again.Think about it there alot of money be made.We may get better tranfers and audio this .Comeon part 1 and part are mono 1.00 tracks.

  77. Wow i can\’t believe the biggest request here is 3 in 3D. That\’s about the lamest thing they could do with this. I haven\’t been fascinated with 3D technology since I was about 10 years old. It\’s easy to spot the lame parts in the movie that were meant for 3D, and actually seeing them in 3D would not make them any less cheesy or unnecessary. I\’d say director\’s cut and high def are the most important things they need to do…I mean the censors in part 2 are so sloppy it\’s kind of painful…watch the guy\’s throat getting slit when he\’s hanging upside down; it looks like when one of those crappy cable networks tries to do the censoring themselves. Harry Manfredini has said he made the score for the uncut print and then they cut it, so there would be little for Paramount to do other than dig it up, master, and reinsert. I don\’t believe for a second they lost or threw out completed work and special effects footage that cost money to make (more money than anything else in the films). They have the uncut footage, and they better give it to us. Nobody will buy these movies a 3rd or 4th time for commentary or a little more interviews or behind the scenes. That stuff\’s somewhat entertaining, but just filler in my opinion.

  78. Thank you Tommy

  79. I noticed on fleshwoundvideo.com that for pt.4 they have all the extra tv scenes in it. So does that mean that the whole movie is the edited/censored version? Not worth the cash if that’s the case. BTW, I would love an “official” release of all this shit (pt.3in 3D, uncut versions etc) but bootlegs will do in the meantime. If you have the cash to spend then who cares. :)

  80. just go to wal-mart in a few weeks , they will have every friday on dvd for only 5 bucks a piece . I bought all the ones i didnt jave there last halloween. they didnt sell jason goes to hell ,jason x , or freddy vs jason though ,at least not for five bucks , just one through 8.

  81. hey pete.. no its the regular rated R version just with the extra TV scenes edited into it. the movie itself isnt censored or anything.

  82. Thanks again Roy! ;)

  83. I notice it says for the one disc version that it no longer includes subtitles(the Asian ones I’m guessing), does anyone know if that is true for the two disc also?

  84. i think it would of said no subtitles under the two disc version if it didnt have it. i own the 2 disc from there and i havent checked subtitles yet.

  85. you know i remember a while back noticing that in part 5 quite a bit of the bottom of the screen is cut off on the widescreen dvd versions. on the fullscreen vhs you can see all the way down to naked brunette\’s butt when she\’s lying naked in the woods-on the dvd its cropped well above it (in essence giving us less of the goods), and the entire movie is this way. i confirmed this is the case with several other sequels ..i assume 1 & 2 are the same way. i wonder if they are actually doing anything with the picture & planning on fixing imperfections like this. knowing paramount, i\’d say 99% chance not.

  86. man can they do anything right at cashmount? Part 5 is a jip on the butt?????

  87. Rumour has it that theres a deleted scene from the Final Chapter showing David Letterman being the one to slash Crispin’s face!! lol Or at least there should be! For anyone not knowing why I say this, check out Letterman interviewing Glover on YouTube. hehehe
    Outside of this……I really think that Paramount should be releasing 1-4 ( Ultimate Ed. )


  89. you know i’ve been putting off getting a blu-ray player mainly because the selection of blu-ray horror flicks is PATHETIC!! but i just got a 1080 tv and even with an upconverting dvd-player, regular dvds look like shit in my opinion…so i’m gonna have to go blu-ray sooner or later. f13ths in high-def would easily motivate me to do it. in fact i require them to be available before i make the switch. they should definitely do it.

  90. Has to have true widescreen prints of all three,and any and all of the cut footage and extra TV scenes edited back in, no matter what. If all the uncut footage is crappy, they should include, as a bonus, a “workprint” edition along with the R version if they absolutely have to. Whatever it takes to see that uncut footage!!!!

    As far as 3 in 3-D, I need to see it at a theater for sure, not as concerned about DVD that way, although it would be cool. All I know is I want Andy’s death uncut, and all alternate endings of part 3 including Jason cutting of Chris’s head at the end, and Chris and the biker guy escaping at the end from the barn. The footage is out there.

    Go to IMDB.com and on the left side click alternate versions to find out all of the scenes which were cut to get an R. Info for all the other Friday movies, too.

  91. Unless the extras are amazing I don’t see myself shelling out for another boxed set. Although I’d love to see one that compiles all of the Paramount movies AND the New Line films into one set.

  92. I hope whatever idiot designed the last box set has nothing to do with this one. They should make him a victim in the new one. The cover wasn’t too bad with the mask at least, but it’s cardboard and mines getting pretty banged up over the many viewings. CHEAP!!

    Whoever created the individual dvd cases and title screens on the movies should be shot. How are you going to take away the old style Friday the 13th font? The bloody letters gone? Are you serious??? It may be the worst looking box set in the history of mankind.(and don’t forget the hideous part 6 dvd case)

    Bring the old movie poster covers back because we like them.

  93. One of the reasons for Paramounts decision to release the first three only, is that the script and story of the remake similar story elements from the first three only.

  94. One of the reasons for Paramounts decision to release the first three only, is that the script and story of the remake follows similar story elements from the first three only. Jason as boy, Jason w/no hockey mask, and Jason w/hockey mask.

  95. Who wants Friday the 13th parts 1,2,3 soundtrack?
    well try here: http://theinfernomusiccrypt.blogspot.com/2008/02/friday-13th-parts-i-ii-iii-3-d-1980.html

  96. I’ll pass on the soundtrack. I don’t picture myself driving down the road or sitting in my house jamming to a Friday the 13th 1, 2 and 3 soundtrack unless I’m listening to the funky disco beat of part three’s title track. LOL. Just kidding. I’d rather listen to Alice Cooper’s Man Behind the Mask than that shitty track.

  97. P.S. PLEASE NO NEW ARTWORK!! Keep the feel of the original movies with classic ORIGINAL cover art! Pretty Please!

  98. Wait,Wait,Wait a minute…. How can you not have part 4??? Its the Friday where he is last HUMAN!! He dies in 4 and is the end of human jason!!! You can’t leave that out. Its the last film where we get to see him BADASS and HUMAN!! haha.. I loved part 4 because it really showed how angry and badass Jason really was! HAHA I just don’t think it should end with part 3, Thats just me I guess.. I mean come on, Jason DIES in 4. Jason Lives Forever!!

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